Powerful, textured guitar riffs, devoid of all fillers and cheesy solos; versatile sonic environments that are fulfilling but throw a few unexpected curves; and lucid lyrics soaked in well-written metaphors and honest admissions.


FARENHEIT is quickly becoming one of the most explosive rock bands in Canada. The four piece from Whitby, Ontario craft a hard driving, contagious sound that fuels the undeniable intensity of their stage performance. Songwriting is a point of pride for FARENHEIT -simplicity of structure accentuating the richness and depth of their thick sound. Their writing is packed with relentless riffs and powerful vocal melodies that borrow equally from the new school swagger of Incubus and Sevendust to the time-tested rockability of AC/DC. So infectious is the pull of their dark anthems that 102.1 The Edge (Toronto) agreed to start spinning their music in the absence of a completed album. (To quote of Barry Taylor, 102.1 The Edge personality, "These guys are f*ckin' rock stars!")

In their two years together, FARENHEIT have accomplished much. Drummer Drew Dockrill, bassist Chad Taylor, guitarist Joseph Stamp and singer Bryan Crouch have worked relentlessly to earn the respect of their fans and the music industry alike. Having written with top shelf producer Gavin Brown and performed with the likes of Billy Talent, Theory Of A Deadman, Pilate, and Death From Above 1979, the band has evolved into hard rock hit machine.

FARENHEIT completed a self-titled 4 song EP in March 2005, co-produced by Haydain Neale (Jacksoul) and Joel Kazmi (engineer - Tea Party, Sum 41) at Megawatt studios within Sony BMG Canada. This earned enormous interest from various American and Canadian major record labels.

The completion of their first full-length album titled ‘Disconnected’ was celebrated in December 2005 at a sold out CD release party in Oshawa, Ontario. Over 300 units were pushed within 6 hours of opening sales. Stand-in performances included Dave "Brown Sound" Baksh (Sum 41) and Chico (Not By Choice).

FARENHEIT has secured national retail distribution, has made music available to purchase via download (iTunes, Puretracks, HMV), as well as launched and online store that ships worldwide. An American tour is expected in Spring, 2006.


Free Your Mind

Written By: Bryan Crouch

Don't think that I should mention, you lack the intervention
Always the first to argue, always the last to offer an insight
You got your feelings tied
Gave up the chance to give in, blew off the ones you let in
It’s just a feeling I get, wasting away inside all this regret
You think we give a shit

Lead away as some may say, or tear your heart and fade away
Or free your mind, free your mind before

Your fault, your mess, your problem, It's not my place to solve them
Make due with what you got now, I know the world is much too angry
You got yourself to tight
Fuck y’all why even bother, don’t you go any further
It’s just a feeling I get, wasting away inside all this regret
You think we give a shit

Lead away as some may say, or tear your heart and fade away
Or free your mind, free your mind before
You run you never know, you tell yourself you won't let go
So free your mind, free your mind before

Metal March

Written By: Bryan Crouch

It's not easy, to be like me, living inside ecstasy
One last kiss, for times will miss, I never thought we'd end like this

Follow me
Out of the light, into the darkness
Brave we dream
Sometimes there's more, light in the shadow

Twelve years spent, and I'm hell bent, now free from punishment
Not gifted, not talented, I'm proud to be the sick minded


Written By: Bryan Crouch

It's not that I, set out to lie
I've buried scars that passed away and died
It's just the pain, God I love the pain
It keeps me further from you

That I'm leaving here alone, that I know where I belong
And I won't call you back
You won't feel now sympathy, there's a man inside of me
And he won't call you back

I'm justified, I'm off the ride
I fear there's nothing left for me to hide
Try not to hate, don't associate
It keeps you closer to me

Sweet revenge I knew you'd binge I knew you'd learn to hate
Sweet revenge I knew you'd bend I knew you'd learn to hate

Leaving You

Written By: Bryan Crouch

You’re at your best
When all you need to do is love
You’ve made it clear
That you’ve become alive tonight

You are cold as ice
Spiteful with those eyes
Leaving you, I’m leaving you
Condescending bride
Choking my inside
Leaving you, I’m leaving you

You’re at your worst
When all you ever do is hate
A plastic grin
Shows I have become dead to you
I’m dead to you

I Hate You

Written By: Bryan Crouch

I will leave you under
And dressed behind fine lines
That my envy covers
I would speak to you right now
But I know how you manipulate others
I won’t dream until you wake up
I won’t speak until your mouth is shut
And locked and buried down
Forcing me to say

I hate you. Everyone should know
I hate you. I can’t let it go
Won’t be left in this world of misery
I’ll take you down

I don’t know why I try
To run you in these lines
That I know you would die
I could pick you up sometimes
But you would leave
And you always start to cry
My heart tearing you up
I know everything’s fucked up
And locked and buried down
Forcing me to say

You Got Nerve

Written By: Bryan Crouch

I am I am the son
Make be make believe you
Could live inside of my shoes
Another hypocrite
So chump get out of my way

I am I am the son
Of hell and of heaven
So don’t you fuck with me
Cause this is not a good time

You got a lot of nerve
To treat me like you do
You live a life of fairy tales
None of ‘em come true

We’ve got we’ve got to move
Stuck in between the same groove
That’s not alright with me
I’ve got I’ve got to be free


March 2005 - Self-titled EP
'You Got Nerve' and 'Slander' received airplay on various college and major radio stations within Ontario, Canada.

'Leaving You' is on regular rotation on Megawatt internet radio (Toronto).

December 2005 - Disconnected Album
'Free Your Mind' and 'Disconnected' received airplay on The Rock 94.9 (Oshawa) as well as streaming audio websites.

Edge 102.1 (Toronto) has agreed to spin 'Free Your Mind' once the clean mixes are completed.

November 2005 - Exit 57 Records Compilation CD
Exit 57 Records requested 'Free Your Mind' to be added to the list of Canada's top independent bands.

Set List

Power Set: 8 songs
Headlining Set: 11-13 songs

1) Metal March
2) Disconnected
3) Say What?

4) Leaving You
5) Useless
6) I Hate You

7) Just So You Know
8) Try Hating The World
9) When She Cries

10) You Got Nerve
11) My Reward
12) Free Your Mind