Hannibal, Missouri, USA
BandHip HopR&B

What does “fam up” mean exactly? Fam is an abbreviation of family. So “fam up” means family first. My name is Tyrone Williams, I am the owner and the only artist singed to Fam up Incorporated. I know you are probably asking yourself by now why it’s called “fam up” and it’s only, myself, Fatman. My music represents many people; a way of survival and living. The mission is simple; family empowerment and the education of our youth is the only way. Through my music I educate those most troubled by


I was born on July 9th, 1981 in St. Louis Missouri to Jackie Williams. I love my mother, as she gave me wisdom and charm. I love all my kids, and most of all I love God.


1. Unordinary
2. Show Me the Way
3. It's a movement
4. Mr. NFL
5. Who Stressing
6. Hunger
7. #1 Fan
8. By the End of the Night
9. Heaven Only Knows
10. St.Louis
11. Show Me State Boys
12. Jock Me
13. All I Know
14. Get Ya Grind On
15. Wanna Hang Out
16. Hero
17. Go Harder
18. Poppin
19. All I Know
20. We Hustle