Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
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"...Better than you niggas, and still record in my garage and shit! xD" - J.K.


FANG (Fuck A Name Gang), also written FANG ?? is a Greensboro, NC collective of young rappers, artists, photographer, skateboarders, videographers, directors, graphic designers, visualitsts, iced out polar bears, and turtles.

Individuals such as J.K. The Rapper, MTown, Niko Da Don, Smooth, Kane, 2chea, Wall-E Ge3z, Ramel Shakur and Therapist Jones are the more known members of the crew.

Though theres no official leader, their most prolific and active member is young J.K. The Rapper, who has a knack for rhyming over iconic beats while making them sound like his own, and has been releasing a steady stream of mixtapes since 2008, the last being 2012s ILL LIFE.

He raps about everything from romance to political concern (and some partying in between), and does it all with a controlled, assured flow.

MTown, whos Summers Midnight Memories is up for grabs at, is a more vibrant, jumpy member with a memorable nasal delivery and the utter confidence that seems to cover the whole group despite their young ages.

He, and the others, frequently work with the behind-the-camera member of the group, Therapist Jones, on their videos. Then theres Niko Da Don, whos mixtape Orange Flowers dropped 4/20 of 2011. Ge3z AKA Wall-E Ge3z is the auto-tune assisted singer of the bunch, not afraid to slow shit down and get romantic with it.

Ramel Shakur (also known as The Captain), whos latest mixtape The Objective is also up for free on the crews website also seems to point out his romantic and political concerns and enjoyment of the drug marijuana throughout his music.

The lineup is rounded out by 2chea (whos got some pre-FANG tapes on his Bandcamp) as well as Kane, who show up on fellow members tracks, and Smooth, whos music is on as well. Other affiliates include Jia Jetson and producers Brenden J, Benny Lasco and Jalan White.