Farafina Kan

Farafina Kan


Traditional African West Percussion infused with jazz,rock, hip-hop, reggae and other contemporary music to create a genre of funk music.


Farafina Kan (literally translated as the sound of Africa) is a professional performing arts company dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the history, integrity and representation of traditional African drumming and dancing through high quality performance and professionalism. Farafina Kan is a family of young artists who have been reared and engaged in the West African Performing Arts for the majority of their lives.

Led by two brothers - Founder and Artistic Director, Mahiri Fadjimba Keita and Managing Director, Diallo Sumbry, along with their other brothers, sisters, cousins and children, Farafina Kan is taking traditional West African drumming and dancing to new heights. Whether performing traditional rhythms, songs and dances; or seamlessly fusing traditional rhythms and songs with contemporary arrangements, Farafina Kan always ROCKS THE HOUSE!

Farafina Kan specializes in a myriad of performance & workshop formats that can include our full ensemble or a select cast. From theatrical concerts, to outdoor festivals, to a series of school performances or residencies for any age, Farafina Kan is the choice for you. Farafina Kan is an all-star talented family of artists who embody the souls of their ancestors and have taken the helm in helping to shape the future of West African music and performance.


Only The Water Separates Us (2005)...Live performance CD

Set List

Farafina Kan plays all original compositions. Our sets are normally between 30 - 45 minutes each (depending on presenter/venue) and we normally do 3 - 5 songs per set. However, we can be very flexible and customize our performances according to the venue and the presenters needs.