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"The do-it-yourself, grassroots indie artist"

"FARCHILD is the personifcation of the do-it-yourself, grassroots indie artist. Jane C, is a remarkably gifted individual with a lot to say and an unbending attention to detail that allows her to turn out some of the most compelling music of the year."

- Jordan Richardson, BlogCritics.org (6/1/08)

"Givingt synth-rock a socio-political kick in the balls"

"By giving synth-rock a socio-political kick in the balls, Farchild is entering uncharted territory that is indeed thrilling and enlightening" - Adam Harrington, Whisperin & Hollerin (Jul 01, 0008)

"Farchild rejuvenates Seattle sound with ominous electronic rock"

"Farchild rejuvenates Seattle sound with ominous electronic rock...eschews heavy-metal bombast for a seductively dark foray into electronic rock, hinting at the industrial crunch of NIN without abandoning the pop hooks that her sultry, ominously attractive voice is most suited for." - Kit Burns, Overground Underground (Jul 01, 0008)

"NIN meets Tori Amos"

“Do you smile when I look up/Or does your hand promptly move down to the back of my pants?” sings Farchild on “Ey, Papi,” a brutally frank demand for r-e-s-p-e-c-t directed towards male horndogs. Even though she doesn’t slam the floor with big, metallic guitars, with “Ey, Papi” there’s no doubt that Farchild is from Seattle, especially when she warns, “Make sure that hand stays firmly around my waist/Cause if it slips without permission you might find yourself/Losing a tooth.” Quite edgy and tough, but Seattle rock has never been known for its softness, right?

However, Farchild isn’t “rock.” Although “Timmy’s a Rebel” and “Orbital” have their share of prime, speaker-filling Seattle riffola, Farchild’s music most often powered by keyboards. If Tori Amos, instead of just dating Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails at one point, had actually fronted for his group, the result might’ve been like this album. The slow piano track “Natural Solitude” certainly has that Amos-like dimly-lit introspection but the pounding percussion and machine clanging of “Peter Piper” is pure NIN. At only eight cuts, I wish that Chivalry Has Died were longer, but in these days of filler-filled CDs that’s a huge compliment.
- Julian Wilson, Trans Europe Xpress


Farchild Debut Record - CHIVALRY HAS DIED (released May 2008)

1. Intro - Quite A Bomb
2. Red Moon (single)
3. Timmy's A Rebel
4. Quo
5. Ey, Papi
6. Orbital
7. Natural Solitude
8. Peter Piper



FARCHILD is the kaleidoscopic, self-produced Alternative - Experimental music entity founded in 2007 in Seattle by vocalist, producer, songwriter, & instrumentalist, Jane C. Influenced by a vast array of genres - Rock, World, Industrial, Hip Hop, Metal, Pop, Classical - Jane C blends dark melodies & unapologetic lyrics with acoustic and electronic elements to forge a genre-defying sound, best described as ‘playfully sinister synth rock with a socio-political edge’.

 Fueled by a desire to combat "watered-down music with no substance", she covers a fiery spectrum lyrically in her debut record CHIVALRY HAS DIED that ranges from social oppression to teens on meds to insomnia-induced paranoia. In an industry overrun by label-cultivated, spoon-fed pop tarts, Jane C, free-spirited & ever-so-slightly mischievous, distinguishes herself as a true producer & music force to be reckoned with amongst her peers. Her songs serve up a quirky mixture of eerie guitar licks, dissonant piano, swirling orchestral elements, glitchy electronics, and dynamic vocals that range from sultry purrs and angry growls. Live, she has shared the stage with the likes of Outtasite, Sir Mix A Lot, & The Presidents of the United States of America, performing at some of Washington's top venues: The Showbox, Napavine Ampitheater, Jazz Bones, & Seattle's oldest Rock venue The Central. She cites Nine Inch Nails, Enya, Korn, Michael Jackson, Alanis Morissette, & Mozart among some of her greatest influences.

 A classically-trained pianist during early childhood, Jane picked up guitar in college while on athletic volleyball scholarship for the University of Florida Gators. In her dorm, she started writing songs & recording music onto her laptop using a computer mic & basic software. After an invite and a couple seasons competing with the USA National Volleyball Team, the 3-Time All-American chose to forgo a career in professional volleyball, opting to pursue music. In November 2006 she hit the Seattle music scene, fronting rock bands & performing solo acoustic sets while running electronic tracks off her trusty laptop. Her rapidly growing online presence via sites like Myspace soon caught the attention of a local indie label. A poor business relationship & issues surrounding creative control, prompted Jane to later separate from the label and release her debut record 'CHIVALRY HAS DIED' (May of 2008) as an independent under her own company heading, NeoSound Entertainment, LLC...distributing predominately online.   

She's also been featured in a 2 national advertising campaigns: one Underamour Sportswear commercial (that aired before the 2007 ESPYs on MTV, MTV2, and ESPN, awarded by Billie Jean King and the Women's Sports Foundation) & one T-mobile internet ad scheduled to run in mid-September.