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Fara Palmer is a multi-award winning singer, songwriter & guest-speaker. Her music is Pop Eclectica, describing a sound that is based in Pop but branches into Abo-folk/Rock/R&B. With live performances that capture her audience & a set of powerful vocals, Fara is a unique talent not to be missed!


2008 Best Pop Recording Artist
Nominated for multiple awards in 2008 for her latest Cd, PHOENIX
Currently accepting bookings and promoting a 2009 Unity, Empowerment & Music Tour combining culture, music, and 16 unique workshops!

Fara Palmer is a DIY(Do-it-yourself) Pop/R&B Artist & multi-award winning singer, songwriter, & guest-speaker. Born in Saskatchewan, but raised in British Columbia, this talented woman of
Cree/Saulteaux/& European descent got her first taste of 'stage life' when, at the age of 12, she sang at an outdoor concert alongside artists such as: Buffy Ste. Marie, Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman, Morley Loon & Winstun Wuttinee. Since then she has emerged as a powerhouse vocalist, a heart and soul inspired songwriter, and multi-award winning chantuese

Her first two albums entitled "This Is My World" and "Prettybrown" were nominated for Canadian Juno Awards, as well as for Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards and went on to win in categories of "Best Song Of The Year" and "Female Artist Of The Year" at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. One of her songs on the Prettybrown album, "I'll make it up to you", placed in the top ten for the worldwide John Lennon Songwriting contest in the category of R&B. A number of her songs have also been placed in movies, television series, theatre productions, and made for TV special movie presentations.

Fara has performed for audiences across North America and has shared the stage with artists such as: Buffy Ste. Marie, Shania Twain, Sarah McLoughlin, Jann Arden, Ray Charles, Chantal Krevuisit, Charlie Byrd, George Leach and many others. She has sung national anthems to open games for the NBA, WWF, NAIG and the National Soccer League. Fara has been a prominent entertainer on the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards and has performed on several different shows over the last 12 years. She says her favorite NAAA appearance was the 2007 show where she sang “To Bring Back Yesterday”, a song she wrote about her mothers’ experiences at residential school.

Ms. Palmer believes in supporting community and culturally oriented initiatives, and therefore has participated in and/or volunteered her time and talents to many different events. To name a few:

*Children Of The World recording project featuring singers Susan Aglukard, Shingoose, Willy Dunn & others. A video was made with the purpose of encouraging Native youths to be proud of their Aboriginal heritage and to stay in school.

*2007 & 2008 BC Elders Gathering. Fara was honoured to volunteer her time to entertain her First Nations elders. 2007 BCEG was held in Vancouver, BC and the 2008 BCEG in Prince Rupert, BC. Fara states that she feels priveledged to be in the presence of so many teachers and keepers of Aboriginal cultural knowledge. She loves to spend time with her elders, sharing and learning and understands that while she may be volunteering her time to perform for the elders, she is also receiving the benefits of the elders’ wisdom, teachings, knowledge, and guidance in return. Ms. Palmer intends to continue to perform for her elders and wants to make the BC Elders Gathering an annual tradition.

*Sing, Move, & Read featuring Fara Palmer. This children’s music cd is intended to teach Aboriginal students between the ages of 3-7 basic reading skills. The cd combines Aboriginal musical influences(ie: drumgroup, flute, native chanting/singing) with contemporary sound-styles. Music, rhyming patterns, and movement are combined to create an easy format for children to learn the basics of reading. The cd has been piloted in elementary schools and is accompanied by a teachers manual. Besides being the lead vocalist on the project, Fara also contributed her songwriting skills and was one of the three main songwriters. For further info, visit: www.singmoveandread.com

In 2000/01 she appeared on the Juno Awards as a presentor for "Best Country Female Vocalist"- an honour that went to Shania Twain, co-hosted the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards with Derek Miller, shot her 3rd music video for the 'Prettybrown' cd, appeared on numerous nationally televised music and entertainment specials, presented workshops, promoted and toured her second album "Prettybrown", and learned she was pregnant with her first child. Upon discovering she was about to become a mother, Fara took some time off of her career to raise a family.

In the summer of 2007 Fara Palmer resurfaced with a new album entitled "Phoenix". While recording her new cd, Fara chose to do something a little different from her previous two albums. A free spirit by nature, she came to the conclusion that she would NOT decide on a specific "sound" or genre for the cd, but instead would let the music be determined by the songs themselves. The artistic freedom of allowing the lyrical content to dictate the musical arrangement/sound created quite an eclectic cd. Delving fearlessly into social/personal issues that are a part of today's reality, F



Written By: Fara Palmer

She isn't satisfied, the world owes her big, and she's trying to cash in, but no-ones really listening, and so she makes her way, with a chip on her back, thinking everyday she's under attack, if she could find her way she'd never look back/

somebody stop this world from spinning, she wants a new beginning, is she losing is she winning, who's keeping score?, she don't know, but she knows that when she lets go, she'll rise up from the ashes and like a phoenix be reborn/

She used to be so strong, oh she had so many dreams, but she threw them away, without ever really noticing, and as she fights her way, out of the mess that she's made, she makes a solemn vow, no more mistakes, with one foot in the grave, she prays, she prays, she prays/


When The One You Love Dies

Written By: Fara Palmer

When the one u love dies, u never understand the reason why, it hurts so much there's no way to describe the emptiness u feel inside, when someone u love dies,
for the ones left behind, pleading for a chance to turn back time, we never had the chance to say goodbye, we're searching for something we'll never find/

Still life goes on as surely as each morning has a dawn, regardless of my shattered world, and i know we will be reunited in eternity, til then all i have are memories of you

Time marches by, i think of u and tears still fill my eyes, it's been three years but i still don't know why they had to go and end your life, tell me why?
So let the wind howl, and the thunders explode, the pains overwhelming, it's hard to let go, but i know in my heart if he were alive, he'd dry all my tears and ask me not to cry, he'd say remember me, don't ask why i died, ask how i lived....

Because life goes on as surely as each morning has a dawn, regardless of my shattered world, and i know we will be, reunited in eternity, til then i'll treasure every memory of u

I'll hold on until the pain is gone, I will be strong...

Poor Me

Written By: Fara Palmer, Peter Kilgour

Poor me a cup of coffee cuz i'm feelin really sloppy/I need somethin' to wake me up/been down this road before and I've closed too many doors/wanna turn the tables,yeah, change my luck/
Well i'm screamin', kickin', moanin', bitchin'/My happiness is in remission/ I feel another trip down pity lane, comin' on/

Poor, poor, poor, poor me, poor me, I'm such a pitiful thing
Pour, pour, pour, pour me, pour me
A shot of sympathy

Pour me more pain and confusion/I wanna wallow in this self-delusion/oh yeah i'm drownin' in my cups/I'll throw another log on the fire/It seems to be my soul desire to never face the truth or to grow up/
Still I'm screamin', kickin', moanin', bitchin'/I must be comfortable in this position/I'm runnin' from myself I'm so ashamed/who can I blame?

Poor, poor, poor, poor me, poor me, I'm such a pitiful thing
Pour, pour, pour, pour me, pour me
A shot of sympathy

Doctor, doctor i've self inflicted/
a super strain of pity-me sickness/
so sick of me that i think i might throw up

Poor, poor, poor, poor me, poor me, I'm such a pitiful thing
Pour, pour, pour, pour me, pour me
A shot of sympathy


Written By: Fara Palmer, Kelsey Coutts, Peter Kilgour

This is a song for them whoever they are/gettin' on my nerves with their words and their points of view/who asked them to?/opinions are like assholes everybodies got one/it's gettin' to the point where i'm gonna get a shotgun/turn it on you, cuz you're so damned rude
Rewind, wait a minute/it's my life don't get up in it/it's my turn now and you're gonna get it good

Watcha gonna do when you're screwed, when you're screwed/when we come for you then it's through, then it's through/and it's all on you, so watcha, watcha gonna do?
You really shoulda knew, thought it through, thought it through/but it's too late now, now you're screwed, now you're screwed/and it's all on you/so go ahead boo-hoo

Some people act wise like they have all the answers/puttin on airs pickin' words that sound real sweet/but talk is cheap/watch'em shake your hand then stab you in the back/what they don't understand is we know how to fight back/what will they do?/it's time they knew
Sweep it under the carpet/ deny never ever own it/the game is up you can run but you can't hide

Watcha gonna do when you're screwed, when you're screwed/when we come for you then it's through, then it's through/and it's all on you, so watcha, watcha gonna do?
You really shoulda knew, thought it through, thought it through/but it's too late now, now you're screwed, now you're screwed/and it's all on you/so go ahead boo-hoo

Blah, blah, blah...

Written By: Fara Palmer

I can always count on u/ 2 screw things up 4 me/When you're needed
you're never ever there/And still u think u care/
You're not foolin' me/All you've done is made yourself an enemy/
Now you're back and beggin' me on bended knee/Tellin' me that you're sorry/well i'll tell u what that means 2 me

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah
I c your lips movin' but I just can't hear a thing
Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah
Kiss kiss, Take care, But don't ring!!

Ladies, have u had a man promise u the world/About the time he's earned your trust/You catch him with some girl/So predictable, do they teach men "Player 101" in school?/Follow my advice, ladies play it cool/Every lyin' word he says should mean only this 2 u

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah
U c his lips movin' but U just can't hear a thing
Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah
Gigs up, U suck, Dumb...luck

Mr. Slick pulled out his bag of tricks
He admits that he's a giant....schtick
He's sorry and he wants to make amends
But we know he will do it all again
He says: "I'm sorry, so sorry"
But all we really hear is:

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah
We c your lips movin' but we still can't hear a thing
Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah
Old game, Same war, No score

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah
We c your lips movin' but we just can't hear a thing
Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah
Losing, Loser, Get lost
Forgive, Forget, Forgot
Deny, Nice try, Bye-bye


Written By: Fara Palmer

I'm a spoiled little brat/a want-it-all kinda girl/livin in a make-believe fantasy world/a little bit pampered/a little bit sweet/a little bit incomplete/ but that's me and it's just the way i am/
You don't know me, and you don't own me/you try to judge me and to control me/who are you to tell me what to do?

It's my life, not yours, and i'll live it how i want
It's my choice, and not yours, only i can decide
To speak the truth or lie, to laugh to cry
To be strong or to be weak
It's my right, to learn, to live, to be me

I'm a woman, a mother and a friend/
I wanna live my life with no regrets/
I'm a catalyst/music is my gift/I am passionate/a work in progress/So if you don't know me/and you don't own me/don't try to judge or to control me/don't interfere unless you really care

It's my life, not yours, and i'll live it my own way
It's my right, not yours, the choice is mine to make
To speak the truth or lie, to laugh to cry
To be strong or to be weak
I am free, to learn, to love, to be me

I'm unique and so are you
I make mistakes, just like you
Can you understand, where i'm comin' from

Chorus out


Written By: Fara Palmer

Smooth brown skin, big brown eyes/the most special thing Pretty Brown holds inside, Oh what no one ever noticed was your pride/

Prettybrown you've been on my mind a long, long time/head held high when any other woman would have cried, prettybrown you 're so beautiful i don't know why all the others tried to make you feel bad inside/

Long black hair, strength within, can you tell me why all they see is the colour of your skin/Oh, when all you ever wanted was to be let in/

Chorus repeat

I remember growing up, how i watched you all those years/ I want to thank you prettybrown, you helped me work through all my fears/ now i look into the mirror and i'm proud of who i see/ i hope somewhere some little girl is thinking the same thing of me/

Chorus out
Personal Note:

I wrote Prettybrown to acknowledge that we are all special and beautiful, specifically because of our color, race, and cultural backgrounds. That's how we were born. This song is about a girl who starts out being ashamed of the color of her skin and of her heritage. As she matures, she realizes that she is just fine the way she is and proudly embraces her roots.
I think of Prettybrown as a womans warrior song. The message is: I'm brown, I'm beautiful, i'm strong, i'm a woman and I BELONG!!!!

To Bring Back Yesterday

Written By: Fara Palmer

My mother told me years ago when she was just a girl/about the way that she was raised in residential school/the first thing that happened was they shaved off all her hair/and burned it with her clothes
They told her she was not allowed to speak her native tongue/and i believe they wanted her because she was so young/they said it was their duty to save the little heathen/all in the name of heaven

Who are they to tell you how to live/who would you be if they hadn't burned the bridge/between the old ways and the new/there's nothing i can do to bring back yesterday

Despite the crimes my mom endured they didn't quite succeed/how could they have known our roots are strong just like the trees/my mama gave me life and taught me all about our nation/and stories of creation


Cultures hard to hold on, when you're told that it's wrong/policies were employed/a way of life was destroyed/i dedicate this new song to the warrior i call mom/you've been my lifeline and my strength/because of you i now have faith

Chorus out

I wrote this song about my mother's experiences at residential school. When I sing it for people I receive a wide array of reactions. Anger, regret, sorrow, hope, pride, joy, and thought. My mother gave me permission to include it on the PRETTYBROWN album and I am grateful. This song has touched and reached many people. It is a tool of learning, and a source of strength for me and my mom.

Little Girl

Written By: Fara Palmer, Peter Kilgour

She's only 12 years old but she's sold her soul/standing on a corner/she's somebody's daughter/but she ain't never going home/and all she wanted was some freedom so she snuck out of the house/got mixed up with some guys she didn't know she shouldn't trust/too niave to see the danger she walked into a trap/now she's hooked on drugs and so she walks the street/she's only 12 years old/but she's growing up fast

CHORUS: Little Girl, it's a big world/so many twists so many turns/is this the way you thought it would be/open your eyes to reality

VERSE: When she was sweet 16 her baby girl was born/it killed her to admit it, but she just couldn't raise her/she had to find her girl a home/so she brought her to her family to raise her as their own/she kissed her girl goodbye, made a prayer to let her go/she walked away with teardrops streaming down her face/but she knew inside that her choice was right/she's only sweet 16/and her baby is safe

CHORUS: Little Girl, it's a big world/so many twists, so many turns/you'll never know how it's gonna be/but you can choose your destiny

BRIDGE: Well who would have known/that little girl would lose her soul/and who could foresee that she would create anything/so beautiful, the life she brought into this world/her baby girl, is all grown up/she'd be so proud just to know her/that little girl


This Is My World 1997 - Blackmoon Records
Prettybrown 1999 - New Hayden Music Corp.
Phoenix 2007 - No label
Violet Femmes I: 2007 - RPW Records
Sing, Move, Read Cd 2007/08: Child literacy through music

NOTE: To purchase Phoenix, Prettybrown, or This Is My World please visit my website via the link below.

FOR PERFORMANCE &/OR WORKSHOP BOOKINGS, contact me by email or via my website(link below).

In peace and unity,
Fara Palmer

Set List

My set lists are constantly changing. I tailor each set for the audience i am singing to, however I almost always sing "Prettybrown" and/or "To Bring Back Yesterday" (my two most requested songs off my last album). Since the release of my new album, i am now getting new requests. Such as: Little Girl, Metis Girl, Where Can My Man Be?, and Blah Blah Blah. I am also in the process of learning how to play guitar, so i can incorporate or simply rock some acoustic sets too. I'm also working on a cd of hand-drum songs, rounddance songs, and cree love songs. I intend on sharing all of my musical talents with audiences.

As for performance length...I am flexible. There really isn't any "prescribed time amount" for my performances. Every gig has been unique: some call for 1 song(award shows), while others have a timelength of 1hour. Like I said, I'm flexible....so contact me and we'll talk!!