Fanfare bachtalie

Fanfare bachtalie


The Brass Band Fanfare Bachtalie impresses the public with the rhythm and melody and the speed of their music with over 200 beats per minute,with the public move inwards by their unique joyfull and charm sound.


The origin of the Gipsy music of Zece Prajini is derived from their ancestors-from India-including military music and traditional Rumanian music.The Gipsy of Zece Prajini has been passed on through generations with out notes .The music of Zece Prajini is extraordinary ,powerful and reflects the history of Gipsies.The men from Zece Prajini play with pride and happiness,sharing part of their lives through their unique and wonderful music with the public .The inhabitants of Zece Prajini are well known to have music is in their blood.Music is a major part of their life,since they start playing as early of the age of three including composing their own music.Music is a very important part of the livelihood of the people of Zece Prajini,while travelling through Rumania, to introduce to public their unique and ones in a life time sounds.The unique music played by the musicians of Zece Prajini is ideal for weddings,festivals,parades in demonstrating to showing to public the joy of their unique and joyful music.
We have apart from other bands:we playing life without stage and microphone ,we can playing our music when we walking.


Ihlo Romano- produced released by Ami Productions Dresden ,May 2008.

Set List

We playing Gipsy music and traditional Rumanian Music.Usually sets an 45 minutes,number of sets as the customer wants.