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Faracnophobia "Face Your Fear"



I began making music about 12 or 13 years ago with a 10 piece, live instrumentation hip hop group out of Tacoma WA, known as the Biznautics. We featured four emcees, drums, bass, guitar, keys, percussion and a DJ. And we were all best friends. I beatboxed and played percussion. I was known as the Faracattack. My last name's Faraca so it just made sense. The "attack" was added to the name by my cousin Danny Cline who was an emcee in the band. He was known as the D-Child. He was the reason I got into the band (and hip hop for that matter), and subsequently the reason I quit. He was the only one who could really get to me. I spent all but the last four years with that group. We recorded six albums in about 8 years, and professionally released three. From about 2001 to 2003 we worked off and on with Sir Mixalot's manager Ricardo Fraser. During that time he booked shows for us, twice at the EMP Sky Church in Seattle WA. The first time we opened for E-Dawg and Sir Mixalot, and the second time we headlined. Our relationship with Ricardo diminished when he realized that working with 10 kids with huge egos wasn't fun anymore. My personality by itself is very abrasive and sometimes scary so I can imagine how Ricardo felt. Because of my interesting personality I introduced the name Faracnophobia (side note: this name came way before the Daily Show said Baracknophobia as a joke, they stole that). This would later become the name of my debut album as a solo artist. The Biznautics continued for a couple more years and then split apart. I have kept the name Biznautics for a production name and because people up in the SeaTac area know it so well.

A year after we split up I bought an MPC2000XL, a computer and ProTools. I put together my studio and became a solo artist. I always wanted to rap but never had the lyrical ability so I got together with two emcees, and the DJ from the Biznautics. Eric Quinn aka Direct (emcee), Colin Nelson aka Moffrogangusshabazz! (emcee), and DJ Mikey Ogas. The deal was I would write, arrange, and produce all the music, write the hooks and choruses, and perform them. Direct and Moff would write the verses for me, and Mikey would mix the album. It turned out to be one big collaboration, and very creative. We also got together with DJ Zach Hendrix, who has worked extensively with Del the Funky Homosapien. He would add cuts on one song called "Dean Martin." This project is known as Faracnophobia, "Face Your Fear." I sat down with Moff and Direct and we decided to make a gangster rap album. We love gangster rap and wanted to pay homage. The lyrics are crude, abrasive, and straight forward. Although they are comical at times. I have recorded well over an albums worth and I'm having trouble deciding on which songs are album worthy. I was going to release the album a year and a half ago, but I was diagnosed with cancer (Lymphoma) and had to be out of work for a year. I received chemo therapy through the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and am in remission. I have not fully got back on my feet and pressing albums cost money. Something I don't have a lot of. I will release the album before Christmas 2009. Because of the large population of band members in the Biznautics, I was introduced to a number of backgrounds. My main influences are Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, The Beatles, Digital Underground, and Elvis. When I was a kid all I would do is emulate either Michael Jackson or Elvis (just like everyone else). The music I make is rap but when I make a beat I want to put something together that just sounds good, not necessarily hip hop. Just something groovy.

Just recently I put together the biggest and most important event of my life. I put together a benefit show for the American Cancer Society. It was held at Jazzbones in Tacoma WA. and it featured the Biznautics as well as myself. It was our reunion show. The venue held 450 people and it went over maximum capacity. People were just giving the doorman twenties for the cause. We raised over $3000.00 for cancer research. My cousin Danny always wanted to get the band back together. Five years ago he was diagnosed with brain cancer (Glioblastoma). After his second brain surgery in four years, radiation and chemo therapy, he would step on stage with the Biznautics for the final time on March 29, 2009. He delivered a performance that only very special artists can deliver. He passed away August 4, 2009. I hung out with Danny everyday during my fight with cancer because I couldn't work and neither could he. We started calling ourselves the cancer cousins. He is the reason I am who I am today. Before he passed he said to me I have to finish it for him. That is exactly what I'm doing.

What sets me apart from other bands, is I'm not a "rapper," or a singer. I'm an emcee and a performer. I have a perspective on life now, that only those who have been through what I have been through have. I bring that to my music and the stage.