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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Toronto, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Pop R&B




"Farah Mitha aka Farahri - Diva Physiotherapist"

What do Physiotherapy and Music have in common? They are the shared passions of Farah Mitha who graduated from Ashbury College in 2002. Farah arrived at Ashbury in Grade 10, somewhat reluctant to leave her old friends in the public school system behind and more than slightly skeptical that Ashbury could make a difference in her life. But her parents were convinced that Farah needed to be pushed harder than the public school system was prepared to go.

Funny how wise parents can be. It didn't take long for Farah to realize just how many more opportunities were readily available at Ashbury. She was thrilled with all the special interest clubs offered, as well as, with the fact that diverse interests are both supported and encouraged at the school.

Farah tried many activities including salsa and ballroom groups. But finally she found that the two Choirs and the World Affairs Clubs she joined were what really satisfied her soul. She discovered her love of the fusion of music and culture.

Farah still recalls how her horizons opened up when she attended an annual World Affairs Conference in Toronto, spending her time exploring and talking about women's rights and tolerating cultural differences. What a highlight to a busy and productive high school career that experience was for Farah.

After leaving Ashbury, Farah proceeded to Queen's University where she completed both an undergraduate and Master's Degree in Physiotherapy. Her parents encouraged her to make certain that she has a 'practical' education that would ensure she could make a living in case music didn't work out.

Today, Farah can be found very happily easing out of her physiotherapy career and further and further into that of a professional musician. Upon moving to Toronto, Farah adjusted her physiotherapy schedule to accomodate her music career. And in a happy accident, she met her manager in her building and they have been busy expanding her music career ever since.

FARAHRI's first published song was Dance the Night Away featuring hip hop superstar Choclair. She is an avid songwriter who prefers to work with producers to create the music for her numbers. In 2009, the video for Dance the Night Away reached in the Top 40 on the Much Music countdown. In February 2010, Farahri was honoured by Anokhi with the 'most promising artist' award. Some of her other musical highlights include performing at Reggae Sumfest 2010 - International Night 2 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, sharing the stage with superstars such as Usher, Shaggy and Chris Brown. Farah describes her music as motivational, inspirational pop. Her latest song is called 'Favorite Day' and the music video will soon be released to Much Music. Her music and videos can be viewed at www.myspace.com/farahri - Ashbury News

"All Stars VIP Pass"

Faze had a chance to sit down and talk to Farahri, a rising singer and inspirational woman who embraces cultural diversity in life, and especially in music. She's bringing a new flavour to the pop scene, a love for many different cultures and languages (she can sing in at least six languages - English, French, Kutchi[indian language], Hindi, Spanish and Patwa - wow!) and has become an unstoppable force. Just about to release her brand new single "Favourite Day," Farahri brings inspiration, motivation and bliss to her music and listeners. She drives herself with her sheer passion and love for music and performing. She also believes that music is much more than a tune.

"For me, there's also a bigger picture. More than just the music, I really believe in using your talents and abilities for the betterment of humanity, and that is really what I live by." Farahri plans big things for this upcoming single and has a few more music videos coming our way. She spoke with experience and confidence in all her accomplishments so far, having the opportunity to perform with huge artists such as Usher. Her message to all the born performers out there, who dream of making it big: "You have to have the passion for it and then, don't let anybody ever tell you that you can't." - Faze Magazine

"Farahri on DAYTIME TORONTO - Rogers"

Farahri was interviewed on Rogers Daytime Toronto! - Daytime Toronto - Rogers

"Farahri on South Asian Focus TV - February 2010"

After winning her prestigious Anokhi Award, Farahri is invited back to South Asian Focus TV to talk about how it feels to be an award winning musician. - South Asian Focus TV - ROGERS

"Farahri on South Asian Focus TV - Sept 2009"

Watch as Farahri is interviewed for the first time on Rogers - South Asian Focus TV. - South Asian Focus TV - ROGERS

"Music with Soule"

...Choclair was hot but Farahri stole the show. Farahri is a brand new artist and I am her brand new fan. She was born and raised in Ottawa but she also has strong Indian heritage. The recently singer incorporated her Indian heritage into her blazing hot new single "Dance the Night Away" featuring Choclair. The track blends English and Hindi lyrics with Pop and Reggae Dancehall beats. Farahri hopes to incorporate multiple cultural inspirations into future tracks such as Pop, Indian Pop, Reggae Dancehall, R&B, Rock and Hip Hop.

"Vocally, I was always amazed by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. From an all around talent perspective, Micheal Jackson was definitely one of the best entertainers of all time and the amount of influence he had on the world was definitely something to look up to. Instrumentally, Slash from Guns and Roses was always able to strike a cord that resonated really nicely in my heart. Another big inspiration was the Indian music scene, with all the Bollywood movies putting out a plethora of new music every year, ranging from 'disco' type dance hits to heart wrenching ballads. There are many aspects to my personality and therefore a wide array of inspirations and as a musician myself, I hope to embody all the characteristics that I have appreciated and looked up to in other musicians around me." Farahri's unique style is reflected in her music as well as her performance.

The live act was amazing. The music began and the lights dimmed. The curtains burst open to reveal the beautiful Indian princess gyrating her hips. She shined like her gold accessories. She wore bold red lipstick so you could see every word sang. Her voice was feminine but steady and connected comfortably with the audience. Farahri's exotic spice complimented Choclair's steady and smooth lyrical style to create a seductive song that is sure to make you feel good and get lost in the music.

Check out Farahri's music video on much music, you tube or her myspace page (myspace.com/farahri). Let's all help this new artist get to the top by emailing ondemand@muchmusic.com and requesting "Dance the Night Away"!
- Jessica Soule - The Brockville Voice

"Canadian artiste Farahri makes Reggae Sumfest debut"

No stranger to the Jamaican music scene, ANOKHI award-winning artiste Farahri finished off 2009 with a vibrant performance at Reggae Fever. This year, Farahri is back once again to perform alongside reggae pop star Fire Lion at this year's annual Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They will make their debut on International Night 2, July 24, performance alongside international superstars, Usher, Shaggy and Beanie Man.

With the feel good vibes fusing Indian, African, Latin and Caribbean flavours with mainstream pop, rock, hip hop and R&B, the Ottawa native brings a mix of fresh sounds and a multicultural embrace to the Canadian and international music scene.

Raised as an Indian-Canadian in an English and French-speaking home by African-born parents, Farahri wants her music to promote diversity and encourage people to truly embrace other cultures - not just tolerate them. Fluent in French, English and Kutchi, Farahri also sings in Swahili, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic and Jamaican Patois.

"I want to create a platform where it's okay to mix cultural influences with accessible music genres, like pop," says Farahri. "I think the world is ready for this now."

Her diversity did not go unnoticed as she won the 2010 Most Promising Artiste Award at the ANOKHI 4th Annual Awards Gala in February.

In addition to her music, Farahri is also heavily involved within her community. She is a donor and volunteer for the Aga Khan Development Centre, an international NGO that conducts relief programmes in historic cities regardless of citizens' faith, origin or gender.

Recently, Farahri renewed her 2010 watch endorsement campaign with AMA Swiss Watch Company. - Jamaica Observer

"An Interview with Charismatic & Charming Singing Sensation - Farahri"

" I have been fortunate that people around me have believed in me, my ideas and what I want to do. There has been a lot of support from within the South Asian community."

Feisty, singer/songwriter Farahri is infiltrating the international music scene with her charismatic charm and innovative music style. Farahri's distinct sound is vibrant and strong, captivating and connecting with her listeners in a variety of different languages. Drawing from a range of genres including Pop, Indian Pop, Reggae, Dancehall, R&B, Rock and Hip Hop, Farahri is the type of icon that everyone wants to know and emulate.

Dance the Night Away, Farahri's blazing hot new single, is a radio-friendly club track that everyone can bounce to. Featuring Choclair, the track blends English and Hindi lyrics with Pop and Reggae Dancehall beats.

On Friday February 5th, 2010, Farahri won the prestigious "Most Promising Artist 2010" award at the 4th annual Anokhi Gala and Awards Show. - South Asian Woman Magazine

"Sexy and Successful - Farahri"

She is a rising star for sure. Ottawa-born and Toronto-based Farahri has already begun wowing Canadian audiences and is sure to win over global audiences as well. Although she sang in various school and community choirs as a young girl. Farahri's first break in the music industry came when her manager introduced her to Canadian rapper Choclair. Together, the two created the hot single "Dance the Night Away" which continues to steam up dance floors. The track, just like Farahri is unique, beautifully blending English and Hindi lyrics with seductive pop and reggae dancehall beats. But it doesn't stop there - the singer also sings in Swahili, Spanish, Arabic and Jamaican Patois. This year, Farahri is concentrating on the release of her first album, Farahri Volume 1, set to come out this year. Just like the motorized masterpiece that her name brilliantly resembles, the singer is also revving up her own brand as the face of AMA Swiss Watch Company. A physiotherapist by trade, she continues to be passionate about fitness and wellness. Although she plans to scale back as her music career takes off, she hopes to incorporate healthcare into her future aspirations. Being multi-talented and multi-layered is what Farahri is all about. Forget the speed limit, Farahri is setting out to break all records.

"She is intelligent and beautiful, sings in many different languages including English, French, Hindi, Spanish, Swahili and Jamaican Patois. Farahri is also very stylish and a good role model for kids. She is a giver and the message she conveys across to her audience is always positive." - Farley Flex, judge on Canadian Idol and music director for Toronto's FLOW 93.5 FM

- see article for Q&A - Anokhi Magazine

"Fire Lion and Farahri for Sumfest"

Popular St. James born reggae singer and Canadian pop star Farahri will again make an appearance at Reggae Sumfest, after embarking on an overdrive dash through several shows on the international music scene, before landing in Jamaica. The duo are scheduled to be part of the expected steaming hot International Night 2, July 24 and will share the stage with pop phenom Usher, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Tarrus Riley, Gramps Morgan and Christopher Martin among others.
Farahri will be making her first appearance at the world acclaimed summer festival, but this is not the first time for Fire Lion who over recent years has been featured on different nights of the annual event, especially Danchall Nights.
The duo performs a mix a of dancehall and pop and has been receiving rave reviews over the last couple of years. Though based overseas, they are equally at home on local stages as are those when working the overseas market.
They have collaborated on several tracks to date and it will be no different Saturday night when the lion and seductive Farahri take the stage at approximately 9pm. It is expected that hits such as 'Favorite Day', 'Hypnotize' and 'Run this City' - which have been remixed - will get the expected huge crowd inside the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre all hyped.
Last December, Fire Lion and Farahri enhanced their career with a scintillating performance at Reggae Fever. This time around, the two are promising even more.

"I am definitely prepared and feel honoured to be on the International Night 2 with Fire Lion along with other famous acts like Usher, Shaggy and Beanie Man," expressed Farahri, who recently collected an award for being the most promising artiste at the Anokhi Award show in Toronto, Canada.
Completing their performance at Sumfest, both artistes will head back to Canada to continue the next half of their tour in Montreal, Colbourg, Woodstock and Toronto amongst others and will shoot videos for their releases.
Next up for the duo is a stint at the upcoming 2010 Caribana Festival in Toronto. - The Western Mirror

"Winter Entertainment Scene With Simone Grewal - Music Scene - Farahri - Are you Ready to Rock"

Dance the Night Away with Farahri. Described as a feisty singer/songwriter and performer, she is hitting the scene with her hot new single Dance the Night Away featuring Choclair. The track blends English and Hindi lyrics with Pop and Reggae Dancehall beats. Farahri started singing at the age of 5 in a religious choir group while growing up in Ottawa. Farahri's sound is distinct, vibrant and strong with a touch of class and attitude that compliments her personality. Her musical influences include Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Bob Marley, Beyonce Knowles, Guns n Roses, Alicia Keys, Micheal Jackson and Janet Jackson. She's set to race up the charts faster than a Ferrari and in one act to keep your eye out for! Check out her tracks on RJ1200 AM and at www.myspace.com/farahri or farahri.com - South Asian Woman Magazine

"Canadian singer to perform in Jamaica today - Shatters musical and cultural boundaries with her debut single "Dance the Night Away""

Fusing Indian, African, Latin and Caribbean flavours with mainstream pop, rock, hip hop and R&B. Ottawa native Farahri brings a rare mix of fresh sound and a multicultural embrace to the Canadian music scene. On November 7, Farahri performed with Choclair in Brockville, Ontario. Soon after, on November 13, she performed alongside Choclair and Karl Wolf in Woodstock, Ontario. Now Farahri will be performing live here in Jamaica (Montego Bay).

Farahri's debut single, Dance the Night Away, is a feel-good dance track featuring Canadian rapper Choclair. With pop melodies, a Hindi interlude and a remix track with a reggae-dancehall beat, both tracks are fusions of diverse genres, languages and sounds. "I want to create a platform where it's okay to mix cultural influences with accessible music genres, like pop" says Farahri. "I think the world is ready for this now."

Culturally diverse family

Raised as an Indian-Canadian in an English-and French-speaking home by African-born parents. Farahri wants her music to promote diversity and encourage people to truly embrace other cultures, not just tolerate them.

Fluent in French, English and Kutchi, Farahri also sings in Swahili, Spanish, Hindi and Jamaican Patois.

In March, Farahri performed at the Brandon Crisp Endowment Family Sport and Game Center Opening, in honor of Brandon Crisp, a runaway 15 year old who was found dead after a three-week search in November 2008.

In addition, Farahri is also involved as a donor and volunteer for the Aga Khan Development Center, an international NGO that conducts relief programmes in historic cities regardless of citizen's faith, origin or gender.

- Jamaica Gleaner

"Canadian Invasion at Sumfest"

...Whereas Steele was the only Canadian on show Friday night, Saturday night saw the first three acts being from Canada and they set the pace for what was to be a night of top class performances. Farahri and Fire Lion were the opening acts and, performing on tracks, these Sumfest first-timers made an impression. Full of zest, Fire Lion upped the tempo and the two delivered their single Roll With Me, for which they got an appreciative round of applause. - Chat Magazine


EP - No Fear Just Play (2015) : Tug of War, Perfect Shadow, Work For Me, Exhale, What She Said, Love Insomniac, Lil Good Girl, Take Me As I Am (acoustic), Just Play

Take Me As I Am - 2014

Power - 2013

Shake Your Body feat. Gyptian - 2012

Favorite Day - 2010

Dance the Night Away feat. Choclair - 2009



From shy and terrified in her earliest performances back in high school, Inspirational pop singer-songwriter Farahri, has gone from singing hidden under a blanket to singing at illustrious events for Miss World Canada and America’s Top Model, and perform internationally alongside many modern music superstars.
Farahri shares her powerful story through her emotive pop-tinged R&B, and a variety of initiatives to embolden others to make courageous life choices. Last fall she issued her euphoric debut EP, No Fear Just Play, and has since organized a fan-based community called Fireflys. With this collective, Farahri motivates members to break free from self and societal imposed limitations and embrace the light shining within.
“I came to a point in my life where I felt like I couldn’t hide from my dreams anymore,” the Toronto, Canada-based artist confides. “I needed to stop fear from holding me back.”
Farahri’s majestic artistry evokes an era when pop stars were like superheroes—boundlessly talented, uplifting, and shrouded in mystery and with a glamorous aura. 
In under a decade, her bold and soulfully expressive vocals, infectious songwriting, captivating stage presence, singularly elegant fashion sense, and commitment to positive messaging has earned her an impressive array of accolades, awards, and opportunities for a young unsigned artist.
Her aesthetic is best described as pan-pop, as it welcomes inspiration from multiple genres and ethnicities. She draws from dance music, hip-hop, R&B, dancehall, and Hindi Pop. Farahri can also sing in six different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Swahili and Jamaican Patois.  She’s garnered favorable comparisons to such pop visionaries as Sia, Rihanna and Lauryn Hill.
Farahri has been awarded “Best Female Pop Act” at the 2014 Black Canadian Awards and nominated again in 2015. The track, “Take Me As I Am,” from her latest EP, No Fear Just Play, earned her performance opportunities on shows such as the Miss World Canada grand finale, Miss Canada Globe finals, Miss Toronto Asia finals and Miss Universe Seattle finals all in 2014. She was also awarded "Most Promising Artist" at the 2010 Anokhi Awards and earned a spot in their Sexy and Successful platinum magazine issue. She’s earned rotation on several US dance radio stations and on Sirius XM radio.
Farahri has built a robust international profile through unforgettable performances throughout Canada and the United States, along with shows in Mexico, Austria and Jamaica. Her broadly resonate artistry has enabled her to share the stage with such a cross section of iconic artists as Usher, Chris Brown, Shaggy, Howie D. of the Backstreet Boys, Jeremih, Gyptian, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Karl Wolf, Patti LaBelle (upcoming), Farenheit and Massari.
Integral to Farahri’s music is uplifting people, and, in her pursuit of sharing and inspiring positivity, she’s established a unique fan community called Farahri’s Fireflys. “The image of Fireflys glowing in the night is so powerful—together we’re all the same light, and, together, we can pierce through the darkness,” she says.  

Farahri’s mission is personal. “Growing up, I would read girl’s magazines and feel like such an outcast. I was different, and those feelings stuck with me,” she confides. Also adding to a tumultuous adolescence were cultural expectations inherent in her traditional Indian upbringing. As a young girl, she found solace locking herself in her room and learning Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston songs through taping them off the radio and fastidiously writing each lyric down. The emotional catharsis in these singers’ belting vocal style, and the visceral passion packed in the lyrics, would have an indelible impact on Farahri’s music.  

No Fear Just Play is stately and exhilarating. Tracks like “Tug Of War” and “What She Said” overflow with exuberant emotionality and irresistible pop-R&B hooks. EP standouts like “Just Play” and “Perfect Shadow” showcase her command of other cultures and languages. The messaging in “Perfect Shadow” is powerfully autobiographical in that it references the struggle between outward and inner callings. “It’s about losing yourself; being numb behind the perfect mask that you’re living,” Farahri discloses. The EP also boasts “Work For Me” which offers forth empowerment in the form of seductive R&B. The nine-song EP also includes the commanding “Take Me As I Am,” a soulfully stirring call to arms for self-acceptance.
Currently, Farahri is working on her new album, which will delve deeper into her courageous expressivity, and showcase her expansive creative palette and growth as a songwriter. 

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