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"Farris by Washington Post"

"...(Farris) is like Alanis Morissette singing for the Smashing Pumpkins..." - Washington Post

"KATHLEEN FARRIS Obama The Time is Now for Change (Self released)"

Well, you can’t fault Farris for not being politically aware! This single makes it clear which side Farris is supporting for the imminent Presidential elections. Lyrically, I wouldn’t want to comment – not being American and all that – but there’s certainly no doubt where Farris is coming from. You’ve gotta admire her gumption to put her money where her belief is – so to speak.

Musically, Farris strongly recalls Alanis Morrisette and the music is alt-rock, with punchy electric guitar crunch and fairly standard chorus chord progression. The instrumentation is spot-on, with the hint of electronic keyboards in the background whilst Farris’ vocals comes across a little deadpan in parts -though I think that is probably due to the melody rather than Farris’ limited ability.
- The Power of Pop

"Dallas-native Kathleen Farris to release rock song in support of Obama"

On September 22, Dallas-native Kathleen Farris (currently of Salt Lake City) will release her politically charged, alt-rock song, "Obama - The Time is Now for Change." According to a Washington Post writer, ".. if Alanis Morissette sang for the Smashing Pumpkins and they released a political song," this is what you'd get.

Farris is a former federal employee who worked in DC, often traveling to other countries, in an effort to find cures for Malaria. While her song is currently playing in England, France, Germany, and South Africa, according to Farris, it has been denied airtime at 20 U.S. radio stations for its political content. You can check out the video for "The Time is Now for Change" by clicking on the image below. - Pegazus News

"Obama s'expose à la Dorothy's Gallery"

Cette exposition, en partenariat avec Charlie Hebdo, regroupe une soixantaine d'oeuvres de différents artistes français comme américains autour de Barack Obama.

Dorothy Polley, fondactrice de la galerie, a voulu ainsi créer à l'approche de l'issue des élections américaines, un espace de discution et de soutien pour celui qui incarne à ses yeux le changement et l'espoir pour les Etats-Unis, mais aussi pour le reste du monde.

L'exposition, montée en trois semaines, réunit des oeuvres d'illustrateurs comme Cabu, Wolinski, Kiro, Wozniak, Kerleroux, Honoré, Tignious. Cyril Anguelidis a réalisé "Yes we can" que l'on retrouve sur l'affiche de l'exposition.

kathleen Farris a composé le titre "Obama - The time is now for change"

Du 3 octobre au 17 novembre 2008.
Dorothy's Gallery.
27 rue Keller Paris 75011.
- Obiwi

"DC 40 40 40"

"Peace-guerilla folkie Farris plays unadorned, affecting originals and sings in a smokey, gifted voice. She is about to launch herself on a forty-day tour of the city with no bookings, clubs, or cover charges. So if you hear some sweet guitar and you don't know where it's coming from, look around for Kathleen."

www.originalcopy.com/shows - Original Copy - Shows listings

"Rock Idols Competition - London"

"Kathleen Collins (her previous stage name) absolutely stunned the audience with her acoustic soul acapella solo followed by 2 amazing songs that wooed the crowd. Kathleen Collins advanced to the finals with Ember Daze and Celestino."

See website

- Rock Idols website


"We are creatures" full length album expected in Spring 2010
"Obama the time is now for change" - Single Release - Sept. 2008
"Kathleen Farris" EP released Sept. 2005



FARRIS, the internationally influenced rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah is the product of a world in motion, the inspirations, the wisdom, and the understanding that comes from miles of movement. The band came together in 2008 and includes Argentinian-born drummer Santiago Alonso, Pakistani bassist Rehan Jacob, electric guitarist and social worker Chris Cambron, and Singer-songwriter and frontwoman Kathleen Farris whose public health work has allowed her music to touch all corners of the globe.
Kathleen Farris arrived in Salt Lake City in 2008 after three years of playing solo in support of her 2005 self-titled debut release. Known for placing equal importance on the music and the lyrics, Kathleen uses her striking voice and poignant themes to touch on many social issues including war, homelessness, politics, and current affairs. After combining Kathleen’s strengths and influences with those of three experienced musicians, a new sound emerged leading to the formation of FARRIS.
Musically, FARRIS melds diverging influences of its band members including blues, latin samba, hard rock, and mellow acoustic sounds while maintaining the importance of lyrics and Kathleen’s unique, compelling voice. FARRIS’ debut release, “WE ARE CREATURES” is expected in the Spring of 2010. Four of the twelve songs directly speak about political issues including, “Chased to Heaven” a gospel and reggae inspired song about the Sudanese Lost Boys escaping civil war and “The Dam” a full-on rock song which creates a metaphor between the US and a dam blocking the flow of a river. “Tu Eres mi Vida” is a world music-driven raucous ride with horns and multiple percussion sections blending many languages. Listen carefully to the remaining songs which touch on predestination, buddhism, love, death, and reincarnation including the alternative rock title-track, “We are creatures”, highlighting a philosophy that Kathleen holds dear - that we are all united under one sky.
FARRIS completed the foundation for their album release at the end of August 2009 allowing time for more focus on their live show. The band plans to finalize and release their album in the Spring and tour in its support in the summer of 2010. FARRIS has more than 20 years of combined touring experience among the band members and has played to rave reviews in the Salt Lake City area.
FARRIS strives to bring a new vision to the world through music, one that includes and doesn’t exclude as we are all creatures under one sky.