Fancy Bastard

Fancy Bastard


Fancy Bastard is a Jam/Rock Band from Minneapolis that explores music through hard driving rhythms and full-bodied funk. From unique and memorable original material, to a knack for spontaneity and high intensity shows, to a few laughs and tight, groooooovy jams. Please, enjoy!


Fancy Bastard has a sound that is their own. You can't classify it as just funk, but it's deep in the pocket and will get you moving. You can't classify it as just rock, but the Bastard will bring the heat and can make the head bang! It's not just jam music, but they will take every song to different heights and into new territory each night. It's just great music, brought fresh.

The band was formed in the fall of 2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by four local musicians. Mike Fiman (Guitar), John Henderson (Drums), and Brad Solheim (Guitar) began jamming together in a warehouse months before the band was truly born. The addition of bassist Neil Johnson led to the creation of the name Fancy Bastard. Barry Campbell (Keyboards) joined in July of 2005, adding texture and technology to the sound.

Fancy Bastard has shared the stage with such notable acts as The Breakfast, Green Lemon, Wookiefoot, God Johnson, Fat Maw Rooney, Hyentyte, Gypsyfoot, WBPN and The New Primitives.

A wide spectrum of influences have helped shape this band, including: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, MMW, Grateful Dead, AC/DC, James Brown, George Clinton, Soul Coughing, KC & The Sunshine Band, Yes, Pink Floyd, Mr. Eddie Van Halen and many more.


Janit C.

Written By: Fiman/Henderson

Why's your face so long?
And your eyes so cold?
It's all in the way that you stand...don't think that I don't know.
The only way to get being high is to get from being low.

You seem to be troubled by or afraid of gettting old.
It's all in the way that you mend...don't think that I don't know.
The only way to get being high is to get from being low.

Pt. 2
Don't you just love when everything sparkles? And oh my girl you're just too damn pretty...
Oh well, it's just another night in the city.

I'm calling all callers, returns are best when quick, and oh pretty please don't you play no tricks on me.
Oh well, it's just another night in the city.


Written By: Henderson

Straight down and inside out, not outside in, well ok then.
Never saw you down there, another harmless rant, don't try to stop me cause you can't, no...

Oh, we've got one life to live.
I'll tell you one thing, something's gotta give.

Look at how they turn-over.
You gotta cut the fat, and they don't want it back.
Keep your mind good and limber...don't give me that lip, let me sit back and take a sip, no...


I Will Testify

Written By: Henderson

Looking for meaning at each turn,
Then I sit back and watch it burn,
Can't stop these voices in my head.

Something tells me that there's less and there's more,
Teach me not to keep one foot out the door,
Enjoy all these moments instead.

The ultimate hypocrite, do as i say and not as i do,
You take it down and give it back to me.

Don't go and get yourself down.
Not here, not now.
Cut you in as you cut me out, we just gotta believe.

It comes simple and plain.
The day follows the night.
And you'll never explain.
So I will testify.

Watchin, waiting for you to change.
You tell me wrong and turn me to blame.
I'm so sick of standing up for you.

I don't care what you do, what you say.
I'm gonna be wrong anyway.
Don't want you tellin' me what to do.

My fault, I brought it up again.
All this time I thought we were more than friends.
You don't care what I want to be.

Something different is at hand.
Where can you and I let it stand.
What you want don't come for free.


TBA album currently in production, in-studio February - approx. release April '07.

As Is (live) - 2005 (47th Street Records)

Set List

While set lists are sometimes put down on paper, each show brings unpredictability for the audience and band alike. Typically, 80-90% of the songs in a set are original and a few covers you might hear are Revival (Allman Bros. Band), Chameleon (Herbie Hancock), Use Me (Billy Withers), So Into You (Atlanta Rhythm Section), Up On Cripple Creek (The Band), Cocaine (Eric Clapton), Mike's Song (Phish), Rocky Racoon (The Beatles) and if you're lucky you might hear them play Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes.

The band has played anywhere from a one hour set, to 3-4 set shows, sometimes lasting as long as 5 hours total.

Original Song List:
Away (Yugo)
Barry's Bitch
Eye Candy
Face Up
It's So
I Will Testify
Janit C.
Jazz Hand
Let Me Down
Lost In You
One In The Same
Self Inflicted
Short Supply
Take Your Time
Then & Now
The Russian
The Unfortunate Misfortunes of Billy Mandarin