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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Rock Psychedelic




"Music 101 Top 6 Band"

Made top 6 from top 12 best bands. - 89.5 The Hawk Chilliwack

"Music 101 top 12 bands in BC"

The 13 bands have had their performance videos done and they've had a chance to hear from some industry pros. Now it's time to vote ! The votes placed here will not be the deciding factor, but they will be taken into consideration as the playing field gets narrowed down to six.

6 of these bands will move on to the final stage of Music Business 101. This is where the winning bands will get to spend a day with the band ODDS. Each of the 6 bands will have their video reviewed by ODDS, as well as get feedback to help them move forward in their musical careers.

- 89.5 The Hawk Radio Station

"Introducing Fanaticus"

Fanaticus is a rock band from BC's Fraser Valley who has been incredibly busy in 2011. With the release of their self-titled EP and a killer performance at Supernova's Van Sessions 2.0 at The Cellar, the band went on to play a solid string of almost 30 dates leading right up to this November. Not only has this helped hone their stage performance, but it’s given Fanaticus the chance to play some of Vancouver’s hottest independent venues, with great local bands like Jesus Krysler, Cause4Drama and more.

Their music offers a great variety of moods, with a constant ‘groovy’ quality that’s reflected in the band’s approach to this first EP. With standout guitars, Fanaticus songs can lead with delicate intros and sweep with energetic riffs. For a young band, they have shown good versatility paired with dominant vocals; and both have earned the band tons of fan support.
- Supernova


Still working on that hot first release.



Fanaticus is a local Vancouver band who are best described as” jam based”, “psych-progressive” (which is musician speak for kick-ass rock and roll). And over the past year they’ve been touring venues across the Fraser Valley, while doing their best to unite like-minded bands into a single music scene. With members ; Simon Menard(guitar / vocals), Ross Peterson (guitar / vocals), Chris Jensen (bass / vocals), and Brad Desjardins (drums / percussion) working tenaciously to establish their position as full time musicians, there’s no telling what is ahead of this young group.