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New Pornographers guitarist Todd Fancey released an under-rated and ignored gem of a guitar pop record in 2004. Fancey was in the same ballpark as his regular gig's records, but he gave the pop of the NPs an even sunnier twist, adding lots of '70s soft rock influences, cheesy keyboards, and a much simpler lyrical approach. The Magical Summer EP followed in summer of 2005 and it is no great departure from the album. In fact the four songs here are as good as anything on the album, maybe even better. "Daytime Driver" is a hard-charging ode to summer with some wonderfully over-the-top power chords that show up unexpectedly in the middle, the nostalgic "Blue Star" has a gorgeous melody and lovely vocals from Sara Lapsley, "Heaven's Way" sounds like it was taken from a Joey Scarbury album with Fancey's whispered vocals and the cornball dual guitar/keyboard harmonies. Topping them all is the title track, a jittery lounge funk groover that positively reeks of wood paneling and disco balls. In a good way. So many times you hear a record by someone in a popular band and think, "Hey, don't quit the day job." Hearing Fancey and this great EP makes you think maybe Todd should quit and focus on this band. They are that good. - All Music Guide


ROLLING STONE: That pop music can be feel-good without being saccharine seems to be a point in need of reminder. Leaving a Post-It on the fridge is Todd Fancey, with his breezy, blue-sky debut. Fancey, the keyboardist and guitarist for the New Pornographers, mellows that band's upbeat pop and brightens its sometimes dark lyrics, letting his solo album bask in the glow of Seventies AM pop radio. "Carry Me" layers sun-drenched Beach Boys' harmonies, bouncy Wurlitzer and the requisite escapist lyrics about leaving town or going into outer space. Fellow Pornographer Kurt Dahle is on hand to add a quirky drum intro on "Rock and Roll Rhythm," Sara Lapsley duets on the wistful, nostalgic "Autumn Music" and Charlie Hayes puts the (steel) pedal to the floor on the alt-countryish "In Town." At just over thirty minutes, Fancey is just enough sunny exuberance to leave you a nice golden brown. - ROBIN DAS


PITCHFORK: Throwback? Hardly. Todd Fancey's just singing about those moments when the world is in focus, and life's as pretty as Miss September '73.


SALON:Todd Fancey and Kurt Dahle of the New Pornographers take a side trip to AM radio land and the result is a buoyant, poppy California sunshine explosion of melodies, Wurlitzer pianos, and driving rhythms. Heralding influences like soft rock heroes Bread, The Association, and the Beach Boys, Fancey appeals to the 'quiet is the new loud' movement. Rock N Roll Rhythm is a driving with the top down 1976 AM radio rock nugget, made for 2005 - SALON


Fancey (self titled) 2004
Magical Summer EP - 2005




Todd Fancey was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. There he grew up on the sounds of A.M. radio as well as his father’s singing and guitar playing. Todd was thus exposed to the music of Neil Diamond, Kris Kristofferson and others. Todd had an acoustic guitar at his disposal from a very early age thanks to his father. At age nine Todd began organ lessons. His teacher was a pleasant man who reminded the young student of The Count from Sesame Street.
On Todd’s 11th birthday he was presented with an electric guitar and amplifier by his parents. Christmas time brought Todd new albums by The Who, Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd and many others. Todd’s older sister Teena also introduced him to new sounds such as The Cars.
When Todd was in his mid teens he began playing with musicians from Halifax and Dartmouth. These were primarily heavy metal bands playing songs by Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Angelwitch and many more.
At age 18 Todd met a talented young songwriter Doug Hines who influenced him to explore the more melodic sounds of Todd’s earlier youth. This started a general breaking away from the rigid constraints of playing in the Halifax heavy metal scene where liking bands like the Beatles would be considered uncool. Thanks to Doug, Todd learned to be more courageous in his musical choices.
Todd’s move to Vancouver in the early ‘90's broadened his horizons and helped him escape the grim reach of the Atlantic Ocean which made winters a living hell. It was in Vancouver that Todd met local musicians and began singing with them on Granville street, making a little pocket change and learning how to harmonize and play in front of indifferent crowds. This thickened his performing skin and honed his musical skills.
After years of struggling to start various bands in Vancouver Todd caught a break when he sold a guitar to Sean Ashby who now plays for Sarah McLachlan. Sean had his own band at that time and introduced Todd to many musicians who actually toured and made real records. One of these musicians was Michele Gould who took Todd on tour with her band Taste of Joy. This gave Todd an opportunity to tour Canada as well as Germany and the U.K.
Another great opportunity came when Kurt Dahle from Age of Electric and Limblifter noticed Todd’s guitar playing and asked him to join Limblifter, albeit to play bass for the band. Kurt and his brother Ryan Dahle had achieved a lot with this band and for Todd joining meant being featured on Much Music, playing on the excellent “Bellaclava” and touring across the country.
Todd’s position in Limblifter also led to yet another opportunity when Kurt asked Todd to join The New Pornographers, a band Kurt was now playing in. Since joining the New Pornographers in 2001 Todd has been fortunate to share in all the benefits that this exposure has brought to him and the other members of the band such as three majr network television performances (Letterman, Conan and Carson Daily) as well as repeated exposure in Spin, RollingStone magazine and many many others.
In 2004 Todd released his first solo album titled Fancey. The album was very well reviewed including a higly positive review from Rolling Stone and PItchfork. Todd also released The Magical Summer ep in 2005 and is working on a follow up to his 2004 release.