Fare Evader

Fare Evader

 Ballarat, Victoria, AUS

You know that band that when you listen to them play it just makes you happy from the tip of your head right down to your toes... that is Fare Evader. You know the band whose onstage charisma just makes you smile... that is Fare Evader. It helps that the songs are damn catchy too...


Fare Evader began in 2008 by the simple act of selling a bicycle. After two friends ventured into Cash Converters to make a sweet $100, the then instrument-less band was persuaded by the stereotypical greasy salesman to trade the bike in question for a bass guitar. Learning that a band requires more than one instrument, a guitar was dug out of a cupboard and dusted off to provide some higher sounding noise. The two played poorly timed beat-less music together until they discovered one of them had a long lost brother who happened to be able to beat things in time with sticks.

Since then Fare Evader have taken their shambolic charming selves out on the road around Australia, released some unconventional clips on an unsuspecting public, released a couple of eps, and continued to win over audiences with their quirky onstage banter and choreographed dance moves... so keep an eye out for them heading your way and polish up your dancing shoes… Fare Evader and their downright catchy indie dirty rock tunes are on their way to make your legs move uncontrollably in some sort of dancing fashion… it really is undeniable… you just won’t be able to help yourselves.


Sunny Revenge EP - released June 2011

Think Slow Single (from Sunny Revenge)
- Radio Airplay: Community radio nationally
- Video Airplay: Rage (including Rage Indie Clip of the Week), Channel V, Triple J Home and Hosed Blog, Multiple music blogs

Self-titled Debut EP - released June 2009
Featuring the following singles released to radio or as video:
- Small Differences (June 2009) - Radio Airplay: Community radio nationally
- Let's All Pretend Single (August 2009) - Radio Airplay: Community radio nationally, Triple J Home and Hosed
- Robin Banks Video (December 2009)