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The best kept secret in music



"If Far-Less doesn¹t get you pumped up with their super aggressive, technical space rock, you¹re out of your mind! All I can say is, Cave In has a new kid, and this one¹s just as heavy."

Andrew Martin - Emotionalpunk.com
- Emotionalpunk.com

"Decoy Music Magazine"

"If you are looking for dynamics without pretention you've come to the right place. Far-Less defies all classification by melding sonic ferocity with a brand of melodicism like I've never heard before."

Adam Roncaglione, Decoy Music Magazine

- Decoy Music Magazine


"With their refreshing use of dynamics, Far-Less deliver a powerful and groundbreaking punch to a genre that lacks substance and sustain. Familiarize yourself right now, because 'Everyone Is Out To Get Us' is on the front line of a musical revolution."

Frank Giaramita - Absolutepunk.net
- Absolutepunk.net


"Everyone Is Out To Get Us" - 2006 Tooth & Nail
"Turn To The Bright" (EP) - 2004 Tooth & Nail
"Broken Hearts Unite" - Silent Uproar


Feeling a bit camera shy


Though these lyrics make it sound so simple, the tale of Far-Less tells a different story altogether. Where to fit in is exactly the challenge this band have faced since their inception in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2001. But classifications are a hard thing to come by for a band whose musical influences range across a spectrum from Huey Lewis to Shadows Fall and multitudes of groups inbetween.
"There is a variety of different things on our new record that weren't really there when we recorded the EP such as swing beats, go go beats, shuffle grooves, and so on," explains drummer Ray Felts. "We just really didn't care about pigeon-holing ourselves in one genre because we love them all." The new record Felts speaks of is their Tooth & Nail full-length album, aptly titled, "Everyone Is Out to Get Us." As a follow-up to 2004's "Turn to the Bright EP," Far-Less maintain their abrasive rock base, with a few alterations, and an added maturity. "We've matured by being around things that promote progression. It's sort of like saying, 'You are the company that you keep,'" Felts elaborates. "We've been lucky enough to get to know some really awesome bands and find out about really cool and interesting new music. We've changed because change is the only thing constant in the world."
But change might remain the only mark in which Far-Less are comparable to "scene" bands out to make a hit or garner fashion status. "The new album is kind of an inside joke about how no one really seems to care about music at rock shows anymore," vocalist Brandon Welch remarks. "It's all about style, what you are wearing and things like that. It makes you paranoid about who you are and if you are doing the right thing. I think we are though…the rest of the world just needs to catch on, I guess." Lyrically speaking, the record speaks volumes for the band's avant-garde style of writing. Lead vocalist and lyricist Brandon
Welch has a knack for the eccentric, formulating lyrics compromised of his topics of interest including aliens, conspiracy theories, mind control, and themes surrounding the end of the world. "I pulled inspiration from cartoons, comic books, stories that I had written, celebrity worship, and relationships within the band and outside the band," Welch elaborates. It's this type of individualist attitude that has kept Far-Less authentic in their endeavors and original in their compositions. "Out music isn't something that everyone is going to be able to digest easily at first," guitarist Jordan Powers clarifies. "We aren't trying to make middle of the road, easy listening music, so what we are doing might be a tough sale at first. We are just trying to
make something honest...something that is entirely Far-Less. I think we've done that with this record."
With a strong album in tow to catapult them to the masses, the main objective Far-Less strive for is to continue their trek with integrity, the way they have since their inception. "Our plans are to release the record, tour the world and have a great time doing it. To make new friends, fans, and to win over a lot of critics and lost souls," guitarist Mark Karsten adds. Welch concludes in agreement saying, "I just think it's important to understand that there are no rules when it comes to music.
We wrote this record like we did because we wanted a record like this to listen to. We just wanted to represent ourselves the best we could by just being ourselves…fun loving and music loving dudes."