For Far-Less, infusing elements of rock and metal with memorable pop melodies has proven time and again to be the right approach for this Virginia fivesome. Audiences everywhere can preview Far-Less themselves with the newest release “Turn to the Bright " EP.


Simply put, Far-Less are a walking contradiction. Watch them for five minutes on stage and you might witness any one, and often times several, of the following: screaming, dancing, crooning and unabashedly brutal breakdowns. It’s no wonder then that critics are seeing the challenge in classifying the band to any one category or genre. But that doesn’t seem to concern the five members that compile Far-Less; Instead they welcome their diversity and evolution and eagerly anticipate just where it will lead them next.

Based in Blacksburg, Virginia, the formation of Far-Less developed from the remnants of two bands prior. Having both played in their local scene, friendships between the two were quickly established. So following the demise of both groups, brother Joseph and Jordan Powers soon joined forces with drummer Ray Felts to form their own sort of super-group. Soon after, roles were altered and Brandon Welch came in to assume vocal positioning. The band reached its completion when guitarist and Arkansas resident Mark Karsten joined a year later.

After making a name for themselves in the Virginia area, Far-Less were on to their first recording project. Joining forces with a small upstart label called Silent Uproar, the band released their first cd entitled, “Broken Hearts Unite.” Soon labels began taking notice, and after considering all their options, Far-Less opted to sign with Tooth & Nail Records in the fall of 2004. “We trust the people at the label,” explains Welch. “They seem very positive and that’s definitely something we like to be surrounded by.”

Without slowing down to miss a beat, Far-Less quickly released a brand new EP with Tooth & Nail in November 2004. Infusing elements of rock and metal with memorable pop melodies, “Turn to the Bright,” accurately encompasses their intriguing stage show. “The new EP is more mature, more…us” guitarist Jordan Powers expands. “It’s much more of a collaboration than any of our previous efforts, and there is pretty much something for everyone on the record: some melody, some screaming, and lots of rock and roll.”

The EP has not only set the standard for what Far-Less will undoubtedly rise beyond, but it has raised major expectations of what to expect from their 2005 full-length album as well. “I imagine the EP is a nice hint at what’s to come,” Welch comments, “but you will definitely see us diving deeper in an emotional aspect of the music. It will be more experimental than the earlier recordings.”

For now, the band continues to win audiences over live. With extensive tours, highlighted by their run as openers on Solid State Records’ Young Bloods Tour featuring the newest young talents to the label, crowds can’t help but be intrigued by the gripping stage show. “We just want to keep touring and getting better as a band. A year ago we didn’t think we would be in the position we are in,” Jordan concludes “We just want to keep breaking the boundaries of what we are as a band and push ourselves to the limit."


Title: Turn To The Bright EP
Release Date: 11/16/2004