Karen Updike

Karen Updike


It's all your favorite female singer/songwriters wrapped into a neat little package... A little pop, a little jazz, and a dash of melancholy, and occassionally a little clove...


Karen hails from the U.S. in a little state called New Jersey. Although she probably should've planted tomatoes like the rest of the Jersians, she got involved in the music thing and it has proved to be a loyal and loving relationship. Her influences span a good rainbow of people from Damian Rice to Tori Amos to James Taylor with a little classical smooshed in the middle. Though she tries to incorporate these styles, her forte is best described as altersmokepop! Whatever that is...

As well as writing her own stuff for her acoustic shows, she's also involved in house music collaborations with a couple guys who call themselves "Beatlevel." Their tracks have been played in clubs in NY and NJ. Samples of this music can be found on her myspace page.

Karen's goals include keeping her dog Cliff from chewing up things she likes to have around that look better not chewed up. Actually, he really hasn't been doing that much anymore... so Yay for goals accomplished without really doing anything to have that come to be!

In conclusion, I'd like to... in first person, thank you personally for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the sounds I put together in specific orders and put in my time capsule.


Happy Thoughts

Written By: Karen Manchester

I'm just sitting here
Just waiting for nothing.
Another night with open eyes.
And my love, my love won't help me suffer.
He's gone until that sunny spite.
And somethings got to give in.

So I called a friend to share my thoughts on the situation.
She told me all the reasons why.
And my love, my love won't help me suffer.
He's sick and tired, he said goodnight.

And out on your road, it's running me over again.
Worn to the bone, no concrete or stone in my head.
They try to tell me think Happy thoughts, but there's just no point in it.

So I try, I try to find some diversion, excursion, some motivation.
And I dig, I dig into the past.
And all I found was a pile of should'ves and would'ves and I can'ts... while the seconds, minutes last.

Silly Boy

Written By: Faren (Karen Updike)

You're just a silly boy, silly boy.
You're just the only thing, only thing
that I think of lately.
So can we just make out a little, a little, a little, a lot.

It's such a stupid thing, silly thing that I'm goin' through.
I can't even explain what it's
doin' to me, doin' to you.
So can't we talk it out a little, a little, a little, not too much.
Not too much.

Coz it's sweet in your head,
maybe sweeter in your bed.

It's such a lofty thing,
this idea of ours... all night.
Am I strong enough to fight?
Am I wrong enough to right?
Is it hard enough to cry?

Coz it's sweet in your head...

But I just got lost a little.
Could I walk away to find you.
Coz I just got lost a little, a lot.
Coz your mind and your space are
all the things I've been waiting for.

You're just a silly boy, silly boy.
You're just the only thing, only thing that I think of lately.

Paper Universe

Written By: Karen Updike

Me and my pages wander,
wherever our words will take us,
and anywhere we can't go in flesh.
And I've discovered I can roam
in a paper universe, all the places that make me.

The sun is on it's way down.
And I'm walking on to your door.
And we're gonna be floating, floating on to a violet night.

You can't even stop it.
You have no control here.
You're gonna be fallin', fallin' down to my needs.

And I'm kinda undercover,
I'm hanging on a wall.
But I'm gonna be your lover...
Coz the pain, it made me fall.

I'm slippin' inside the cover.
But you won't know I'm coming.
Coz I don't have intentions in flesh.
I wonder how it could've been a let down.
Even if I paid attention to the sound.

And I'm kinda undercover.
I'm hanging on a wall
But I'm gonna be your lover.
Coz the pain it made me fall.



Set List

Happy Thoughts
Put Me Under
Not what I want
Cooling Down
Only in Green
Stop callin' me baby
Just like heaven(cover)
Silly Boy

Like to play an hour set, not typically more than that unless covers are in order. So for an original show, an hour is ideal.