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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Established on Jan, 2009
Duo Electronic Pop




"Latest Blog Reviews of "eSensuals" by Fans of Jimmy Century"

Latest Blog Reviews of "eSensuals" by Fans of Jimmy Century
Source: FOJC Website - Various

"Fans of Jimmy Century - eSensuals"

Fans of Jimmy Century’s “eSensuals” infuses a defiant attitude into an effortlessly cool synthesized sound. Done with the utmost of playfulness and incorporating just the right dollops of distortion into the mix, everything swirls about with such intensity. By far the highlight and true heart of the sound comes from the intense, powerful vocals. A sense of humor is infused into the album as well, ensuring that the lyricism takes front and center stage. The attention to detail means the stylistic choices result in a great deal of genre bending. Ranging from elements of sleazy electro to nods to noir, everything about the album feels unexpected and alive. With a keen refusal to be pigeonholed, Fans of Jimmy Century ensure that nothing is quite as it seems letting a kaleidoscopic blur of sound enter the fray.

Deserving to be blasted as loudly as possible is the confrontational approach of “Best of My Generation (Johnny Rotten)”, which has an electro-punk vibe to it. An unhinged party spirit rushes through the whole of “Tigra Girl”. The intense desire of “Hot Sahara (Remastered)” makes it one of the highlights of the album, featuring a careening, powerful hook that never lets up. Jerky rhythms that tap into EDM and classic 70s rock come together on the incredible grandeur of “Ghosts of Paradise”.

On “eSensuals” Fans of Jimmy Century create a virtual world of pure, uncut oddity, a brilliant tour-de-force that messes with listener expectations in the best possible way. - Beach Sloth

"Disco. Punky. RHPS."

Pulp Fiction + Rocky Horror Picture Show + Moulin Rouge + Freddy just had a love child. I can’t explain for this foursome happened and to be honest I’m mind boggled to try and imagine so much pantyhose being flung about (you are of legal age to be reading this right?) … that thinking about that might feel traumatic.

Listening to this. Isn’t.

Originally from Oakland CA, Las Vegas-based Fans of Jimmy Century is an original indiewave, modwave, neo noir duo with trip hop influences and led by vocalist/songwriter/voice actor Alicia Perrone and bassist/songwriter/producer/video director Victor James.

Yes, you heard right?! “Indiewave, Modwave, Tripwave, Neonoir, Modnoir, modern 70s pornwave grooves. modern torch, genre-bending music inspired by Tarantino films, making sense after midnight.” With a whole lot of spikes, slash and sass.

Did I mention quirksome, with a kick, and a helluva lot of attitude? I mean it’s not everyone bio that would audaciously and playfully suggest “Your fortune cookie says you are one fortunate cookie. Ride unexpected aggressive waves.”

Well that’s just naughty. With a wink.

Because once upon a time “Girls Allowed” claimed dibs on “the sound of the underground” and now are being reduced to unequivocal pangs of shame. After all, they say in the month of October the real spirits come out – and this duo is pow-wowing themselves to the front of the line.

*SpoilerAlert – Curiosity will kill your cat.*

And it’s too late now.

It’s lured you in. Prepare to be thrashed around and dropped on the other side with kink and rock and well, this:

The story telling in the track is purely wickedly delious. Without a shudder of doubt. The sassy, sexyness of it all is bound to drip new infusions into your bodouir and tantalize the dancefloor with a tease.

Getting that blend of Cabernet, theatre, and helluva made to go music is hard. I haven’t tried, but it’s hard. There’s a borderline to kitsch that makes you feel like you’re in an ABBA show that this band burns to the stake. With love, lust, and pride.

The sheer completeness and compatibility of this kinda vogue is not to be told what to do, when and how making this act – a little renegade, somewhat dangerous, and if played smart a force to be reckoned with.

And that’s just one scandalous number that also happens to be downloadable.

So where does this leave the rest of the album?

Glad you asked!

Your Official BurningMan / AfrikaBurn Inspiration Guide to the unexpected this album is so wrong it’s right. Like any virus, it’s infectious – but unlike any virus – it’s designed to slip you into your Jungian darkness and bring your true tour-del-a-force into the word. With hypnotic playfulness that doesn’t care if you’re unfit, it’ll seduce you and tango you around the room like a wolf in hunt, like pretty lights it will seduce you, like fire it will burn you, and like dark-punk-bass it drop you into the hood and bling you out of the galaxy. The best of everything rolled into the only album you need.

Favourite Tracks: I don’t understand the question. My mind has no say in this matter. My body is possessed and freedom tastes really good. With no two sing-a-long-look-a-likes, every track on this album lives in the extremes. There’s nothing to compare here. Madonna and Gaga would be impressed. So would the artist formerly known as Prince.

But I’ll admit “Ghosts of Paradise” captivated my attention with that base. And “Under the Milky Way” shows another dimension and every reason to command respect. (plus you know this SuperNova struggles to resist anything about the stars).

So here’s what you need to do. Ping your mum. Ping your Dog. Let your girlfriends know. Make sure your lover gets the note. 26th October. It’s all going to become real.

Till then. Polish your ruby red dancing shoes, and pull out your rock chic studded boots, and throw in some lace. And follow the music here: - Life on the Other Side of The Red Carpet

"From Prince to Fans of Jimmy Century"

“I thought when I discovered Prince I found the last great talent on the plant, I was wrong… you are awesome.” - Chris Moon, Producer (best known for discovering Prince)

"eSensuals by Fans of Jimmy Century"

Fans of Jimmy Century are an alternative pop duo consisting of vocalist/songwriter and voice actor Alicia Perrone along with bassist/songwriter and producer Victor James. They describe themselves memorably as ‘an original indiewave, modwave, neo noir duo with trip hop influences’. While descriptions can only do so much justice, they combine the sultry sensuality of Goldfrapp and Portishead, the sassy modern pop of St. Vincent and the quirky charm of pop’s great eccentric visionaries like Kate Bush.

Having signed a deal in 2013, their music has featured in a lengthy list of films and well known shows, with the track Hot Sahara proving their most popular, soundtracking a threesome scene in The L Word (ahem). This album, eSensuals, consists of twelve tracks and contains several previously released singles.

One of these singles, All My Friends Are Ice Queens, starts the album and makes a fine introduction to FOJC’s unique style. It’s a highly entertaining jazzy number that would make the perfect backdrop to a burlesque show, with Alicia Perrine’s charismatic vocals capturing your attention immediately. The dry, witty lyrics are as colourful and inventive as the music: “All my friends are ice queens, wicked Disney, after dark dreams….”. The quirky spoken word sections only add to the charm.

The femme fatale theme continues with the euphoric alternative disco of the incredibly catchy and effortlessly sexy Tigra Girl. You can hear the influence of Madonna’s subversive mid-90’s period in the instantly addictive chorus refrain, as well as the spirit of female sexual emancipation: “Tigras run around topless, Tigras run round barefoot…”. A fantastic dance track which was an obvious choice as a single.

The same goes for the entertaining rockrap/electropunk genre-bending iTunes UK Top 40 hit Best of My Generation (Johnny Rotten). The lyrics are sassy throughout, with a killer vocal hook on the latter half of the chorus: “I’m the best of my generation, you are a guest of my generation and I’m feel real Johnny Rotten so back your punk ass up“.

The aforementioned Hot Sahara is FOJC at their most sensual, with a breathy, seductive vocal performance from Alicia that feels like it should be X-rated. Musically, it’s built around a brooding synth bassline and as always, the production is peerless. Lyrically, it maintains the standard of slaying one-liners: “Born under a fire sign, legends are born in the summertime…”.

Fifth track Liquid Chill keeps the momentum flowing with its bouncy bassline and irresistible “Rollin, Rollin, Rollin’…” chorus hook. Ghosts of Paradise has a very different but equally memorable chorus, with Alicia expressing her impressive vocal power and range. It’s also an excellent example of this creative duo’s nuanced and sophisticated songwriting ability.

Excellently named The Last Summer of Mad Whips is a maddeningly catchy burst of 80’s inspired pop, and another reminder that this lady is a free spirit: “When the cruel winter come, I’mma run away, I’m gonna disappear fast….”. This amusingly cocky attitude and eighties sound brought to mind the infectious brat-pop of Charlie XCX.

The inspiration bleeds into the brilliant rock-infused, hook-laden anthem Together in White Leather (Dolce Vita). St. Vincent will find herself wishing for a few of these songs in her canon when she hears them. After the radical eclecticism of the album’s first half, Cherry Drops helps forge a solid sonic identity with its alt. disco vibe and some opaque lyrics on the chorus: “You say, I say, hearts are brave, hearts are mustangs…”.

Noirstar (Memories of His City) is one the album’s more mellow and moody moments, working as a nice contrast. If this track hasn’t yet featured on a film soundtrack, it deserves to. Under The Milky Way is another slight departure, recorded as a live acoustic version. With just vocal and guitar, it once again allows their well crafted songwriting to shine but with vulnerability on display for the first time: “I wish I knew what you are looking for….”. The ice is starting to melt by this point, clearly.

The closing track is an acoustic version as well, this one of the preceding Ghosts of Paradise. This version, featuring some very fine guitar work, also allows the poetic power of Perrine’s lyrics to take the spotlight more: “I wanna taste the power that got away, and though the violet shrinks in chains I’m still your desert flower….”. These two last songs show that there’s an emotional depth to their music that is usually more understated.

Overall, this is a rollercoaster ride of an album that manages to traverse a huge range of genres, blends them together seamlessly and yet still manages to be commercial and catchy. It’s a testament to the talents of this gifted duo and will be particularly appreciated by pop lovers who are tired of the vanilla-flavoured modern pop that occupies the charts. In short, the world is about to become fans of Fans of Jimmy Century. - The Faulkner Review

"eSensuals Greatest Hits!"

Artist: Fans of Jimmy Century
Track: “Ghosts of Paradise – Acoustic Choirgang Remix”/ eSensuals Greatest Hits

Las Vegas based nu wave/indie pop/neo noir pro noisemakers Fans of Jimmy Century drop 12 track sonic odyssey, “eSensuals”, featuring acoustic rendition of their stand out hit, “Ghosts of Paradise”. Vocalist/Songwriter Alicia Perrone and Producer/Songwriter Victor James, aka Fans of Jimmy Century, began 2018 with an ambitious set of release targets; intended to test themselves, in terms of productivity, songwriting craft and musicianship. What followed is a roller coaster ride of month by month releases, that blended and bent musical style and influence, tasking the duo like never before. An aggressive and personally taxing promotion and networking strategy, supported the releases across social media, local radio and digital platform. Fans of Jimmy Century courting playlist curator, blogger and DJ; the seasoned campaigners, bringing the hustle to a new level of intensity. With the ever-necessary paying work in voice over, beat creation and video, also continuing on a day to day basis, Alicia and Victor had to walk the tightrope of burn out, stumbling on more than one occasion. In this regard, “eSensuals” is not only an astonishing and strikingly accomplished collection of musical style, idea and influence, it is testament to the dedication, passion and sacrifice required of the modern artist; working in a recovering, but nevertheless unforgiving market, that asks much of independent practitioners and gives little in return. Each track possessing it’s own distinct musical personality, each with it’s own unique value and intrigue; from the swaggering, theatrical and demented singalong, “All My Friends are Ice Queens”, to the hard-driving, mustang drag race, sonic rocket and attitude orgasm, “Best of My Generation (Johnny Rotten)” and pop rock, night at the opera and anthem on mars, “Ghosts of Paradise”; “eSensuals” draws its influences from the likes of Prince, Queen, Bowie and beyond, twisting and reworking each and re-imagining them as a sprawling, eclectic carnival of sound, melody, beat and harmony. Great bands not only create great music, they create their own worlds. Welcome to the singular, extraordinary, stand out and stand apart world of Fans of Jimmy Century.

Follow the day to day lunacy of Alicia and Victor via FOJCTV! - Brash Blog


As far as I can recall, Marin has never had a hometown band quite like Fans of Jimmy Century. In a county famous for hippie-era rock groups, a self-described "alterna-dance 'n' indie disco band with a thing for black velvet paintings and beat poetry" tends to stand out. Especially if it's based in Dillon Beach, a seaside enclave in West Marin that's so remote it has a 707 area code.

Guitarist Victor James and singer Alicia Perrone, founders of Fans of Jimmy Century, were still getting settled in their West Marin neighborhood when they broke nationally in 2008-'09 with "Hot Sahara," a Grammy-nominated dance single that gained instant notoriety when it was used as the throbbing background track for a steamy sex scene on the "The L Word," a Showtime TV series about lesbian, bisexual and transgender denizens of trendy West Hollywood.

Dillon Beach, population 317, a rural community of mostly retired folks, is a far cry from the demimonde of West Hollywood.

"When we first moved here, I'm sure the neighbors thought we were quite odd. I have bright red hair, and Victor has a soul patch and dark hair combed over one side of his face. When we walked around, they were all looking at us. But it's a great community, and now we know all our neighbors and love them," said Perrone, who escaped a crime-ridden neighborhood in Oakland with James 2¶ years ago and settled into an octagonal Dillon Beach house overlooking the ocean that they'd found on Craigslist.

a small town out here, and I'd heard rumors from the manager of the general store that a musician couple had moved in," said Mark Griskey, a video game music composer who moved to Dillon Beach from Novato in 2004.

The newcomers ended up working with Griskey on the orchestral music for a new "Star Wars" video game. And they invited him to see them perform with other Marin bands in a benefit show at Hamilton Field in Novato.

"After the local bands played, Victor and Alicia came out and did their thing and all of a sudden it was like, 'Wow, this isn't normal,'" Griskey recalled with a laugh. "The locals were thrown this out of the blue, but they really seemed to enjoy it. The audience was very positive."

Traditionally, Marin bands have been anti-show business, modeling themselves on the insouciance of the Grateful Dead. Fans of Jimmy Century are the absolute opposite of that.

With Allen Bellamy Chiu playing drums and handling computer programming, James and Perrone perform their electronic dance music in fabulous costumes with choreographed dancers, high-tech sound and lights and special effects. In short - they put on a show.

They're working on a new multistage production they're calling "Tiger
Fans of Jimmy Century s video International
Island," an interactive, three-hour extravaganza that has them surrounded by bongo players, beat poets, steel drummers, cellos, avant-garde dancers, ballerinas, jugglers, magicians and stunt men.

They plan to take the show on the road in the fall and winter, performing in Las Vegas and Atlantic City as well as in clubs in New York and the U.K.

Together for 17 years, James and Perrone, both in their 30s, formed Fans of Jimmy Century after a record deal that went sour led to the demise of their previous band, a modern rock outfit called Simon Stinger.

"No matter how punk we might have been, we always wanted to see people dance," Perrone said. "So it was a natural transition to go into alternative dance music."

Inspired by the band name Frankie Goes to Hollywood, they called their new venture Fans of Jimmy Century "because it felt beatnik-ish and smooth - fingers snapping, bongos playing, tight black turtlenecks and Audrey Hepburn dancing around in funny face," Perrone explained.

Their new concept seems perfectly tailored to today's rapidly changing music industry, with its niche markets and new ways to make money and attract fans via the Internet, music videos, relentless touring, partnering with name brands and getting songs placed on popular TV shows.

In addition to "The L Word," the band has had songs on "Ugly Betty," "Samantha Who?," "Community" and "The Hills," among other shows.

Along with the single "Hot Sahara," their album, "Twist of the Banshees," was nominated for a Grammy in the electronic dance category last year. In June, they shot a video for their next single, "International," to premiere at gigs Sept. 18 and 19.

They may be new to the Marin zeitgiest, but their relative anonymity is not likely to last long.

"All we ever knew about Marin was either Jerry Garcia or Sammy Hagar - a classic rock scene," Perrone remarked. "But now we're wanting to create a new music community in the North Bay. It's exciting that the air is changing, and it's nice to be part of a movement. It's surreal out here, but we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. And we aren't going anywhere." - MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL


“Fans of Jimmy Century bandmates Alicia Perrone & Victor James helped steam up The L Word this season when their track "Hot Sahara" was used as the sexy soundtrack to Shane's little dance of love in the VIP room with Dawn and Cindi at SheBar. In fact, the scene was so sexy that the FoJC MySpace page was temporarily shutdown due to concerns about the racy content of the now classic "Hot Sahara" scene. Alicia and Victor's music is a logical fit for The L Word since their style is often likened to another memorable L Word artist - Goldfrapp. FoJC are on fire this year as their music has been featured in several TV series, has been heating up the dance charts, and has also won awards. You can be sure to look forward to big things from this duo next year. In the meantime, check out their store for more hot downloads and if you're near L.A. you can catch them this weekend at Derby. Since we personally heard them on The L Word in episode 5.04 their music has been burning up my iPod and now you can have it too. As a special thank you to The L Word fans, the electronica duo Fans of Jimmy Century has provided us with a free download of their track "Delicate Fever." Check out the featured bands page for more info on FoJC and check out the music page to view the clip of the scene their music was heard in.” -


(Charity Fashion Show) started off with Fans of Jimmy Century taking the stage, and let me tell you one thing– this girl can work a runway like no one’s business. …there in no denying that the vocalist Alicia Perrone has an incredible set of pipes on her! The rest of the band was great also! (June 2010) - THE BAY AREA FASHIONISTA


Stanford’s Charity Fashion Show began with an amazing performance by band Fans of Jimmy Century. They rocked the runway with their strong vocals, instrumental prowess and powerful onstage presence. The lead singer Alicia Perrone had a punk elegance and worked the runway beautifully. Alicia said “Since we were playing such a spectacular fashion event, I thought I would be well-suited to appear as “the fashion risk” of the evening.” (June 2010) - SF EXAMINER / FASHIONABLE FUN BLOG by Michele Gates


Dance trio Fans of Jimmy Century opened the Charity Fashion Show, rocking an energetic mini-concert, and set the mood on fire for the rest of the evening. (June 2010) - HELIUM MAGAZINE

"OAKLAND TRIBUNE interview by Angela Woodall"

Oakland group Fans of Jimmy Century have adapted like fish in water to the brave new recording world. Who needs the big record labels? Musicians are taking things into their hands with a computer, keyboard and the Internet. Publicity is being handled by MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and a plethora of social networking sites.

Fans of Jimmy Century's Internet-savvy strategy combined with the enthusiasm from staunch supporters has spurred the popularity of their mood-setting techno numbers that are in demand from TV shows like "Ugly Betty," "Samantha Who?" and "The Hills." Their iTunes sales of the single "Hot Sahara," a steamy dance number, went through the roof after the song was used to heat up a sizzling love scene in the cable drama, "The L Word." It became known among fans as the "Hot Sahara Scene." To top it off, the song was nominated for a Grammy and their first full-length CD, "Twist of the Banshees," was also nominated for best electronic/dance album.

"We still can't quite believe it," said singer Alicia Perrone, who together with Victor James, Allen Chiu and Monica Smith make up Fans of Jimmy Century.

The songs are stylized numbers that evoke images of models sauntering down a catwalk. Indeed, the group's onstage persona matches that image and some of the tracks were used as background music during the San Francisco Fashion Week.

Fans of Jimmy Century is slicker than Deee-Lite
("Groove is in the Heart") and more playful than the Eurythmics. But their onstage persona is cut from the same cloth.

James and Perrone — the core of Fans of Jimmy Century — named their recording label Ann Margrock, the Flintstones character based on Ann-Margaret, who Perrone resembles on stage with pouty lips, sultry outfits and a fountain of fiery red hair. With dark eyes and hair and a goatee trimmed to a triangle below his lip, James creates a moody, modish guitar man in the spirit of the Eurythmics.

Offstage, the two divide much of their time between their in-home recording studio and meditation room with a shrine of Ganesh, who is identified among Hindu deities by his elephant head and revered as the remover of obstacles.

The group flirted with making it big back when they were part of Simon Stinger, a sort of punk-pop band Perrone and James left in 2006 to make the transition to dance music. That is when Fans of Jimmy Century was born. Perrone and James already had long track records in the music scene, particularly James who started touring when he was 14. The duo picked the self-referencing moniker because they wanted a boy name with echoes of the 1980s English pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

"The dance scene welcomed us with open arms," Perrone said. They promptly won the Independent Music People's Choice Award for best electronic/dance track at the Winter Music Conference 2007 in Miami. DJ Ron Slomowicz, a writer for, named the duo "Newest Musical Trend to Watch" and listed them as one of the projects he was most excited about in 2008.

They play live in clubs several times monthly to "keep our hand in," as Perrone put it. A big label is reportedly interested. In the meantime, they are trying to channel the sudden success into activism. "We want to be more political, play for a cause," Perrone said. "Dance music is so conducive to that. Music is our lives. We're just at that point to use it for the global good. To do it any other way would be empty." - Oakland Tribune

"Nick Feldman Review (Wang Chung)"

I like “Lola Like This.” Being an 80’s guy who is very active now, I can get into the 80’s flavours that this delivers coupled with its contemporary spin. I like its decadent undertones and its electronic funky pop feel! – Nick Feldman of Wang Chung – Nick Feldman Review (2010) - Nick Feldman Review


West Coasty and fun, and they really seem to know what they’re doing on a professional level, which I appreciate. Bonus points: one of the members is a direct descendant of Jesse James. (2009) - Jango


Dance Top 40 Radio Chart features Fans of Jimmy Century’s “Hot Sahara” at #31 and climbing. Top 40 Dance Radio Chart (2009) - Top 40 Radio Chart

"WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE 2009 DJ Ron's Wrap-up and Awards for ABOUT.COM"

Between the International Dance Music Awards and the Club World Awards, there simply weren't enough awards given out for dance music in the month of March in Miami - so, I figured the best way to do a wrapup of the insane week was to do my own.

Best New Musical trend:
Tech/electro is still majorly huge - but I forecast a new movement of dance rock. By this, I don't mean rock bands doing dance music, I mean electronic artists going in a rock direction. Keep your eyes out for Speakerbox and Fans of Jimmy Century.

The honorary "Barbara Tucker" hardest working diva award:
Ultra Nate - she was everywhere this year. Walking down Collins the first day, I heard her singing "Free" and music from her new CD at a poolside event. The next night, while sporting insanely rocking eyelashes, she DJed the Tommy Boy Sunset Sessions at the Hotel Victor. It takes a lot to open for Bob Sinclar and as the Sugar crew already know, Ultra can bring it. In what can only be described as "drive-by diva," Ultra was talking to fans out of a SUV parked on 15th beween gigs. Not many can pull this off. The next night at 4am, while dancing to Ron Carroll's funky set at the BMC/Slaag party, I look up and its Ultra Nate dancing her ass off. Singer, dancer, DJ - Ultra Nate is a true all-around diva.

The honorary "Roger Sanchez" best dressed award:
David Guetta - it takes a lot of guts to pull off a lemon yellow/lime green terry cloth track jacket..
(Close second) BT - Vibrant colors for a vibrant prodigy. Leana, Erika Jayne - Both are supermodels in their own right.

Hardest working DJ award:
Three way tie for this. Starkillers (Nick Terranova), Fedde Le Grand, and Kaskade were booked at every event and on every flyer. If you are looking for a good booking agent - you know where to go.

Best VIP room:
Paul Van Dyk listening party at Sagamore. Ceviche and mojitos while listening to PVD's forthcoming new CD (not out until August)? Can you imagine anything more heavenly?
(Close second) Promo-Only IDMA Afterparty - the whole commercial American dance music industry in two suites on the 18th floor of hotel - probably the best networking experience of the week.

Best fashion trend:
Artists and DJs rocking gear from new designers and labels - 55DSL, 3J Workshop, Artful Dodger, Onitsuka Tiger, Stashhouse, American Mutt, Custo Barcelona, Mavi..
(Close second) The absence of Von Douche

Worst fashion trend:
Skulls on everything. T-shirts, jackets, jeans - bedazzled or embroidered - the ubilquitous window display in every store on Washington Avenue

Best commercial placement:
Walking down the street "With My Nikes On," the new single by Ron Carroll sounds like it could be their new commercial campaign. A damn catchy song as well.

Beverage of the week:
The dance community is known for partying to excess yet the beverage I saw in just about everybody's hand was VitaminWater. With many colors and flavors, the bottles were very visible throughout the week. Maybe everyone is trying to be healthy after staying out really late? VitaminWater seemed to be the choice for everyone on the walk from home from the club.
(Close second) Red Bull - the original. Don't fall for the cheap knockoffs that some clubs try to hoist on you.

Worst annoyance:
The weather. Random bits of rain threatened several daytime events as did wind gusts. Is it time to take Al Gore and the climate change thing seriously?
(Close second) Overcrowded rooms with Fire Marshalls controlling entry. I guess they would be the 2007 remix of the sound police from two years ago.

For entire article: - ABOUT.COM


DJ Ron's 2009 Year End Charts are in featuring his best of the best from 2009...FOJC made the following chart:

"Projects I Can't Wait For"

Steve Aoki - Pillowface and his Airline Chronicles
Velvet Code - artist album
Supreme Beings of Leisure - artist album
Kristine W - artist album
Fans of Jimmy Century - global domination
Jason Antone - artist album
Sk8 - Amnesty
Second Sun - artist album
The next big thing after tech

read the full story w/ all charts at:
DJ Ron's 2009 Year End Chart Toppers @

and listen to DJ Ron on WRVU 91.1 Nashville. -


Nothing but the truth: A couple of singles are beginning to break big at dance radio. Moby “Disco Lies” (Mute) is at #24 on the Combined Airplay chart this week. We expect big moves from this record, as the song moves up in rotation at The Pulse/NY and Music Choice Dance this week. Another single with lots of great buzz, is the Fans Of Jimmy Century single “Hot Sahara” (Ann-Margrock) which moves #31-#23 this week on the Combined Airplay chart. Lots of early support on this one, with a number of the stations not playing it yet telling us it will be on momentarily."

Check out the chart: - FMQB Radio Industry Charting


Song of the conference 2009:
The days of a song of the conference are behind us. Just as the world of dance music has splintered into a plethora of subgenres, so has the audience. To find one song that united everyone is a fruitless search. Instead, here are songs that I heard numerous times during the week, new and old, which defined the week for me. (This list will grow as I figure out the songs I heard.)

Jamie Lewis - "Be Thankful"
Sydney Blue - "Give It Up for Me"
Anane - "Shake"
Cato K featuring Kelly D - "Feel Better"
Inaya Day - "Say You Will"
Sanchez and the Shockers - "Tonight"
Danny Tenaglia - "The Space Dance"
Josh Wink - "Stay Out All Night"
Eric Prydz - "Pjanoo"
Lady Gaga - "Just Dance"
Louie Vega featuring Julie McKnight - "Diamond Life" (Dirty South Remix)
Pepper Mashay - "Does Your Mama Know (You're a Freak)"
Sander Van Doorn - "Riff"
Joe Claussel - "Spiritual Life"
Alex Gold - "Give It Up"
Dave Dresden - "Hole Wide"
Filo & Peri - "Anthem"
Fans of Jimmy Century - "Hot Sahara"
Chaka Khan - "Disrespectful" (heard different remixes all week)
Joi Cardwell - "People Make the World Go Round"
Bodyrox featuring Luciana - "Planet"
Kristine W - "The Boss"
DJ Rap - "Good to Be Alive" (Remix) -

"ABOUT.COM Twist of the Banshees CD Review"

Are you more of a fan of non-traditional dance, or alternative electronica? If trip-hop is more your genre than hip-hop, if you prefer spikes and mascara over glow sticks, if your style of dancing more closely resembles a tree in the wind rather than a Mexican jumping bean, perhaps you should check out Fans of Jimmy Century. With a musical style that hearkens back to mid-90s Industrial/Trip Hop acts like Sneaker Pimps, and a commercial viability shown by the use of their tracks in shows like the L-Word, Ugly Betty, and Samantha Who, the San Francisco-based group are poised to take on the mainstream.

Their debut offering, Twist of the Banshee, offers a bevy of tracks that explore the creative synergy between the band members. Whether the music takes on a darker and subdued tone, propelling the vocals forward ("Blonde Ambition Red Temptation," "Trip the Light"), or it suffuses itself with drive and percussion like a club room stomper ("Hot Sahara," "The Future Will Blow Your Mind," "The Record That U Play"), the Fans create a pleasing array of audible choices for the discerning listener. "Delicate Fever" offers a bluesy, late-night groove complete with the seductive sound of a lonely saxophone, and on "Shy Violet" the singer manages to command you to listen while effectively scatting the chorus. And speaking of the vocalist, her command of her own voice is surprising, and while listening to the album and preparing for my review, I tried very hard to find a comparison. The closest I can come, and this is a loose comparison, is Siouxsie Sioux, but I'd recommend listening before basing your opinion either way on that.

"Your Crying Game" is an album highlight, although at first I didn't notice it. After repeated listens, the charm of the danceable track was readily apparent.

Summary: As a debut album, I have to say that the Fans of Jimmy Century provide a lot to chew and think about...and I anticipate what further exposure will do for their sound. - by Ben Norman


Fans of Jimmy Century is an electronic/alternative dance band coming to a TV set near you.

Their songs have already appeared on the shows Samantha Who and Ugly Betty, but it’s that unforgettable scene on Showtime’s The L Word that really caused a buzz for the San Francisco-based duo of Alicia Peron and Victor James.

“There are a lot of dance club scenes on The L Word and even more steamy sex scenes, which is what we had the pleasure of being placed of The L Word have now dubbed the scene the "Hot Sahara Scene," Peron says.

“They played the whole song during a threesome. It exploded on the Internet and our iTunes sales went nuts. Radio stations started wanting to play the song,” James says.

Listen for more of them on your favorite TV shows and a growing fan base online for the eclectic two-some, whose rock/new wave look got attention at the recent Winter Music Conference in Miami. With Peron’s fiery orange hair and James’ black goth attire, these two might have fit in better at a Motley Crue concert than dance music’s premiere gathering, but at WMC last year in 2007 their (left of center) sound was identified by journalist DJ Ron Slomowicz as the Newest Musical Trend to Watch. -



Coming in at #10:
Hot Sahara by Fans of Jimmy Century / Ann-Margrock Records
Imagine the edgy/alt sound of Garbage but with a stronger, more powerful voice and you got the idea of the sound of Fans of Jimmy Century. Although best known for a racy placement during The L Word, the club remixes by Eric Kupper and Lenny B had us dancing all year long.

For complete chart & story: -

"Electronic duo Fans of Jimmy Century wins the 2007 INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS PEOPLE's CHOICE"

SF-based electronic/dance duo Fans of Jimmy Century wins the People's Choice portion of the 2007 Independent Music Awards in the electronic/dance category.


San Francisco, CA – March 5, 2007 – After submitting through Sonicbids to the Independent Music Awards, SF-based electronic/alternative dance duo Fans of Jimmy Century was named one of five finalists in the electronic/dance category of the 2007 Independent Music Awards. They went on to win the people's choice version of the award known as the Vox Populi award receiving the most votes from the general public for their song Cat and Mouse.

Both IMA Winners and Finalists are featured in an 8-page spread of the 2007 edition of the best-selling industry resource, The Musician's Atlas. Winners and Finalists will also have a track and their contact information included on the IMA jukebox and will be promoted to press, industry and music fans, including more than 10 million music fans and industry.

"Through Sonicbids we have been able to create a terrific relationship with the directors of the Independent Music Awards very early on in our career. We're very fortunate to be receiving this kind of exposure from such a powerful and credible organization. Being named a finalist for the official IMA and winning the people's choice Vox Populi award has already lifted us to a much higher level in a very short amount of time. Aligning ourselves with both the Independent Music Awards and Sonicbids has increased our buzz and fanbase tremendously."


About Fans of Jimmy Century:
San Francisco's electronic/alternative dance duo, Fans of Jimmy Century, release groovy, tasty tracks delivered with ease and sex appeal, bringing to mind Goldfrapp, Dee-Lite, Persephone's Bees, Oakenfold and Taxi Doll. however, their own undeniable & distinctive flare is charming and apparent. The building security guard downstairs said we were the female electronic equivalent of the Dandy Warhols or The Killers...somewhat. Smooth beats & melodies come to life with a thick fringe of euro smash & noir cinematic soundtrack. Rats, sounded a bit syrupy, didn't it? How 'bout simply "the grooves are swell. the voice & the grooves rendezvous well." There. We've written our own review and it rhymes. The duo of vocalist/composer Alicia Peron and bassist/guitarist/programmer Victor James bring with them much experience with modern music having played the bay area club scene in several popular San Francisco bands. Feeling a natural pull toward the electronic/dance genre, Fans of Jimmy Century was born. Watch for some very visual live performances in 2007. Thank you to Rock City News in L.A. for nominating FOJC for an LA Rockies award in the electronic category. And a special thanks to the wonders of the Independent Music Awards who named us a finalist in the electronic/dance genre, where we went on to win the people's choice, known as the Vox Populi Award. FOJC's full-length CD will be released late March 2007.

Media Contact:
Tim Spin
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Still working on that hot first release.



Originally from Oakland CA, Las Vegas-based Fans of Jimmy Century is an original modwave, neo noir live electronic duo led by vocalist/songwriter/voice actor Alicia Perrone and bassist/songwriter/producer/video director Victor James.  The “eSensuals” 12-song album came alive Oct 2018 featuring singles released in 2018 plus 3 unreleased bonus tracks.  The upcoming 70s-inspired exotica funkwave EP will be released Spring 2019 and features the Wham/Teddy Pendergrass mash-up single “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”

FOJC is inspired by both genre-bending and creating alter egos to match their songs' vibes and comedy music videos, releasing an eclectic and strange range of singles in 2018 & 2017, most evident in “Buddha and Johnny Make An Action Movie,” aka the 70s-inspired Prank music video spoofing buddy films for FOJC’s rockrap electropunk iTunes-charting single “Best of My Generation (Johnny Rotten).” This left-of-field genre bounce was a far cry from the previous single, the wickedly kitsch & vampy villainous swing, Tim Burton-esque “All My Friends Are Ice Queens,” and really showed off their range.

They remained indie until 2013 when they signed to a 2-single deal with Bungalo/Universal Music Group. Their debut song for the label “Va Va Voom to the Moon,” received consistent airplay on Vegas’ commercial station Mix 94.1. They left the deal and continued to self-release in 2015. 

Soon after their song, “Delicate Fever,” was featured in the Warner Bros. film “Get Hard" with Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell.  Additional Sync placements include Ray Donovan, Gossip Girl, Forever 21, Finding Nemo 3D, E News Live, Hall Pass, Bad Teacher, Law and Order: SVU, Betsey Johnson XO, Melrose Place, Housewives of NYC and more. “Hot Sahara,” their most popular sync song to date was best known for its prime time feature on Showtime’s The L Word during the infamous threesome scene, aka the Hot Sahara scene.

In addition to their own releases, Fans of Jimmy Century is collaborating with producer Chris Moon (best known for discovering Prince) on a special project launching in late 2019. 

FOJC also produces a popular residency show mini-festival style at The Copa Room on the Las Vegas strip southside called "Fatale Originale,” which returns mid-2019.

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