La Fanfare de Transylvanie

La Fanfare de Transylvanie

 Sibiu, Sibiu, ROU

Wildest sounds from Transylvania! Speed brass gypsy orchestra makes every show really crazy.


Having a wide repertoire which includes Romanian folklore from all over the country, but also personal and highly original interpretations of some of the music themes which are recurrent in the Balkans and present in the repertoire of Goran Bregovic and Boban Markovic, Fanfara Transilvania is made up of fine musicians who fill their audiences' souls with happiness. Having a long musical tradition - both Saxon-Transilvanian based and Moldavian, with strong gipsy roots, Fanfara Transilvania creates a mix between new and old, between the succesfull music of nowadays and the old Moldavian "hore" or "doine". They call the listener in a world that combines various cultures - the ancient Romanian village's and the city's suburbs', the one of the "lautar" gipsy comunities. With their music, "Transilvania" steps over those differences, creating a vivid and colourful universe, where everyone can find a place.


"Fanfara Transilvania Live" 2007
"Live II" 2008
"Session feat. Azulejos (France) 2011

Set List

ho-ho-ho, just try to stop them!