Farsight is here for you. From venues to rising music scenes across the country our main goal is to make what is our life a part of everyones playlists. Catering to an Alternative/Rock/Metal fan base we are looking forward to being a major part of the re-building of rock and metal scenes everywhere!


Since early ‘08 we have been catering to a fastly growing rock and metal scene urgent to show their support. We’re looking to expand our reach across the south before launching Farsight’s first regional tour set for the release of the debut CD
planned for july09. The turnout at our shows has been increasingly generous and overwelming at times. With brute ambitious flyering and promotion thru internet networking resources, we plan to do this from hundreds of miles away. Our hometown flyering reputation in the past has earned us a spot to play with Bieler Bros. / Atlantic artists Skindred and is the reason we have had a constantly growing fanbase
in Lafayette. We arent just taking this as far as it will go, we're going to push the envelope of what it means to be exposed on an independant level. It's what we need, this is all we are about and we are going to take it!
Farsights sound is on the edge of modern rock. With influences from bands like Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin, Lamb of God, and Blindside, Farsights style will be quickly accepted by the masses who enjoy a little head banging but over-all good fun music and musicianship. Consistant performance quality, generously growing fan base, and possitive attitudes keeps them in the game.

Set List

currently we have an hour set consisting of 10 songs.