Far From Rich

Far From Rich

 Waterloo, Ontario, CAN

Far From Rich's songs inspire community to grow and wellbeing to take root in each persons life. The ideas and passion in this music bring about sounds that move the listener to think and participate in the music.


Far From Rich is a musical endeavor that hopes to inspire listeners to chose their own path to well-being through community. Each song encompasses the sounds needed to express the meaning of the song and the emotions of the musicians. Far From Rich is a dynamic project sparked by the songwriting of Richard Garvey, fueled by the rhythms of Evan Ossington, decorated by the creative and diverse talents of Matthew Donnelly, and lifted by the skilled musicianship of composer/bassist Josef Bell.


Albums - To become LP
and the Insufficient Funds EP.

Set List

Set list One
1. Start spreading the news
2. Things are looking up
3. Money is the motive
4. Save the arts
5. Instrumental Dm
6. Shalom
7. Don't fail me now
8. Reasons to love and know
9. Cover - Hit the Road Jack

set 2.
1. Good day my friends
2. Love lifting us up
3. To find your worth
4. My brothers' keeper
5. Woe is me
6. If I don't get home
7. Like a tree
8. You know love
9. Sing your lullaby