Far From Gone
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Far From Gone

Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"CD on line"

To purchase a copy of Far From Gone CD online, go to www.farfromgone.net and order it to get free shipping and Handling - Far From Gone


In June 2005 we had our first self-released CD, called “Far From Gone”.
Go to www.farfromgone.net to order your copy and we'll pay the shipping and handling.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Left here with nothing but dreams of what could have been. I see endless drifts of clouds that mirror our own souls. Lost and lonely they drift and wait for nothing but a long fall and land on the empty face of life.
But I can hear the lonely melodies that follow our path. They call for the vessels that will carry them to the ends of their journey.
Far from the deaf ears that mock them, far from the voices that would drown them out, far from the words that would Betray them, far from the hoarding masses of nay-sawyers who would Harbor ill will.
And above all Far From Gone!

Aaron and Greg have known each other since childhood and have worked together musically for much of that time. They recruited James to join them in the band, which at the time was known as "Sound Stone".
James called in Jeff, a good friend and former band mate from "At-Water", to see if he could help put the voice to the rhythms. It didn't take long for these four guys to gel into a driving rhythmic force.
Well, things have worked out pretty well and "Far From Gone" was born! The music you hear is a mixture of all four members digging down into their hearts and souls to deliver one voice.
We hope you enjoy it,
Far From Gone

Jeff’s General Bio: What's up? I am Jeff the lead singer from Far From Gone. I live in Lake Park, Fla. I am really loving' the sound we are coming up with; basically, the words you hear from these songs are the events in my life. (As you can tell never a dull moment.) But the mood is definitely driven by James, Aaron and Greg. The music they put out there guides me to write the lyrics. Influences: Farside, Split Lip, Elliot, Boy Sets Fire, Tool, Live, Swervedriver, Red Roses for a Blue Lady (especially my brother), and of coarse, SLAYER. Former Bands: At-water, Hero, Flat Earth, and Roosevelt (as a drummer)

Aaron’s General Bio: I grew up on Long Island in New York. Started playing music at the age of 9, but got hooked on guitar at 15. Moved to Florida in 1990, and started jamming with various people including Greg our bass player.
Influences: Alex Liefson (Rush), Randy Rhodes (Ozzy), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Dave Donnegan (Disturbed), David Gilmore (Pink Floyd)
Equipment: Schecter Diamond Series Elite W/Duncan P Ups Gibson Sg '61 Reissue
Amps: Marshall Tsl100 Super Lead Marshall 1960a Lead Cabinet Effects: Dunlop Crybaby Wah, H20 Liquid Chorus, Maxon Flanger, Boss Delay, Line 6 Chorus Modeler
Former Bands: Sound Stone

Greg’s General Bio: I was born and raised in Port Jefferson station New York on Long Island. Played a lot of sports growing up and started on the bass at age 15. In those early days I was jamming with my best friend, and Far From Gone Guitar player, Aaron Herman. I studied "Music Business and Audio Recording Technology" at Five Towns College in NY. I interned at Warner Chappel and The Hit Factory in NYC. Eventually started working for PolyGram Records. Came down to Florida in 99 and started playing music again, first with Sound Stone and now Far From Gone.
Influences: Rush, old Metallica, Disturbed, A Perfect Circle, Jim Croce and of course Priest and Maiden
Equipment: Music Man Sterling Bass, Fender Getty Lee Jazz.
Amp: Ampeg AWR, Ampeg SVT head, Ampeg Cabs, SWR Cabs, Monster cables, Ernie Ball strings
Former Bands: Sound Stone

JT’s General Bio: I have been playing the kit for quite some time now, which has been mainly serious. It wasn't until I jammed with Jeff Irving (At-Water), and Will (Traces of….) to really appreciate the feelings going to and from the music. Thus giving a whole new reality on music and life around it.
Influences: Danny Carey (TOOL) is GOD… Morgan Rose (Sevendust), Richie Veitch (Brother Grimm), Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Joey Jordison (Slipknot) Trust Co., Days of the new, the list goes on, and I don't have enough room….
Equipment: Pearl Master Studio 4 PC. Fusion Kit, Zildjian Cymbals, Roland Octapad, Boss DR770 Drum machine, Shure and Nady mics, Nova 7a Sticks, Remo heads, and a 14x4 Slingerland double plated Steele Super Piccolo.
Former Bands: Boxelder, At-Water, Traces of…, Sound Stone, Plankten, and various others.