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"Interview with Fancytramp"

"These guys rock in the best way possible. Think Golden Triangle met PJ Harvey and then Ty Segall decided that he had crushes on these two girls and needed to impress them by playing guitar (for free!) for them - it's got a powerful female singer backed by a relentless howling guitar over some rickety rocking drums." - Delayed Graffitification

"Playing, Touring, and Being Merry: A UNHHBlog Interview with Fancytramp"

"I was on a business trip to Nashville with a co-worker, and we decided to go out for a bit of fun. Our night started at a bar called The Gold Rush, we chose this bar because I’m a history nerd and I wanted to prospect for gold…liquid gold. After having one too many whiskey ciders we made our way to. The End, a cool indie rock venue/dive bar where we stumbled onto Bitchfest 2012, a three day music event filled with feminine fueled bands… GIRL POWER!!!! There were four bands, but w e only stayed for two that really got my fem juices flowing. One of those bands was Fancytramp which may have been one of the cutest trios I’ve ever seen. Playing their very Breeders-esque style of 90’s grunge goodness left me wanting to smoke a cigarette in satisfaction." - Unholy Hips

"Fresh Tracks"

"I've seen local alt-rocking three-piece Fancytramp refer to themselves as "glitter punk" before, and while I think that sums up their aesthetic pretty accurately, I'm kind of a fan of the term "bubble grunge." Fancytramp has an EP on the horizon, and they've put up their tune "Bee Charmer" as a little sneak preview. As something you could debatably call "bubble grunge" should, it features raw, riot grrrl-influenced instrumentation under sweet, pop-inflected vocals. The 'Tramp says they'll pull the track after a few weeks, so stream or download it via Fancytramp's Bandcamp page while you still have the chance." - Nashville Cream

"Track: Fancytramp - Fault Lines Fact"

"Nashville’s Fancytramp are what would happen if Nirvana and Hole were married in holy matrimony… Oh wait, that did happen. Add some glitter, bellowing vocals, the snarly gnarl of grunge, the beauty of echoic psychedelic influenced vocals, and a pinch of sprinkles; then shimmy them around in a jar of rock and roll potion. WAAH-LA: Fancytramp.

With sultry vocals that embrace that mid-90s grunge aesthetic—go ahead try and fight that sudden urge to grab your best friend, Rayanne Grath, and head under the bleachers to make out with that rebel—“Fault Lines Fact” plays like entering into a glam grunge dungeon where the warden awaits your descent to spray glitter into your face and douse you in muck. The reverb-heavy, droney guitars signal your slow descent down the creaky staircase, as the sludge kicks you down till you land flat on your ass in a puddle of gloopy, gunky bubblegum grunge. " - Gent Bent

"Fancytramp at Radio, Allston, MA"

"FANCYTRAMP, a tight lil’ trio outta Nashville, Tennessee that roll out the heavy licks and heady grooves with a breezy nonchalance tinged with an unsettling downer dour mood." - Boston Hassle


"Singing Tower at Sunset" EP available on cassette and digital download at



Born in a basement in Nashville, TN, Fancytramp has found a style that is unique and bubbly with a dark twist. Fancytramp is more than just the obvious comparisons with dynamic and eclectic influences in everything from metal to disco. Translating perfectly from their recordings, Fancytramp’s live show is tight, fast and loud. Aggressive without being abrasive and lyrically poetic without being cutesy.

Fancytramp is a triangle of melodic popular sound, comprised of Olivia Scibelli on Guitar & Vox , Katie Banyay on bass and Matt Manning on drums.

Fancytramp released "Singing Tower at Sunset" their first E.P recorded at Battletapes by Jeremy Ferguson.