Far & Fading

Far & Fading


Far & Fading matches well thought out, heartfelt songs with an equally passionate, entertaining stage performance. They are a sight to be seen and a sound you've never heard before from a rock act...radio friendly, but with a message and energy that are deeper than the average pop radio hit-makers'.


Officially formed in 2003, Far & Fading burst onto the scene with an addictive blend of energy and melodic precision well-suited for gritty clubs and pop-radio alike. Natives of south-central Pennsylvania, the band has gained an increasing amount of national exposure sharing the stage with such headlining acts as Better Than Ezra, Saving Jane, Pillar, Kids in the Way and Disciple to name a few. Even more significant than Far & Fading's unique signature sound is the message of hope and determination ingrained into each song. With well-crafted and remarkably honest lyrics, Far & Fading addresses the daily struggles and joys inherent in human existence by "merging simplistic aspects with deeper and more poetic themes" (2005 Renown Magazine). Under the direction of two-time Dove Award winning producer Barry Blair, the band's 2005 release, "The Heaven EP," gives a small glimpse of what this band is capable of – "from start to finish the album is filled with pop-rock hooks and solid musicianship"? that "showcases the band's talent and ... label-appeal" (2005 Renown Magazine). Even more impressively, the band's impending 2007 full-length release promises to take Far & Fading's ever-evolving sound to a whole new level that will delight current fans and attract a plethora of new ones. Indeed, the journey of Far & Fading has just begun and only God knows what the future holds.


Angels in the Passersby

Written By: P. Rohrer

The countless words rain 'round my feet,
tossed about the busy streets of my life.
Insults and encouragement,
I just take all of them with a grain of salt.
One too many relationships
for them all to make a difference in the grand scheme.
The words that are the most profound,
that separate the then from now, sneak up on me.

They sneak up on me...

Angels in the passersby
that I never seem to recognize.
Casually they change my life
and only later do I realize.

Revelation so divine
cannot come from such frail minds as mine.
That is why I am so sure
that Divine Love comes in simple forms, in passersby.

...in passersby...

And you were speaking all along
through everything and anyone.
It took me a while to catch on,
but now I hear you.

Hang On

Written By: P. Rohrer

A tear may water
the seed of what you need,
for which you'd do anything.
But sometimes some things
are worth a scraped up knee,
or may even merit dying.

Hang on, hang on...
you'll understand what's happening someday,
and it's wonderful.

You'd like to think
that some dreams come easy,
but that doesn't seem to be.
Everything worthy
will force you to your knees.
God meets you on your knees.

Hang on, hang on...
you'll understand what's happening someday,
and it's wonderful.

It may take a little time
for your dreams to be realized.
Have faith when it's not easy,
and you'll get your happy ending.


Songs Not Style LP- 2003
The Heaven EP-2005
Full-Length Release Pending- 2007

Set List

Full Sets are generally 45-60 minutes.

Songs include:

Can't Turn Back
Song in Three
Black Tune
Hang On
One More Step
Angels in the Passersby
The Remainder

The band also throws in an occasional cover, but doesn't have a significant repertoire.