Fantom Frequency’s members are the reigning ambassadors of Hudson Valley/New York City crossover hard-emo and one of the most polished units around. FFQ presents absolutely something for everyone. synth-rock-dance-punk-drum’n’bass throwdown.


"It won't be easy to ignore the riffs and beats coming from Fantom Frequency, A band that incorporates punk, dance, pop and rock all in one dynamic sound. Ultimately, what has gotten them noticed has been performances that allowed for their bold, high energy style.
Their intense performances target a young audience and anyone interested interested in an unconventional modern sound.
Steevin Hamilton leads the band as the energetic and passionate singer/performer. His voice gives shape to this hard punk trio which also consists of Josef Pelletier who adds vocals along with synthesizer and bass and Johnny Watson on drums. These young hopefuls seem to have the chemistry that is essential for a band on the rise"

the Aquarian weekly 3/8/06

Fantom Frequency has performed with bands such as Aiden,Alexisonfire, Alien Ant Farm, Jupiter Sunrise.....
Fantom Frequency performs regularly in New York City and the Hudson Valley in clubs such as:

The Continental
Arlene's Grocery
The Bitter End
Otto's Shrunken Head
Trash Bar
The Pussycat Lounge
The Chance Theater
LIT Lounge
Club Crannell
The Loft
The Forum
Numerous outdoor festivals


All Your Love

Written By: SteevinHamilton

You could not feel the same way not ever again
I would not be the same things all over again
I'm never wrong I don't need a reason I only hurt myself
you suck blood from the heart of the season but you might as well
I want to tell you something I can't tell myself
you are the fakest thing, I wish you were somebody else
All your love has gone away.


Written By: SteevinHamilton

in Pennsylvania lying on the ground like creaking leather flesh makes a sound.
I saw your ship come floating in, my bones are weary come break the skin.
we all die alone.
in Pennsylvania up in the sky you got my letter i'm scared to try.
I know it never was worth your skin. I hold these false hopes close to make amends.
we all die alone.
We're rushing in, we're fading out like signals on the radio, singing to what we've been sold.


Written By: SteevinHamilton

falling through the stars, collapsing at my feet again, another comet shaped like a heart in a couple pieces.. leaves me feeling broken up, I'm choking up, I'm wishful.
I wish i had the nerve to give you back what you deserve. to be that stable all the time. Well just consider this you bitch you look at me like you wish I could pull the trigger.
and you should never be afraid of your divinity
but youv'e mistaken me
wishing you were dead cause i need someone to miss in my head
i need someone all night
tonite you are the blade and i'm holding on to you. I'm unplugging all the monsters that we ever knew. crying throats get cut, they scream in red and blue. flesh will turn to static as i will turn to you.


Fantom Frequency is currently in preproduction for their debut LP,"This I swear, one day you'll care".

Both Fantom Frequency EPs are available at all of our shows.

Set List

all original material, approx. one hour.