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Far From Westfall



In 2002, a group of unrehearsed college kids sat in a beer store parking lot, too young to buy booze. Later that day they would play their first real gig together. Friends and family in attendance, Synergy took the stage in Westfall, Pennsylvania to open for the Blessid Union of Souls.

A few months later, the guys returned to school and began booking shows in local bars. Though the crowd consisted mostly of familiar faces, their enthusiasm for playing music was undeniable. Continuing to perform under the name Synergy, the group gathered a small, loyal fan base.

Ed Buto (lead vocals, guitar), Matt Coyle (lead guitar, vocals), Drew Gurian (drums), and Drew Pritchard (bass guitar), decided to change the name of the band from Synergy to Far From Westfall. The name now represented their commitment to continuing the growth of what they had started. Today it reminds them how far they’ve come from the nervous, inexperienced band that took the stage that day in Westfall, PA.

Under the new name they undertook their first studio recording in the winter of 2003. The resulting Breathe Out E.P. was complete in spring 2004 and gave them a solid foundation as an up and coming original band in their hometown. Far From Westfall was primed to expand the fan base and quickly found outlets for their music in larger regional clubs.

Adam Kissinger, formerly of the Cynikals, joined Far From Westfall in the summer of 2004 to replace former bassist Drew Pritchard. Coming from a punk background, he helped to bring refreshing and new depth to the group’s sound. The guys soon began playing out again with an entirely new chemistry that would finalize their lineup.

The fall of 2004 would prove a time of tremendous growth for Far From Westfall. Building upon their growing following with relentless bookings of local and regional shows, the band simultaneously recorded in the winter of 2004/05. May of 2005 saw the release of the band’s second EP, In The Absence of Warmth. Recorded entirely at their own practice space, the six songs on the EP are a prime example of the band’s diehard, DIY attitude. Since the release through multiple internet retailers, the band has gained both domestic and international sales and exposure.

Regionally, Far From Westfall has been stirring up the scene, constantly moving into bigger and better clubs. Headlining venues like Philadelphia's Grape Street Pub, playing Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, PA, opening for national acts like Better Than Ezra, and getting airplayon PA's 95.1 WZZO and multiple internet radio outlets have all helped to bring the band to a new level of awareness in the public eye. With the continuation of constant gigs, fan support, and media, the band has a very bright future ahead.


In The Absence of Warmth EP, 2005
Airplay on PA's 95.1 WZZO, and several Web Radio Stations

Breathe Out EP, 2004
Airplay on Web Radio

Set List

Our sets are always different, and always dependent upon where we play each night. If it's a bar where we are the only band for the night, we'll typically play a 3-3.5 hour set consisting of 30-35 songs, in 2-3 sets.

We have over an hour of original material which we play at venues with other bands, headlining or opening.