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FareWell Enemy

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EP released Sept 07 - At Last
1. Steady Hand
2. The Angels
3. With Ink and Blood
4. Whisper

All the tracks are streaming on myspace.com/farewellenemy
Whisper receives radio play on the local radio show Buzz Born & Bred on Sunday nights in OKC.



“This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.” Farewell Enemy, like all good things, might have never happened.

Lifelong friends, bassist, Michael Bewley, and drummer, Mark Quenzer, had long kindled the ever present desire of all who ever pick up an instrument and begin to play. That compulsion to get together with others who share a passion and love for music and to somehow become more than the sum of their parts.

As with everything else, all too often “life” can get in the way. School and work, work and school, school and work, and oh yeah... more work and school can easily wash those dreams away. For most people it does. The funny thing is that when Mark and Mike finally got serious about forming a band, late in 2006, work was where one of the answers came from.

Turns out a lead singer and guitarists, Bryan Newby, was serving in the trenches right along side Mike and Mark. If there is anything that can make friends of people it is waiting tables together and serving the mostly ungrateful denizens of the USA. It’s a real “Us vs The World” situation and it’s great preparation for being band-mates ready to take on “The World” in a different arena.

Mike, Mark, and Bryan became Farewell Enemy and began to explore their sound and create. Mark’s steadfast drumming, Mike’s booming bass, and Brian’s efficacious guitar and vocals produced a strong foundation... missing only a couple of parts.

The first of these parts came together in the summer of 2007 as Patrick Evans joined the band using his skills on the keyboard to “push forward” and layer an already impressive sound.

Live shows in the Oklahoma City metro, The Oklahoma State Fair, and in Norman, Oklahoma followed. “At Last”, FWE’s first EP, released in the Fall of 2007, with a clear considerable influence from bands such as Incubus, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and others of the like.

Winter brought an old friend of Mike and Mark’s, lead guitarist Kyle Burcke, which has given Farewell Enemy a new energy and creativity that has closed the gap and made the band complete.

Fear, apathy, hate, detachment, rejection, irrelevance, discordance... the list goes on and on. All of these things are what holds almost all of us down. All of these things are what could have kept these five guys apart. All these things are The Enemy.

Bid that Enemy farewell.

Farewell Enemy is here... that alone makes them victorious.

Join them in the victory.