Fantastapotamus is tough funk mashed with genuine melodic sensibility, genre-slipping through grooves, hard rock, blues and jazz; three versatile musicians who play catchy hooks and long, sweaty jams with equal ease.


Fantastapotamus is friendship and the pure love of music. The band came into existence in a high school band room, where we jammed away every lunch hour for two years. Not content to keep their meetings limited to these outings, Fantasta grew into their living rooms, each of us bringing songs and ideas back to the band.

Fantastapotamus grew under the radar this way for six years, as a creative outlet, as a method of musical self-improvement, and as a connection between close friends. Though college separated us, we kept coming back to Fantasta every break, joyously alarmed at how the music kept growing.

Each of us is an aspiring professional musician in our own right. Every fresh meeting with Fantasta brings new musical virtuosity, new ideas, and new songs. We've grown in an insulated bubble, incubated by our own growing talents and by our pure sonic desires and influences. The music has taken an odd path between MMW, The Meters, A Super Nintendo video game soundtrack, Galactic, and Soulive.

We love our idols to death, but we also follow our musical heart. Fantastapotamus is a more-than half-decade friendship between friends, a completely unique musical adventure that will inevitably work its way into the world around.

Summer of 2005 marked the beginning of heavy gigging. Picking up shows in the Pacific Northwest, with Portland as a home base, Fantastapotamus wants to make up lost time by playing as much as possible to the fans that we know are waiting for that perfect, catchy, funky statement that we have been preparing for six years.


Fantastapotamus - Scrumptruessence [2003]
Fantastapotamus - Double Happiness [2004]
Fantastapotamus - Live at the Goodfoot [2005]

Sam Krulewitch takes many of the tracks from Double Happiness and gets them played often at Oberlin College. Ian does the same at University of Oregon. Fantastapotamus is preparing to record a definitive LP in the coming year. Some of the tracks are on circulation on

Set List

Fantastapotamus, having played together for six years, can have any length of set list prepared for any situation: a tight, tweener set of 30 minutes, shooting between all the hooks, all the way to an extended set of three hours, incorporating jams with extended compositions.

Completed songs in the repertoire include:
The Send Off
Return to Health
Nuts 'n Bolts
Quality Defect
Eye Contact
Contents of Sauce Packet
Green Rocket
Opus De
Dead Rain
Straight Up