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"AbsolutePunk Gets to Know Famous Last Words"

Get to know the band from humble beginnings, to the release of Pick Your Poison! - AbosolutePunk


Pick Your Poison EP



As far as the band Famous Last Words is concerned, all you need to taste that sense of a juxtaposition of feel good Metal sound pumping the beat to such soulful voices is to purchase their new album! Just from a taste of their EP you can gather, not only do they rock the crowd in that "90s" style concert rock feel, but they allow their sound to reflect such emotive tune and lyrics that explore everyone thoughts, just wanting to be sent to the zone and rock out! Carrying with them the swagger of Glam Rock, it's Blink 182/Linkin Park/Daughtry put together, providing an equal combination of vibrant new additions to the all-time great Punk bands that fans would love to hear. Their song 'Starting Over' allows one to enjoy the ultra-phenomenal beat of drum and bass, and then their motivating sound engages the ears when the electric guitar allows the soft sound of the lead singer to float that illusive voice. It seems that not only does the band want to focus on projecting different sounds and a multitude of beats during the outburst of choruses, but they also want to engage with their audience on a much deeper level. The lead singer particularly works at this by allowing his own emotion, rigorously portrayed, as he utters the lyrics as though at times he is proving the audience with spoken insight into his own emotions, struggles, issues.

Though, much like the similar genre and style of bands such as The Lost Prophets (similar out breaking performances with audience members occurred in the take for "Last Train Home"), the band is able to provide the audience with that moment of captivation. They seem to both interact with the crowd and send audience members spinning in their live performances, as seen as the chorus breaks in the single "Starting over", everyone at the concerts loves the vibe that is being displayed, from the chorus being raised as fans jump, to the focus on the various instruments and techniques the band uses such as the high resolution of drum and bass. What's great about bands like these, is that no matter what, they will always remain individually unique, they each have their own style and flavor, even though they may spark memory to "90s" style Punk and Indie bands. It's great to see this generation of bands send both a spark of encouragement, influence and inspiration for ideas of music as this type of rock continues to develop and to pierce the music industry with innovation. With a combination of influence from Metal providing the gothic sound, to the later influence of soft rock and Indie beat, the band allows themselves to tailor their skill in multiple artistic attributes, to allow their overall music to deliver something that invites a new audience to be entertainment, and always the generations that are familiar with these performances to relive the moments all over again in such powerful mood.

It's guaranteed that fans of this sound and style will greatly enjoy the shows and tour that the Michigan band has compiled here. Checking out their releases and information for fans is highly recommended, as well as checking out their current website and Facebook links. - RockOverAmerica