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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF | AFM

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Rock Punk




"FANGZ - For Nothing Review"

Since forming in late 2018, Sydney band FANGZ have wasted no time in getting their debut EP out to the masses, and if you’re a fan of hard-hitting punk-rock tunes that are infectious, you can’t help but bang your head and tap your feet, then you need to check out For Nothing.

The four-track release is packed full of party anthems and punches straight out of the gate with One For You One For Me, this tasty track is all about raising a beer with your mates and shutting out the rest of the world for a minute. It’s full of energy, with some meaty riffs and raw lyrics that really encapsulate the emotions of the band. This energy continues into the second track Voices, which has a memorable chorus that you’ll be singing along to in no time.

This EP is one that is going to translate easily to the live stage

FANGZ slow down slightly on the third track Wastr, which features some grimy, sludgy guitar work and then the EP closes with the catchy Crossroads, which feels like a nice finish to the EP, and allows you to catch your breath before you hit repeat and take the ride all over again.

This EP is one that is going to translate easily to the live stage, as it’s so energetic and full of party riffs, so if you like your tunes rock’n’roll, then check out FANGZ and For Nothing and catch them at a live show soon.

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STANDOUT TRACKS: One For You One For Me, Voices - Hysteria Magazine

"4YRLV Tour"

One thing I like more than Sydney boys Fangz is the fact that Liam Cormier of the Cancer Bats (I have a CB tattoo; just to give you a little perspective) basically told them to form their band after a chance meeting after they were on tour in Europe and their (previous) band disintegrated.
Life can tend to royally crunch you up into a little paper ball, chew you up in a mouth hole, put you in a straw and spit you out into an entirely different pathway. Sometimes it’s a temporary shitstorm other times for these dudes, it was a blessing.

Let me ask you something dear reader.
1. Do you like freaking amazing punk rock?
2. Do you like to be entertained live by the above?
3. Do you like to breathe air to keep alive?
If you answered yes to at least one of these I highly recommend you get yourself to a Fangz show.

These fellas command the stage like they bought it without a mortgage; and their interaction with the crowd and infectious raunchiness can be felt all the way in the back of the venue. - Rawing In The Pit Media

"FANGZ // The Nicest Punk Rock Band You’ll Meet"

Sydney band Fangz haven’t been a band for all that long, less than a year in fact, but they’ve roared onto the punk-rock scene with gusto and have just dropped their debut EP For Nothing which is receiving all kinds of praise from critics and fans alike. - Hysteria Magazine

"FANGZ – Gig Review 19th April @ The Hideaway Bar, Sydney NSW"


It was certainly special on both ends when the punk rockers came on. Not only were they doing their third stint of a residency at the bar, but it was guitarist Sam Sheumack‘s birthday (bassist Jameel Majam counted four birthdays in total for the night).

The gig opened with Majam’s cheeky grin as he brought us in, the calm before the storm that was the entire band. Particularly prowling, jumping vocalist Josh Cottreau.

Stage dives. Singing from atop the bar. Beer cans everywhere.

The gig had it all, imbuing the venue with a transformative quality, and a feeling you only get at a dirty, sweaty punk rock show. Cottreau was animalistic and the crowd ate it up.

Getting down with the mosh, he handed the mic directly to diehard fans, all the while accepting beer cans from them – which he proceeded to bang into his head while still moving and singing at top speed. His individual dynamics with the stoic Sheumack and wild Majam also breathed huge life into the set.

About halfway through, the FANGZ tunes stopped for a few moments as cupcakes got handed around for Sheumack and the song was sung. A real family vibe enveloped the venue, a brief calm before the storm’s second wave.

As we left the bar that night, sweat-ridden and ears ringing, one dominant thought came to mind – FANGZ are going places. - Wall of Sound AU

"For Fans of Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes"

For Fans Of: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, The Bronx, Cancer Bats, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster

Hometown: Sydney

Genre: Indie punk rock

The 411: These Sydney party punks have just exploded onto our radar with their stomping debut single ‘One For You One For Me’. And they’re not wasting any time establishing themselves as a force on the live scene. As well as performing at Sydney’s inaugural punk, rock and metalcore mini-festival UsFest this coming Saturday, they’ll also be serving a month-long residency at Enmore’s beloved Hideaway Bar every Friday throughout April.

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"Sydney punk rockers Fangz drop new video ‘One For You One For Me’"

Off the back of the ripper release of their debut single ‘One For You, One For Me’ which premiered at no.2 in the Triple J Unearthed Punk Charts (and later climbed to no.1), Sydney’s newest party punks FANGZ today released a heaving new video to go along with it that will make you puke with excitement.

With the debut track getting spun on Unearthed and then featured nationally on Triple J’s ‘Short.Fast.Loud’ within a week of its release, it’s undeniable this tune has piqued some interest and the high energy video accompaniment is bound to leave you gagging for more.

The song is about being able to shut everything out; negativity, anxiety, your past demons and just raising a drink with those closest to you and getting on with it. Despite the song’s heavy lyrical message, FANGZ were adamant their video debut needed to really portray who they are as a band – a bunch of mates who just really enjoy mucking around and having a good time. With a lot of heavy and f*cked up shit going on in the world, FANGZ use the comradery found in each other to really just let loose and remind one another there’s still some things worth celebrating.

Nothing screams 4 mates having a good time like a good ol domino chain of vomit – the video starts innocent enough with barf punks FANGZ hanging around their backyard, knocking back a few tins. Then enters an elusive croc-dundee wannabe who convinces them to try his new brew, ‘Fangz Xtra Biter’. Turns out pukes of hazzard FANGZ’ guts of steel aren’t enough to handle the brew and a gnarly ralph sequence explodes in a scene that rivals Stephen King’s Lardass in Stand By Me.

When questioned how they came up with the concept for the video, bass player Jameel simply replied “I like drinking beer… and vomit is funny.” A classic, funny and gut-wrenching debut from Fangz. ‘One For You, One For Me’ is sure to leave you feeling queasy…like a sunday morning. Catch these dukes of pukem this weekend as they kick off their first show of a month long residency at Hideaway in Sydney’s Enmore or at UsFest at Oxford Art Factory. - The Rockpit


FANGZ - 'For Nothing' EP (July 2018)



“FANGZ is a four-piece punk rock band that write songs with the sole purpose of getting people to party and attempt backflips in mosh pits.”

Introducing FANGZ , Sydney’s newest four-piece punk rock band. Their fresh take on this classic genre combines solid riffs and upbeat stylings that will make you want to dive head first into the nearest mosh pit.

FANGZ are made up of three best mates and a Canadian guy they met on Facebook. The band formed after Sam, Woodie and Jameel’s previous band imploded halfway through a sold out European tour in mid 2018. There they were sitting on the edge of their rented tour van at Heathrow Airport, disillusioned, dejected and wondering how the hell they were going to get their bond back (they didn’t get it back), when out of the blue another beaten up tour van pulled up next to them. That van happened to be the workhorse of one of their favourite bands, Cancer Bats.

After regaling them with the story of how their band had just broken up mid tour while promoting their debut album, the Cancer Bat’s frontman, Liam Cormier urged them not to give up -” Fuck it, why don’t you go home start a punk rock band and write a song about airports”. Turns out it was just the jolt they needed. Fast forward three months and the boys had a stack of demo’s they’d recorded in a rundown Marrickville share house (admittedly, none were about airports) and were on the hunt for a new singer. Just so happens they didn’t need to look for long – they fell in love with the first guy who hit them up on Facebook, Joshua Cottreau, a hyperactive Canadian and a mutual friend of Liam’s. Small world, huh?

In just 7 months FANGZ have had 2 singles hit number 1 on the Triple J Unearthed Punk charts, received continued radio play for their debut EP, played a sold out EP tour and even had their video featured on national TV.  To bring everything full circle they've also got to support their heroes 'Cancer Bats', 'Gyroscope' and will be ending 2019 supporting Canadian Hardcore-Punk legends 'Comeback Kid'! 

What a great start and it doesn't seem like this Punk-Rock party is going to slow down anytime soon as they plan to release the first single off their second EP February 2020. 

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