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BEATMAKIN-SOUNDSCAPE- SAMPLE ARTIST from newAndalus, CA (the Bay Area) whose HIP HOP style is somewhere in the realm of Classic -to -Avant Garde (with or without lyrics or DJ) ---Freshly Developed ----Oneness Enveloped----


Has recorded on labels such as Stones Throw, Bomb, Matador, Black Berry, Certified, All Good Vinyl(U.K.), Blind Side(U.K.), Warner Bros., and Tripek records.

has successfully introduced and Produced many of the Bay Area’s best new artists(Rasco, Planet Asia, Azeem, Bas1, Nac one)

has a great international fan base from recording on oversees labels and touring w/ Peanut Butter Wolf in the U.K, Germany, and Belgium

has solid college and major(mix shows) radio support world wide

has had press features in The Source, Scratch, CMJ, Hip Hop Connection, XXL Urb(feat. in the next 100), BAM, SF Guardian,East Bay Express Muzik, DJ, Melody Maker, and Rap Pages

Has 6 years experience manufacturing, distributing, and selling his own records on Heratik Productions(1996-2001)


Phanatik Beats- FANATIK 2LP(Stones Throw) 1996

Bring it live- GRAND the VISITOR 12”(BlindSide) 1996

Seismology- FANATIK 2/12”(All Good Vinyl) 1997

Seismic Activity- FANATIK 2LP/cd(All Good Vinyl) 1997

The Unassisted- RASCO 12”(Stones Throw) 1997

Boom Kacka Boom- N/A drum LP(Disc Addict) 1997

Oblivion- PERSEVERE 12”(Stones Throw) 1997

Wild Stylus-BABU/RHETTMATIC 2EP(Heratik) 1997

Nothin But a Beat Thang- FANATIK LP(Stones Throw) 1998

Mystics- FANATIK Sound Scientist comp.(Certified) 1998

Basic Training- PLANET ASIA & GRAND Rules Comp.(Tripek) 1998

S/T- PLANET ASIA EP(Heratik) 1998

Word Aggression- PERSEVERE 12”(Cup of Tea) 1999

Basement Show- CITIZEN KING remix(Warner Bros.) 1999

Brigin it Back- PLANET ASIA & 427 12”(Black Berry) 1999

Hella MCs- Fanatik feat. 12"(HeratikProductions)2000


Illa Tactics-E.C. Illa, Rasco, Planet Asia Natrual Born Illa LP(wicked)1999

Michael Wallstreet- Mic T EP (Heratik Productions)2000

Death Becomes Her- Sub Contents 12"(Heratik Productions)2000

Garage Opera- Azeem EP(Heratik Productions)2000

Neva U- Kubiq 12"(Heratik Productions)2000

Kuboniqs- Kubiq LP(Heratik Productions)2000

Highly Effective People- Bas 1 12"(Heratik Productions)2000

For the Mentally Astute- Bas 1 LP(Heratik Productions)2001

Yeah-Kubiq 12"(Heratik Productions)2001

Toy Story - Bas 1 12" (Heratik Productions)2001

Contradictions- Azeem Funky President comp(matador)2001

Clear the Slate- Rashionel & Eye Cue Funky President

Bush is Gangster/Gods Rolex/Dreams-Azeem Craft Classic LP(stray )2000

Instant Rap Star-Bas 1& Fanatik 12"(Bomb)2001

Rep That Islam remix- Kumasi LP(Remarkable Current)2003

Like That-Mikial Rascocomp.(Pockets Linted)2004

Blood, Water & Wine-Azeem ShowBizness LP(Bomb)2004

Natural Reaction- Nac One LP(Bomb)2004