Introducing the get up to get down sounds of todays latest heartthrobs FANTASIE.Armed with lipstick and dirty hooks,they want to turn you on!


Meet the darling new centerfolds of today's haute underground... FANTASIE.
This supertroupe of all stars from sordid musical pasts started with a head on collision, sending these glam dolls with glitter coats straight to the stage and ready to explode!
Arena rock riffs and platinum boots combine with fuzzed out, rave ups for guranteed sweat appeal and heavy breathing freakouts.This quartet is notorious for candy coated good looks, hypnotic thrusts and zany antics on the street and stage.
Crime Scene Magazine states this band as being ".. a T-Rex tonic with a lemon zest of New York Dolls..." Looky Looky Magazine says"...Flim Flam Glam....sounds like a star spangled trainwreck on angeldust..."

The stars of the FANTASIE show are :
Viv De Lay - Walking magazine with an appetite for expensive guitars and the silver screen.
Cash Hardcastle- Pouty pin-up with her eye on Dracula and her hips on go go.
Johnny Blasto- Yakuza son, dirty, dangerous and devilishly handsome
Arrow Nero- Primitave playboy most comfortable in the raw


Fantasie-Fantasie (ep)
Fantasie-Heavy Electric (current ep)

Set List

Scorpio Jaguar
Cocksucker 72
Sequencia De La Orgy
The Put On
Prisstina Charade
Dirty Jeans
Trendy Habit