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"February I AM TUNED UP Showcase Recap + Photography"

by Ryan G

These are all bands that have been plugged on here a bunch, so I’m going to spend less time on the music and more time on the atmosphere of the evening!

Far Away Strays opened the show, playing a satisfying set of songs from their Rivers Will Rise release along with the forthcoming single “The Heart is a Howler.” The band undeniably leans toward the rock side, and put on a performance that far overshadowed the illness plaguing the band. It was neat to see their growth from last time we saw them, in October 2012.

Tiger Waves played a dreamy set, opening with my personal favorite “I Hope You’ll Feel Alright.” Singles “Countryside,” “Fields,” and “Weekends” were also highlights. Everyone present seemed to dig the set, although frankly I was too into the music and excited at the fact that they finally made to Columbus to really notice how people around me were reacting! Frontman Reid Comstock has somewhat of a shy-guy persona onstage, and his bandmates reflected that humility appropriately.

Last of the Wildmen, like Far Away Strays, have grown in their ability to perform. This time I kept thinking to myself how professional and seasoned they sounded, and how unjust it would be if they didn’t become known. We also saw the band invent a new genre onstage – one that I’ve affectionately dubbed “folkcore.” Actually, I made that up as I was writing this, but it was amusing to see the band transition to Americana-rock n’roll to hardcore vocals, nonetheless led by the usually mild-mannered Jimmie Getty. Drummer Kyle Kirchenbauer was fantastic as well, but it would be untrue not to note that everyone was at the top of their game.


"Review: Far Away Strays-Rivers Will Rise (2012)"

Review by contributor Chris McLafferty

Far Away Strays finds a fun, talented way to watch ourselves and the world we live in with the release of their EP Rivers Will Rise. FAS has firmly taken a spot as one of the most talented bands in Columbus and one that I think has amazing growing potential. Only recently formed, Far Away Strays has put together one of the most meaningful EP releases Columbus has seen. With its raw emotion, both musically and lyrically through the words of Columbus’ best lyricist, Bobby Walsh, Far Away Strays have made an EP that lingers in your conscious for a long time to come.

Lately it seems we as a society have been turning our cheek to problems of the world, only paying attention enough to obsess over the latest end of the world theory, as if we can’t wait for that day to come. From Y2K to the Mayans, we constantly glorify the end, instead of working to fix the problems we encounter. Enter Far Away Strays who calls us out, showing us that the world we live in does indeed have problems, from an individual to worldwide scale. But its here that it achieves success greater than those before it. Instead of latching onto the give up mentality, it breathes in a refreshing wind of optimism, sounding more like a call to action for betterment than a head down waiting for it to end whine. “Battlefield of Broken People” challenges those named with a question of hope, “How long are you going to let the world keep you down?” “Civil Wars” stands out as a haunting recall of times and sins past. This is Far Away Strays’ Fight Club and should be yours. As you hear the shots of cannons behind “You are the sinner behind the sin that brought you down in this hole that you’re in” you can’t help the inner struggle that overcomes your mind, which reminds us that none of us are perfect. Relentlessly, they drag you through the scenes of life as if taking on the role of the Ghost Of Years Past, only to become the Ghost of Present with “What We Deserve.” This soothes us in understanding that we all have our own problems; each of us deals with them in our own way and it not our place to judge the others while they go through their own. But the real stand out, both lyrically and musically comes in the hit “Wool Over My Eyes.” The uplifting words “My wounds will heal with time, so don’t pull the wool over my eyes” is only matched up by its musical counterpart which rips the emotion out of our bodies and leaves it on our sleeve for full display. Just wait til the hollowing cello carries you into the accusatory chants “You run with the devil, with a fire in those eyes” which even then sounds more like an intervention eye-opener of help than it is a beat down of words. Columbus, I hope you’re ready to add one more gem into the growingly talented Folk-Alt scene, cause Far Away Strays has the emotion to take you over. Embrace it; it’ll make you a better person.



Rivers Will Rise EP (2012)

Single "Wool Over My Eyes" is featured on Cd 102.5 promoting "Local Love" a series of shows featuring local Columbus Artists.

Title Track 'Rivers Will Rise' is featured as a live single for the Columbus Indie Music union show. (www.youtube.com/cimu2)

The Heart Is A Howler (Single) (2013)



With comparisons ranging from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Thrice, it is clear that the Far Away Strays have developed a very diverse sound. Though the transitions may seem effortless, to some it is well know that this very diversity is in fact intentional.

Feeling as if they had been limited to specific genres in past music endeavors, singer/songwriter pals Sean Parker and Bobby Walsh set out to start a group that was not limited to any specific style of music, but rather a group that displays their emotions whole heartedly and within the realm of whichever style the subject deemed appropriate.

Shortly after the band was concieved, Chris Brooks signed on as the Bass and Cello contributor of the band. Having been a cellist for over a decade, Chris brought a whole new element into the band and the acoustic aspects of their live performances and has become a key songwriting contributor.