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"Dreams of Fame Not So Far Off"

Erin Pritchard
Wednesday June 15, 2005
Lloydminster Meridian Booster —

They’re not looking for fame or fortune – that a dream’s a little ways off in the future – but local band Farsighted hopes being on tour is what they’ve imagined.
Sporting band logos on their t-shirts and showing a meld of three previous groups, the boys of Farsighted set out Saturday afternoon on a road tour that will take them first to Red Deer and then on through Alberta and back east to Ontario and Quebec.
The boys – twins Todd and Tyler Wells, Terry Sokalofsky and Joel French – have been making music for about four years now, with an album on the shelves and the tour underway.

The final four came as bits and pieces from three local bands who found each other after some brief breaks from the music scene.
A new lead singer and drummer provided a few challenges for the group, but the kinks have been worked out and they now have a pretty solid sound – christian-inspired, punk-influenced rock that they characterize as Emo, or emotional rock.
“To come into a band and start writing and singing new songs is a bit awkward,” said French. “It took a while to get comfortable and stop worrying about (stepping on toes).”
The band has yet to feel the full effects of stardom as their repertoire consists mainly of local shows, but they are pretty sure they won’t lose their footing in the big bad world of music.

“We’re practically on a first name basis with everyone that comes to our shows,” said Todd, bassist for the group, adding they fully expect to play some shows on the tour for 10 people.

Their CD – over a year in the making – came out in April, a feat quite amazing considering two do-overs were required to get the album sounding right.
“(A few times) we’d have just finished something and the computer would crash and we’d have to do it all over again,” said French.

The band has been talking with a Christian record label in Calgary and things are looking good. A new CD will have to be recorded to get just the perfect sound, but the boys are looking forward to the opportunity.

“If we want to present something to all of Canada we want to do it right,” Sokalofsky said.

The fan base has been growing in the Midwest to include the young elementary kids in Marshall – rocking out and wearing oversized t-shirts was the trend of the day at that show – and screaming teenage girls, as most bands experience at one point in time or another.

“We’ve even signed a Lizzie McGuire CD,” said Sokalofsky. “It was a little weird, but we felt like rock stars.”

Preparation for the tour has been gruelling, including building a trailer that will haul gear, clothing, food and them for three months on the road. With the excitement of their new ‘luxury trailer’ things can be forgotten.

“I haven’t packed yet for the entire summer,” said Sokalofsky, to which Tyler said packing is overrated – they will have clothes one way or another ... Here’s hoping.
The group has made it through two re-starts of the album and the experience of playing numerous shows across the Midwest – how they’ll manage living in a remodeled cargo trailer has yet to be determined, but they’re excited.
“It’s going to rock,” Todd said.
- Lloydminster Meridian Booster


LP "Hope Is Freedom" 2005: tracks available for streaming and download at www.purevolume.com/farsighted



Farsighted is a four-piece punk/emo band from Lloydminster, AB/SK. The band was birthed in 2002. They spent their first two years developing as a band and maturing their sound, expanding their fan base in their hometown of Lloydminster. They began playing many local shows with bands such as Ten Second Epic, Kiros, and Crowned King. In 2004, Farsighted began to hit the road, focusing on their provincial scenes in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In April 2005, Farsighted released their debut album entitled "Hope Is Freedom." "The title of our album is a mission statement against the plight in which this world has become entwined. It is by faith that this world can be changed that we are inspired to write our music," says lead singer, Joel French. With their inspirational lyrics, Farsighted aims to bring a positive message to today’s youth. Farsighted packs 24-hours and a round of Red Bulls worth of energy into a 45-minute set, night after night. Their hard-working attitude doesn't stop at the stage; it continues in every area of the band, from booking their own tours and promoting their own shows to making sure each and every fan goes home satisfied.

In the summer of 2005, Farsighted embarked on their first tour, playing for audiences across Canada from British Columbia to Quebec with bands such as Lucerin Blue, The Fully Down, Anberlin, and Project 86. The tour gave the band much-needed experience on the road, as well as the beginning of a solid fan-base in their home country. In November and December 2005, Farsighted plans to head out on a 5-week western Canadian tour to further develop their following in Canada’s four western-most provinces and to showcase some of their new material to the people anxiously awaiting their sophomore album to be recorded in the new year.

Each and every soul cries out for something; their own rendition of freedom. Through their touring and recordings, Farsighted aims to bring hope into the lives of young people, inspiring change to the mindset of today’s society.
Hope is freedom.