Famous Seamus and the Travelbongs

Famous Seamus and the Travelbongs

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

We are a 3 piece Bluegrass group. We like to party and usually are the nights entertainment whether we are on stage or just wandering around your bar, it is never a dull moment. we Play Fast and Drink Lots Book with Caution!


So here's the Offical backstory. Wayne and Dave have been playing all their lives together and Brian and Wayne met about 10 years ago and have been playing bluegrass together ever since. We have been the ultimate party jammers for along time and about 2 years ago we decided to name this little project and give it a joke facebook page. The phones started ringing and by word of mouth we are here live, loud (drunk) and Proud to say we are the New Face of Kansas City's Bluegrass/Accoustic scene.


2012 Cranberry Goon (coming soon)

Set List

never the same set list when you know about a hundred tunes