Farewell to Fashion

Farewell to Fashion


Farewell to Fashion is a four-piece indie-rock outfit that literally leaves it all on stage. We're all about putting everything we have into our live show -- the people who come to see us play deserve it. Contact us about your show or festival. You won't regret it.


Farewell to Fashion learned early on that music is all about the passion, intensity, honesty with which songs are written and played. The best compliments Farewell to Fashion have received after playing live shows go something like this: "I had a ton of fun listening to and watching you guys!" They're right -- Farewell to Fashion are guys. But they're also right about the fun. The fun may be the most important thing to these boys. That's not to say they're careless in their musicianship. They take songwriting and performing seriously. But if people don't enjoy hearing and seeing your craft, then what's the point of doing it?

When you see Farewell to Fashion live, you can expect to smile a lot. You know how sometimes it's enjoyable just to watch somebody do something they enjoy and they're good at? That's part of what will make you smile. The intensity these boys bring is fierce, and sometimes chaotic. But you'll also find yourself tapping your toes, swaying your hips, and/or pounding your feet along to the rhythm. Fun. You should have it, and these boys want to help.

Beginning in late '01, Farewell to Fashion has toured the country and had the honor of sharing the stage with some amazing bands, including Taking Back Sunday, mewithoutYou, Norma Jean, Element 101, and Beloved to name a few. Through many lineup changes, Chris, Chad, Gary and Trey remain the core of the band, and their goal is to bring rock & roll & grins to as many people/faces as possible...and to make lots of friends along the way.


You Couldn't Possibly (2002)
Price of Fame E.P. (2002)
Self-Titled (2009)

Set List

Typical set list is anywhere from 6 to 12 songs, all original. We generally play for about 30-40 minutes, as that's all our bodies will usually allow. (We tend to really throw ourselves into our music.) We can play for as long as needed though.