Fangs on Fur

Fangs on Fur


LA Punk Rock & Goth veterans (Ex- Leaving Trains, Christian Death, Sluts for Hire, 45 Grave) cross-over into several indie markets, fusing Spaghetti Western guitars, tribal rhythms & '77 British punk rock hooks, creating a sexy & exotic rock n' roll safari.


When two worlds collide...

It's like FANGS ON FUR

Only when the deepest, darkest jungle meets Los Angeles' shimmering streets can a true visionary project like
FANGS ON FUR come together - to become one of the most highly anticipated & talked-about bands of recent times!


Boasting a line-up that features veterans of the L.A. Goth and Punk Rock scenes (The Leaving Trains, Christian Death, Sluts
for Hire, 45 Grave, The Helpful Nuns, Faith & the Muse, to name but a few...)

Mashing together the best of dark-tinted Spaghetti Western guitars, tribal rhythms and the razor-sharp hooks of '77 British
punk rock, FANGS ON FUR explode into an exotic rock n' roll safari, captivating dance-floor divas and aggressive punk n' roll
fans alike.

Drawing comparisons to Ennio Morricone meets Killing Joke and X-Ray Spex meets The Congo, FANGS ON FUR combine all of these elements and more to uniquely create their own lush, seething mixture of angst and passion, already topping playlists of DJ's and music fans, both internationally & in the States.

The FANGS ON FUR live experience has now become the stuff of legend; F-Boy's swirling guitar twang comes face-to-face with Miss Koko's driving bass lines & Stevyn Grey's thunderous drums. On stage, the sounds, lights and visuals all reach a roaring pinnacle with F-Girl - injecting her sing-along vocals and on-stage antics that grab audience members by the collar and pull them into a wild world of savagery, ferocity and fury.

When scenes collide - it's like FANGS ON FUR

The natives are restless.

There - in the distance... can you hear it...?

The jungle drums are calling...



Fangs on Fur EP - Pachinkore Records

Set List

Panic in L.A.
Dead or Alive
German Film Star
F-boy F-girl
Fangs on Fur