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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Gothic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Fantasizer is out of this dimension!!!!"

by ski grl
Play this album and you feel as though you've entered another dimension, which makes Fantasizer a perfectly fitting name. You need to give this album a listen! This album is totally different than what is being put out on the radio and that's a good thing! A total new breath of fresh air! It's the type of music that gets you pumped up, but at the same time it speaks to you. Not only is the production wonderful, the lead singer's voice is totally unique and has so much range, it's beautiful and at times animated. I also love that the lyrics are actually saying something they're introspective and insightful. Definitely purchase! You won't regret it! - itunes

"4 Star Review"
by Joey Esquivel
I didn’t know what to expect with Fantasizer‘s debut album, Romance with the Darkness. They describe themselves as electro-metal alternative, but i would say they’re more gothic alternative. While it is a short album, coming in a thirty minutes with ten tracks, it does keep an excellent flow throughout.
Their sound reminded me of bands like Kidney Thieves or Lacuna Coil, but I have always loved female led rock bands. They open strong with “Forecast Evil”, a great song to drive fast to. The song makes me think about how Los Angeles will “suck you dry”. ”Depression Skin” follows, and keeps the flow going well.
The next few tracks slow down a little, as if to give you a slight break, while retaining their sound. Cut in particular almost sounds like another band; they seem very versatile within their genre. Chains is one of two instrumental songs which seem like segue’s between tracks, much like Korn used to do on their albums.
My only complaint about the album is the cover song of “The Stroke” by Billy Squier at the end which feels out of place with the other original music. When done well a cover can be amazing, but this one feels unnecessary. Maybe it’s the slow tempo they give it, but I did not like it. However, one track does not a bad alum make.
Overall Fantasizer’s debut album is fantastic. Any fan of alternative music, and hard rock women, would be sorry to pass it over. - Gravy & Biscuits


Romance With the Darkness (2010)



Fantasizer is an electro-industrial alt rock hybrid out of Los Angeles, co-founded by Daramulin Shrine (lyrics/melodies/vox) and Chorbus (drums/programming/producing).

Heavy, sexy, aggressive and intense with gothic undertones and a trip hop groove, Fantasizer is dark, vicious and delicious. With thundering drums, dramatic vocals and ferocious guitars, it stands apart as unique, bold and out of the box.

A life long musician and graduate of the University of North Texas, Chorbus came up through the ranks of the Dallas underground scene, playing drums in popular bands Caulk, Loveswing, and Q and the Black Martin. Upon moving to LA, his interest turned more towards producing and programming. He began composing catalogs of tribal, atmospheric beats that became the basis for the Fantasizer sound.

Powerhouse front-woman Daramulin Shrine utilizes her theatre background to slip seamlessly into character, creating striking emotions from evil to ethereal. As a performance artist, Shrine cut her teeth on NYC's stages before relocating to the West Coast and becoming the singer in Horror Punk band Professor Mojo. While hosting an internet radio show (The World Between), she became hypnotized by Chorbus' beats and began to churn out lyrics and vocals.

Together the two formed Fantasizer. "Romance with the Darkness", their debut release, is the culmination of three years of intensity, passion and undeniable chemistry.