Farewell My Enemy

Farewell My Enemy


FME is a band formed by members of Showoff, The Holiday, Burn as Red, and My 2 dollars. To hear demos of new songs, please contact us.


Formed in The summer of 2003 Farewell My Enemy has taken SLC and the country by storm. Consisting of John Finnegan on Bass, Jon Schafer on Drums, Nate Envy on Guitar, Josh Tindell on Guitar, and Chris Envy on vocals, FME began as an idea between friends and evolved into what you are hearing and seeing today. The guys started playing together and Soon began the friendships and commerodery that founded FME's music. The mixing of the styles and influences began taking form as the music that would eventually become their debut record. Their debut record Casting For Funerals was releases on April 20th, and Nationally on June 1st. As soon as the record was out, the band headed out on the Rise Records tour that took them accross the nation. The guys are now currently writing and playing shows in the midwest to build a strong fan base. The plan on touring non stop in 2005 and playing shows everywhere!


Casting for Funerals (2004 Rise Records)