An Unidentified Musical Object. A true showman, a spirit haunted by an incredibly extravagant creativity, bringing together the most divers crowds over the course of his performance-like concerts.


Born in 1972, in the saddest area of Paris, between Nation and the périférique.

1982 – Death of the Argentinean Mother.

1983 – Again in Argentina, gets kicked out of school for insulting the national flag.

1984 – Travels to Colombia. Trips in the jungle reading L’Arrache-Cœur by Boris Vian. Trips in Santa Marta marked by violent smells and by unreal atmospheres full of fruit juices and hard sun.

1986 – Punk era. In it. Student protests and the beginning of street concerts. 1989 – Experiences with the streets of theatre.

1992 – A year in China.
Comes back in a state of commotion. Stops buying records, urgent urges in researches for primitive sounds.

1994 – Goes off on a project with the Mano Negra and Royal de Luxe in Colombia, becomes deeply disillusioned by the alternative, protesty, underground scene, observing that there’s not much more solidarity than on the opposite side.

The Début of the implacable, implicated at 100% and ready to play absolutely anywhere.

The Chevauchée Fantaztic kicks off
1994 until 2000 - endless improvised solo grooves all over Europe : Berlin - Wild and spontaneous outbursts in Prenzlauerberg & Mitte in art galleries, bars and at the Berliner Ensemble... Then off to England, Spain, Switzerland. But escapes further to Japan & South America...

In 1993, realises that one can be deeply happy and violently sad at the same mother fuckin’ time.

1998 – Realises that a concert has to have a reason, a meaning to be. Funeral music for example has a purpose, a social reason... If there’s no real reason to play, then there’s no point in playing music in front of people. Discovering new purposes behind the established codes - is a meaning in itself. Music is a tool for something to happen. If music is just a race for success, the race is vain. Music is as precious and archaic as cooking.

In 2000, realises that in today’s society, to aim to play for an expected audience or professional network is suicidal.

2000 until 2010 – Melodic and textual constructions in 5 languages, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Chinese... Magical encounters with Parisian musicians : Hip-Hop crooners, Punk Rock’n’Rollers, Jazzmen... Sets up workshops with children, adults, teenagers, all with Autistic troubles. Does a lot of Surrealist Cabarets in Paris.

An average of I50 to 200 concerts played per year.

In 2003 – “Balck Betty” a project mixing Ol’ Timey with Hip Hop becomes an album.

2004 – First recording with The Gang after 10 years of deliberate vanished sounds, just to leave a trace : “The Sweet Litlle Mother Fuckin’Show”. Completely auto-produced and distributed by a coop. It did well, there’s none left.

2006 – A little musical tour in the Balkans.2007 – Other tours in other odd places like Algeria, Norway, Venice, but obviously France & Belgium. Starts to push on official venues to be able to federate those magical encounters met during those last 15 years, including graphic artists, painters, graffiti artists, actors, screen-printers, all sorts.
Odd tour in Germany, Croatia...

2009 – Records his 2nd album with The Gang and other oddities like René Lacaille. “5000 ans de danse de grands pas chasses” (5 000 years of raw dance a large sashay steps).

2010 – 2011
New production with René Lacaille & family. Release of the 2nd album ” “5000 ans de danse de grands pas chasses”. Concert at The Cabaret Sauvage (Paris).
Invited to the “International Improvisation Festival” at the Bouffes du Nord. (Paris). Improvisation workshops at the Royaumont Foundation.
New production with the Quatuor Bela / Moriba Koita/Fantazio for the Scène Nationale de Chateauroux.

Setup of Fantaztic Records label to record improvised projects on vynil:
Akosh. /Charolles/ Fantazio
Katherina Ex / Fantazio

One year residency at the Cité Internationale de Paris (cabarets, workshops, concerts).


2010: Double LP « Lost and found sounds » Fantazio, Akosh.S et Denis Charolles (Fantaztic Records / La Triperie)
2009: CD et LP "5000 ans de danse crue et de grands pas chasse´s" Fantazio Gang (La Triperie / Pias)
2007: CD et LP « The Sweet Little Mother Fucking Show » Fantazio Gang (La Triperie / Pias)
2003: CD « Black Betty, Live a` Rennes » Fantazio, Dgiz, Stephen Harrison, Cyrille Andrieu (Les Ateliers du Vent)

Set List

- Sound desk 32 channels
8 aux wich 6 pré-fader (monitor channel) and 2 post-fader (for effects)

- 1 Multi effect TC Electronic M.One ou M2000 wired on 2 channels mono
- 1 Reverb Lexicon type
- 1 Préamp / lamp compressor Avalon type 737 wired on channel 18
- 6 cmpression channels (BSS, Drawner, DBX)
- 2 compression channel wired in insert on stéréo out
- 2 gate channels
- 1 Equalizer 2x31 wired on 12 and 16 channels
- 1 CD player

C.U Monitor :
- 1 Equalizer graph stereo 2x31 (KLARK, BSS, EMO…) front.
- 3 Equalizer graph stereo 2x31 (KLARK, BSS, EMO…) stage speaker.

front speaker :
- Active speaker D&B ,L.Accoustic, Adamson, JBL, Meyer Sound. Nexo, Apg, Amadeus….

stage speaker :
- 6 Wedges (D&B Max 15,MTD 112 L.Accoustic, UM Meyer Sound, PS 15 Nexo, DS 15 Apg…) 6 independent, equalized in 31 strips third octave and wired in insert

Mike :
- see patch (in PDF Rider)
- 6 little stands with boom et 8 big stands with boom.