Farewell Scalar

Farewell Scalar


Quirky guitar riffs interlaced with the jagged sounds of the early 90s indie scene.


Farewell Scalar formed in late September of 2006, basically as a project of Bye/Iwinski. In January of 2007 Bye mentioned doing a benefit concert for the paper he was writting for. This potential show inspired them to seek out a bassist (Strassburg) and a drummer (Husher).

The major influences of Farewell Scalar are: Pavement, the Fall, Swell Maps, Sonic Youth, Spiritualized/Spacemen 3, Fripp & Eno, Television, Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, Sleater-Kinney, Archers of Loaf, Silver Jews, Flaming Lips, but most heavily the first (Pavement).

Due to thier varied backgrounds, the sound is quite unique but highly stylized. This sets us apart from most other bands because of the quirkiness of the music and the odd, nonlinear lyrics that accompany them.

more music/info/pictures etc. at http://www.farewellscalar.com


False Fakes

Written By: Iwinski

Amun-Ra traitor of gold, he was eating up costs and filling his soul
Never smoked no cigarettes, he's like a marionette: hung and so high-strung
Post modernist surreal scams again, like an avant-garde philanthropist
I was never cutting costs in two, you were always cutting all I chewed.
False face wearing off, It was a little blas.., I was becoming cross:
Green and blue, and number one, to Tinseltown it's time to run.
Post antediluvial lies spin, don't come across unless you swim.
As a ballerina's triple pirouette, your thoughts are becoming too cliche

Spilling Mississippi

Written By: Iwinski

Paranha la podesta on the side of the road, pushing propaganda from his porcelain throne; and it's alright if he's half right. Plexiglas pimentos in your olive oil, running 'cross your fingers like a tesla coil; and it's alright if she ignites. time will break it down. went to paint a picture of a taoist dream convinced a tracheotomy ain't what it seems; and it's alright if it's half priced. A desert with temptation patents paradise's glow, punch the accelerator and go daddy go cause it's alright if it's one night. it's alright so hold tight. time will make you old.

Tenet Jones

Written By: Iwinski

Seedy seraphim broken left wing, satanophany leaning on the leeway. Blow that sucker wayward (x4). Your erotic thrills never lacked their shills, no no, freeways (base) crashing (dancing) into seascapes . don't leave me there an electric chair this dragon's lair with Moliere. Gabe Rosetti fabled centerpiece, keep that Hg locked and ready, carroting those clean pelts (x4). It's so illogical, amalgam holes, building bridges for your trolls (soul), hide them in there, those goats they won't dare, i've a mote of some care, but castles no stairs. don't stare. [gibberish] Splash the sin away [spastic s'il vous plait]. ...


Fabulous In(valid) EP (scheduled release Dec '07)

Hail Vector! [inclement weather] (scheduled release spring '08)

Set List

At smaller shows (30-40 min) we run about 9-11 songs. Currently, the typical song line up is: A Fall Thing, Spilling Mississippi, Tenet Jones, Texas kV, Square Rings, False Fakes, Xeheht!, Summer Blinds, Weight.

For longer shows we have material that could span up to an hour and a half or longer as need arises. Additional titles include: Brazil Brazil, Groundhogs, Quomodo Toast, Eastern Kings, Danger! (Mountain), Loose Thrills (no frills), Backwords the Epilogue Jack, Street Locked Hair, etc.

Besides our actual sets we are also known to throw in impromptu songs as the feeling arises.

Normally WE DO NOT DO COVERS, but we have covered:
Pavement: Range Life, Billie, Killing Moon (echo and the bunnymen cover), You're Killing Me
Flaming Lips: Turn it On
Silver Jews: Trains Across the Sea
My Bloody Valentine: Only Shallow
Archers Of Loaf: Greatest of All Time
Smiths: Stop Me if you think you Heard this
Brian Eno: Baby's On Fire
Dandy Warhols: Never thought you'd be a junkie