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"The Daily Dischord - Review Of Fans Designed To Be"

There’s something inspiring about a band who spend years and years sharpening their collective tools before applying them to a finished, recorded product. Stourbridge’s Fans Of Faye have been a band for eight years now, and Designed To Be is their debut full length tasked with showing what they have learned in that length of time.

Designed To Be shows off the kind of youthful exuberance you would expect from a band with an average age of 22, but it would be a disservice to the band to suggest this is all the record has to offer. There’s a level of maturity here in the song writing that shows the band left the honeymoon period a long time ago. The eponymous opening track lures you in gently, ensuring it has your attention before things kick off with uplifting, delicate guitars providing a backdrop to the emphatic vocals of Zachary Hart.

It’s a promising opening track that lays down the marker for what’s to come, but the beauty of this record is its ability to bloom as it progresses. ‘Reckless’ shows a grittier side of the band, a track that takes you in all kinds of directions, held together by a great chorus, while ‘Are You Finished?’ has all the hallmarks of a typical modern British rock song (think Mallory Knox but with a bit more aplomb). Zachary’s vocals are a fantastic focal point for the band and this is exercised with devastating effects in ‘Bloodshed’, a slow burner that hits a truly awesome climax. His voice is fundamental to the sound of the band, akin to the likes of Jordan Spiers (Flood of Red) at times, becoming instantly familiar, lodged in your head like a wedge.

The record’s finest moment comes in the wonderful ‘Handlebars’, a crescendo that builds up similarly to Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ before hitting it’s peak, developing in to a track that will take some beating as the bands career progresses. It’s a shame that Designed To Be veers off a little towards the tail end of the record. The aforementioned ‘Handlebars’ would have been the perfect parting shot, and perhaps this record is a couple of tracks too long. It’s a negative aspect to the album that can be easily forgiven, as Designed To Be is as impressive a début album as any in the modern crop of pop rock bands in the UK. - The Daily Dischord

"Fans Of Faye Designed To Be Review By Big Cheese Magazine"

"They are mature beyond their years and theres soul in the music" - Lais Martins Waring
- Big Cheese Magazine

"Fans Of Faye Designed To Be Review By Kerrang Magazine"

"Fans Of Faye with an average age of just 22 have delivered a fine first album" - David Mclaughnin for Kerrang Magazine - Kerrang Magazine

"Fans Of Faye 'Designed To Be' Launch Night Review"

On their special night, Stourbridge based FoF eschewed traditional rock n ‘roll hospitality excesses by, instead of snorting lines of Columbian nose-candy off pert groupies’ bottoms, laid-on a mobile fish & chip shop.
Opening with the eponymous title track ‘Designed To Be’ they breathlessly sledge-hammered their twin-guitar colours firmly to the battle-mast of grandiose and snarling, chiming anthemic Indie rock. Still disconcerting youthful in flush-cheeked wonder they’re nevertheless a decidedly long-in-the tooth, experienced damn tight band. The dynamic of this accomplished set of songs outside the studio really does stretch them to the limit and beyond – as it should be. No coasting – no prisoners.

They’re ambitious and sincerely driven. This is a worthy debut album on which to base a rock till you drop relentless schedule of live gigging. They pay their inspirational dues to the like of fellow Midlanders Twang/Enemy et al, together with ‘Edgy’ revered referencing. We’ll need more convincing about the necessity of accruing some Metal-cred with the formulaic ‘Hunting Season Begins’, however.
‘Handlebars’ was much more assured with swelling guitar jangles, reverb riffs and bulldog barking power-chords closing with some tasty twin guitar counter-point duelling. Suggestions of a certain James Page’s guitar-armies on boot-stomp maneuvers perhaps? An interesting, more economical shift in style came with ‘Ghosts’ (recent single release) and its punchy/staccato sentiment of Simple Minds and The Bunnymen. A dedicated crowd of mercenary mum, dads and batter-bits and beer stuffed mates made for a ferally supportive audience. Perhaps the ‘Jungle’ tag means them… - Born Music Online

"Fans Of Faye Designed To be"

Designed To Be is the alluring debut album from Stourbridge’s Fans of Faye.

Like many young outfits, Fans of Faye has been through many name changes. But in the winter of 2004, a dear friend and inspiration to the bandå, Faye, tragically lost her life in a car crash.

She was the catalyst for their youthful passion for writing and so her premature death sealed the band’s moniker as a lasting testimony.

Despite FoF’s average age of only 22, this engaging 12-track stock is the product of the best part of a decade. Opting to shun a hasty introduction onto the national scene, FoF instead focussed on the Midlands gig circuit.

This local live focus has been rewarded with a strong and loyal fan-base, who in return have seen them support the likes of Versa Emerge, Francesqa, Natives and The Casting Out. - Female First

"Fans Of Faye 'Designed To Be' Review By Katie Vowles - Punk Prospect"

’’Having been featured in many magazines such as Big Cheese, FRONT mag and having their new single, ‘Ghost’, on the Kerrang! Essential Playlist, Fans of Faye are having no trouble getting their name out there. FoF have previously secured support slots with big names VersaEmerge, Francesqa, Not Advised/Natives and most recently Octane OK. FoF reached #27 in the iTunes rock chart with their debut single ‘Paint The Sun’ and hope to better this with their latest single ‘Ghost’.
‘Paint The Sun’ kicks off Designed To Be with style – brash, powerful vocals and super slick guitar melodies aplenty. Next we slip into the more relaxed title track where the dreamy acoustics coupled with the building drum echoes create a still, sombre atmosphere. Delicate piano tinkles soon turn into a rough guitar riff while the vocals take a more ominous turn as the lyrics echo this “We were designed to be dangerous killing machines.” This triumphant track showcases Fans of Faye’s extraordinary talent and their audible chemistry. ‘I’m Not Your Artwork’ contains a strong hook, clean vocals and a prominent clean guitar riff. This track in particular is reminiscent of the work of Twin Atlantic, a band that Fans of Faye mimic in enthusiasm and vigour.

Designed To Be is full of confident pop rock songs with real character, memorable melodies and vocals that mirror the lyrics. One thing’s for sure, you can really hear the emotion in every lyric. Songs such as ‘Are You Finished?’, ‘Basically’ and ‘Born To Dance’ all carry firm hooks and reflect the high energy of their live performances. ‘Born To Dance’ is especially powerful as the chorus vocals blast their way through the strong guitar chords and perfectly timed drums. Some songs are definitely more rock inclined such as the desperately distorted ‘Reckless’ while others lean in a more pop direction i.e. the opener ‘Paint The Sun’.

‘Handlebars’ has an intro to rival The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ as it has a ridiculously similar picked guitar intro (and I mean ridiculously similar). This, along with Zachary Hart’s falsetto vocals and the almost choral backing harmonies make ‘Handlebars’ one of the greatest songs from Designed To Be. Thankfully, as it develops The Temper Trap resemblance is lost completely and Fans of Faye flourish back into their rock anthem style creating a beautiful and awesome (in the true sense of the word) 6 minute epic.

Closing track ‘Swing With Me’ is the perfect end to a damn-near perfect album as it powers through with a strong but undeniably melancholy chorus. Fans of Faye’s debut Designed To Be could easily be mistaken for a 2nd or 3rd album from a well-established pop rock band as the song writing and production is truly outstanding. 47 minutes of pure passion condensed into song form, Designed To Be is a fantastic album however you look at it. - Punk Prospect

"Fans Of Faye 'Designed To Be' Review - Written by Jessica Tagliani"

Singles ‘Paint the Sun’ and ‘Ghost’ is every radio DJ’s dream; saucy guitar licks and vocals that can steal your heart in an instant, Fans of Faye have definitely used their experience to their advantage. Spending time to work on their music rather than rush straight into gigging is evident during tracks such as ‘I’m Not Your Artwork’ and ‘Are You Finished?’ displayconsistent and tight drum work complimenting their big, melodic bass line. intricately delicate riffs are evident during ‘Reckless’, sliding over smooth and strong vocals. Fans of Faye are a quirky and kooky band that knows how to instantly brighten your mood with their passionate and dynamic indie-rock. ‘Basically’ follows the similar gut-wrenching and honest path that this young quintet have employed over the course of their album – deeply entrenched passion gives way to a more emotional ‘Bloodshed’. Roaring choruses twist to life, bringing mighty riffs with them as Fans of Faye work their magic on us. -

"Fans Of Faye 'Designed To Be' Review by: Leanne Cushing"

Fans of Faye’s debut album, Designed To Be, is the next step in indie pop rock. Who doesn’t love a refreshing Brit-pop indie sound with earnest vocals and spacey guitar wails? As an album its pieced together almost flawlessly and the pacing oscillates at this energy that keeps the listener hooked. It’s hard to put a finger on what it is that makes this album so easy to listen to on repeat. First listen, second even, you just note how catchy this indie-pop album is but after the initial ease into the sound, the lyrical depth leaves you sad and aching. The lyrics convey the pain of loss, the reflection of what was, descriptions of days to come. Which is no surprise after reading the band’s web page and discovering the band’s name is dedicated to their friend they lost in 2004. The album begins with “Paint The Sun,” with echoing guitars, the sincere sound of Hart’s voice and electric organ sounds. The lyrics dig deep when Hart appeals, “do these teeth belong to you? do these teeth belong to your best friend?” and proceed to sing about the loss of a friend. Other highlights include the beautiful, piano-heavy intro to “Designed To Be” pulls the pace down and progresses to an almost early Mars Volta aggressive-funk feel. The vocal delivery is very unique to the rest of the album as well as the sound. “Are You Finished?” is one of the more heart-wrenching songs; reflecting the darker days of present and the innocence of the past. With a band-sung chorus, my mind was drawn to the early Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends days. The girl, or girls, responsible for their broken hearts deserve a swift kick in the shins. “Reckless” continues the old TBS feel with mathematical chord progressions and backup vocals. “Bloodshed” is a highlight in the album that makes one think of another Brit-pop indie band, Two Door Cinema Club. The guitar sounds bloom and progress through the track, which is appropriate with Hart singing “I gave you the right to design me again and fill my hollow chest” at the end of each verse. It warms the heart after the colder and heart-aching tracks. Despite the lyrical content, “Handlebars” brings shy smiles, sunshine days and daydreams of the past. Singing of bruises, creatures killing one another, and death during the verses and leaving the chorus message to sing of the memories of a teenage muse. The message has good intentions with a dark delivery; which is bittersweet like most heartbreaks. Pop-indie bands are like bubblegum; almost everyone likes bubblegum. It can vary in flavor, packaging, and consistency, yet there’s a comfortable familiarity with each kind that varies enough to keep people interested. Designed To Be manages to hit all the right pitches and strum all the right chords while sending a hopeless romantic’s message.SCORE: 8/10 -

"Fans Of Faye 'Designed To Be' Review"

Designed To Be is the brand new debut album from a band from the Midlands, Fans Of Faye. In recent years they’ve been cracking the Midlands gig circuit but with this debut album, Designed To Be, firmly under their belt and due for imminent release, they couldn’t be better placed. I have to get this out of the way early because track one on this debut album, Designed To Be, is my least favourite but I can see why it’s there. Like the opening of what’s about to change your life forever, every album needs a start. Designed To Be is accomplished, full of flair and musicality, with supreme arrangement, composition, production and vocals up there with the best of them. Think Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil with the now split (from the original line up) US college band Lydia’s Leighton Antleman. In fact Fans Of Faye have the relatively unknown band Lydia written all over many of their songs. My favourite one from the Designed To Be album, Reckless, could have easily made its way onto any one of Lydia’s first 2 and finest albums. Like USA band Framing Hanley, who named their band after close friend Ashley Hanley died in a car crash in 2006, Fans Of Faye have done the same. Their dear friend and inspiration for the band, Faye, tragically died in an RTA some two years before Framing Hanley had the idea. It’s certainly not a competition but just goes to show how great minds think alike. Fans Of Faye have a cohesion that many other bands search for decades to find. Whatever ‘it’ is, Fans Of Faye get it, have it and produce it. Stand out tracks: Bloodshed, Paint The Sun, Reckless, Are You Finished?, Bloodshed, Born To Dance – sounding like Paramore – and Handlebars with its guitar reminiscent of The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition. Forget the charts, forget the music you’re comfortable with, forget mainstream radio and TV and support a band who’ve put their souls on the line to produce one of the finest debuts this side of the Atlantic Ocean in 2012. There’s a lyric in the song Reckless, “I have no choice, I’m desperate to impress”. This album well and truly impresses on the very highest indie rock level and is heading for my top 5 albums of 2012, if not top 3 or better! Designed To Be is a MUST HAVE. 9.5/10 (my highest rating this year) -

"Fans Of Faye By 'Hit The Floor' Magazine"

"For such a young band, they really have an expansive and mature sound which is a massive compliment because the song sounds like it could have been written by any number of famous indie bands out there'' - Hit The Floor Magazine

"Fans Of Faye Review - By Emerging Icons"

"The fact this track has already zoomed up the iTunes rock chart is one thing, but today, Fans of Faye have finally got the accolade they’ve always wanted. ‘Paint The Sun’ gets the ‘double thumbs up/full head nod/ excited-in-our-pants’ seal of approval from Emerging Icons.
Yep, this catchy little number has sent our Likelihood-For-Future-Success-ometer off the scale. The sophisticated balance of pop appeal with accessible alt tendencies will secure Fans OF Faye’s place in the thriving rock gig circuit in years to come- especially if the echoes of bands like You Me At Six and Taking Back Sunday strike a chord with their vast fanbases. We’ll be front row though, that’s for sure" - Emerging Icons


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Designed To Be - LP
- Designed To Be
- Paint the Sun
- Im Not Your Artwork
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- Are You Finished?
- Basically
- Bloodshed
- Ghost
- Handlebars
- Born to Dance
- Hunting Season Begins
- Swing With Me

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In 2003, Stourbridge native Zachary Hart formed a band aged just twelve; 2013 will therefore see the tenth anniversary of his band’s formation and although the intervening years have seen many personnel changes, today’s fixed line-up shares the same ambitions and passion as the three friends who began it all, nearly a decade ago

Like many young outfits, the band has been through many name changes, covering the not-so-sublime to the entirely ridiculous. But in the winter of 2004, a dear friend and inspiration to the band, Faye, tragically lost her life in a car crash. She was the catalyst for their youthful passion for writing and performing their own music, so her premature death sealed the band’s moniker as a lasting testimony
Shunning the usual hasty rush to play on the national scene, Fans of Faye instead chose to focus on the Midlands gig circuit. After all, this heartland of music has in the past given us Diamond Head, The Wonder Stuff, Pop Will Eat Itself, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and, of course, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, who is still a regular sight strolling around town (indeed, Plant previously went to the same college as Zach and Ian). This rich musical heritage is a motivation and inspiration for Fans of Faye and yet they are also very keen to mark out their own creative pat

This local live focus has been rewarded with a strong and loyal fan-base, who in return have seen them support the likes of Versa Emerge, Francesqa, Not Advised/Natives and The Casting Out (ex-Boy Sets Fire

Their impressive live pedigree has now been channelled into a debut album, Designed To Be, produced by Gavin Monaghan/Magic Garden Recording Studios, due for release in autumn 2012. Their first full-length record will firmly cement the band’s growing reputation as an exciting and hugely promising new act, energetically supported by an extensive tour of the UK. This twin attack will undoubtedly see FoF upgrade their regional fan-base to a national leve

The first single to be taken from the debut will be released on September 3rd, 2012 entitled ‘Paint The Sun’. The accompanying video was produced by the excellent Wide Awake Films.
Second Single ‘Ghost’ Out 05/11/12 Debut Single ‘Paint The Sun’ Out Now!