Farewell To 44

Farewell To 44


Bringing back ‘old school’ pop punk, rooting from Blink 182, and branching out into Radiohead, There is no way you would want to miss this act


'Farewell To 44' is made up of one member named Adam Bertucci who writes, and records his music all by himself. Adam Bertucci front man and leader of ‘Farewell To 44’ has been creating music since birth. Screaming at the top of his lungs when brought to life and singing melodically at the age of nineteen. Things began to pick up with the release of his first single 'Common Conversation' in September 2007. Following the release was a tour across Ontario. Currently in 2009 Farewell To 44 has shot a music video due out on March fifth for the new single entitled 'Romeo' (a track off the new album due out in March. When it comes time to play live Adam's best friends known as Jimmy Bonofiglio (Bass), Anthony Calabretta (Drums), help him put on an electrifying performance. Mayor of Woodbridge states "I've never heard a band like this in ages", also worker from Lo Specchio Newspaper states "Farewell To 44 has taken over Woodbridge".
You will be able to catch plenty more entertaining gigs with the release of Farewell To 44's full length album in march 2009.


Common Conversation

Written By: Adam. Bertucci

I've got one ticket to your heart
We made some promises last night
We had a common conversation

I've got little expectations
I'm a dreamer and a thinker
And my head will fill up with memories soon to be
By the next time she comes onto me
You'll be okay, Ill be okay
I'll be okay

Time will keep us
Standing Still
I must have missed that catch

I like the way you smile it came right out of a dream
I think about our first kiss
So scared I nearly missed
But the one thing that I want from you is your heart

Is your heart beating
Can I feel it
Can you see me walking hand in hand with you
And sometimes I'm just a temporary ordinary
Boy with
So much to say and give
My angel says shell never lie to me
And if you talk about heartbreak it will be all your mistake


Here E.P (2006)

Common Conversation- Single (2007)

Set List

Currently Farewell To 44's set list consists of six original songs known as:

This Promise
And I know
Common Conversation

The band's set is thirty minutes long, and it could be longer if they wanted. The band does do cover songs at local festival shows from bands like Blink 182, The Beatles, Radiohead and Green Day