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Lookout Mountain, Georgia, United States

Lookout Mountain, Georgia, United States
Band Pop Punk


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faretheewell @ CD RELEASE PARTY @ The Warhouse

East Ridge, Tennessee, USA

East Ridge, Tennessee, USA

faretheewell @ Hot Topic

Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Franklin, Tennessee, USA

faretheewell @ Mosaic w/ Cool Hand Luke

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



The aptly titled Please Just Listen EP from Faretheewell is from a group of Chattanooga boys. Faretheewell plays a good many local shows and has a decent following in the scenic city so I hit the headphones to try and see what was propelling the boys onward. First off, I really dig the cover. The simplistic background with fingerpaint smear is artsy and puts a big weight on the album to measure up.
I've been covering Faretheewell for awhile on the Fathom scene through a few band member adjustments and I'm here to say this line up is a winner. The sound is much clearer, and while still in need of fine tuning, I like the direction Faretheewell is heading.
Faretheewell classify themselves as punkpop/alternative/rock. I agree with pop and rock but not so much alternative or punk on this album.
The lead vocals are set apart from other local bands with the simple and seemingly common sense that the singer enunciates, leaves the southern drawl at home, and uses his voice as a weapon. The sound produced is favorably and easy to listen to but not altogether that different than anything I've ever heard. Faretheewell is still stuck in the development stage as a band. They have a sound but have not distinguished "their" sound, something to set them apart...and sell records. Faretheewell functions as a good live band because their sound is good for live shows. On cd though it comes across as catchy but not quite up to super stardom level yet. For an early EP though it is great. If the boys progress at this rate there should be a future for Faretheewell soon.
The lyrics don't wow and awe but they get the point across. Sometimes it seems like the guys are trying to say it all in one line and the sound gets crowded. Space it out..pack a punch in every word says your friendly peer reviewer. Don't Belong starts out killer strong but in the chorus it gets weak, yet ends nicely with the indie-feel of simple stand alone vocals.

Yet this being said I am no musician and lord knows I've tried so all things considered the fact that Chattanooga people are doing something musically palatable and turning off the filler of our sad radio stations here is more than wonderful. They can play their instruments which believe me is not always a given for start up bands. They can sing. And those lyrics are on the catchy side. And you really couldn't meet a nicer drummer than Marcus. Catch Faretheewell's live show at the Warehouse in Chattanooga at 8 p.m. on Jan. 29th. We'll be there.---INKE
- The Cochlea


Released "Please Just Listen" EP September 2008 on iTunes, and other Online sites. Have received local radio airplay, as well as national airplay in June, August, and September 2009 via Guitar Center Radio.



Faretheewell was born from four minds, four backgrounds, four stories, but each with a sole purpose to make music that was impactful and meaningful. We decided it was a chance for us to take a new direction with our lives and devote ourselves to something worthwhile, thus saying "fare thee well" to everything behind us. Because of our unique upbringings, our influences are everywhere which is what makes our music different.

Career Highlights:

Played the Ernie Ball Stage at the 2009 Van's Warped Tour in Atlanta, GA.

Has shared a stage with VersaEmerge, Title Fight, In This Moment, Madina Lake, Settings, Close Your Eyes, Wavorly, and many many others.