First and Foremost

First and Foremost

 Valley Center, Kansas, USA

First and Foremost is a rock/alternative band, but not just your typical band. When we are on stage we bring an ENERGY that bands miss!


First and Foremost originally came together in July of 2009. The faces have changed a few times, but in October of 2010, First and Foremost settled on the current lineup, using the loss of their lead singer as an opportunity to restart. At that time, they began writing all new songs, and in April, the band began recording a new EP featuring five of these latest songs. This EP,which released in July, is entitled “The Pledge,” and features the four current members: Jared “Paco” Black, Ben Flora, Zac Bayless, and Eli Bayless, who all currently live in Wichita, Kansas.

First and Foremost has shared the stage with groups such as Children 18:3, Write This Down, Project 86, Spoken, Sanctus Real, This Beautiful Republic, Article One, Jimmy Needham, Abandon Kansas, Cloverton, Sent by Ravens, Kingsdown, Stars Go Dim, and many others. The band has developed a name for itself in the local music scene as a dependable, solid group with a great overall sound, appearance, and presentation.

First and Foremost’s central goal is sharing their faith in Jesus Christ with anyone who is there to listen, and to build relationships with people through their music. The music, with high energy shows and an intense alternative rock sound, is the most obvious catalyst for meeting new people, but the connection with people and the relationships with those who make it to their shows, will always be the most important thing..


"The Pledge" EP - released July 26th, 2011
1. Smoke and Mirrors
2. Revolver
3. Black and Blue
4. Sewn up
5. The Marionette