Coral Springs, Florida, USA
BandHip HopSoul

We're F.A.M. Why? Because our fans can relate to our music. F.A.M. is an acronym which stands for Future of Artistic Music. Our stage presence has be compared to the likes of a Tribe Called Quest meets The Beastie Boys, although the music is not similar. Peace, Love & F.A.M.


F.A.M. is a three member group consisting of Kid Brother, HIBACHI and Doobz Da Kidsta. They have been friends throughout high school and did not know their common interest in music existed until after they graduated. The group began with HIBACHI and Kid Brother, and it wasn't until they featured doobz on a few songs that they realized that he also shared the same passion for music the two of them possessed. He became the third member and they haven't looked back since. Their approach is all different, Kid Brother more metaphorical, with word play. HIBACHI having a more avant garde approach, but regardless of the song. You'll always know how he is feeling at that particular time, with disregard. Doobz having only being in the group for a year has found the perfect mix between the two approaches. Their diversity sets them apart from their peers. Solo acts and groups alive, whatever your vice may be, F.A.M. has your fix.


90.9 FM Radio (The Future Mixtape)- released Jan. 1st 2010
Bad Plumbing - date to be released late 2010