Farsighted is a 4-piece punk-influenced emo band from Lloydminster, AB, Canada. Though independent, the band is constantly touring, due to the hard work of each of the members.


Farsighted is a four-piece punk/emo band from Lloydminster, AB/SK. The band was birthed in 2002. They spent their first two years developing as a band and maturing their sound, expanding their fan base in their hometown of Lloydminster. They began playing many local shows with bands such as Ten Second Epic, Kiros, and Crowned King. In 2004, Farsighted began to hit the road, focusing on their provincial scenes in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In April 2005, Farsighted released their debut album entitled "Hope Is Freedom." "The title of our album is a mission statement against the plight in which this world has become entwined. It is by faith that this world can be changed that we are inspired to write our music," says lead singer, Joel French. With their inspirational lyrics, Farsighted aims to bring a positive message to today’s youth. Farsighted packs 24-hours and a round of Red Bulls worth of energy into a 45-minute set, night after night. Their hard-working attitude doesn't stop at the stage; it continues in every area of the band, from booking their own tours and promoting their own shows to making sure each and every fan goes home satisfied.

In the summer of 2005, Farsighted embarked on their first tour, playing for audiences across Canada from British Columbia to Quebec with bands such as Lucerin Blue, The Fully Down, Anberlin, and Project 86. The tour gave the band much-needed experience on the road, as well as the beginning of a solid fan-base in their home country. In November and December 2005, Farsighted plans to head out on a 5-week western Canadian tour to further develop their following in Canada’s four western-most provinces and to showcase some of their new material to the people anxiously awaiting their sophomore album to be recorded in the new year.

Each and every soul cries out for something; their own rendition of freedom. Through their touring and recordings, Farsighted aims to bring hope into the lives of young people, inspiring change to the mindset of today’s society.
Hope is freedom.


The Only Mark We Can Leave

Written By: Joel French

Don’t know what to say
But there’s so many things I want to do
Do something great
So they remember me when this life’s through
But what’s the point
They’ll only turn and walk away from me
The only thing they’ve ever done for me
Is map my destiny

Something’s not right
We’re living ordinary lives
What could be the cause of this
I’m sure good reasons don’t exist
Feeds lies of how we’re supposed to be
If we’d only be ourselves
We’d learn to make a difference with our lives

Measure of success in the end
Isn’t popularity
If fact the first will be the last
(The last) will be first anyway
The only mark that we can leave
Begins with just a change of heart
Faith can move mountains
We’ll shake worlds if we all play our parts

Let us not be silent
Let us not cause rocks to scream
I’ll be the first to cry out
To show the world just what it means

And when we cry out (Saviour)
Just what’s holding us back
We’ll sink the ships we’re sailing
Due to the wisdom we lack
But if the last thing I say (Saviour)
Reflects the choices I’ve made
Then I’ll be with You someday
Not turning back to my grave

Now Or Nothing

Written By: Joel French

In a world where forgiveness is a stranger
And nothing ever changes
And time flies by when there’s nothing on your mind
When two worlds collide and no on has the answers
And the shouting mutes the laughter
I think of you in present, not past times

We thought our worlds were crashing down around us
And no one could see
The stronger walls we built around us
Enclosing you and me
It feels like oh so long ago
When you were right next to me
And now it’s clear for me to see

I’ve been waiting for so long just for someone to talk to me
To make me feel alive again
And I’ll admit you’re the last person I ever thought it’d be
To make me feel alive again

I want to thank you for being who you are
I know sometimes in life it’s hard
To act like something genuine and true
But if you don’t think the same of me
Talk to me, I’m probably
Running endless circles, fooling myself

It seems you’re oh so far away
I wish tomorrow was today
Another chance encounter
Lingers in my thoughts as I sleep
I know I’ll reminisce of you
I’ve found myself wanting to
You were the one that got away
You would’ve pulled me in
It’s better this way

A lot of the same things I have seen in you
Are the same as the things I always wished of you
Time never allowed us to do more than this
Expression of our words means
More than this kiss

Right now this time means something
It’s either now or nothing
Alone I know I’m not to be
And if this life lasts forever
I’ll seek the Highest Treasure
Please tell me you’ll be there with me

Consequences Of Intention

Written By: Joel French

A pebble in the ocean
Insignificant I seem
As the sun beats down upon me
I emit a lustrous gleam
And it will catch my Maker’s eye
Just like a million candlelights
I’m set ablaze

Those things you always say to me
That we just live and die
We don’t know why we’re here
What can I say to make you see
Your purpose in this life
Not just crash-course gone wrong

Like you, I never wanted to go
Without the presence of the blinding sun
Like a never-ending story told to take control
You’d never give it up to anyone

And I apologize for always ending on mistakes
And tonight it’ll be the hardest hearts that break
Cause I know they could never take us
It’s in the skies, the signs you hope to see
God’s only Son the One who sets us free
Cause I know they could never save us

I am significant
I am not alone
The sun will come up again


LP "Hope Is Freedom" 2005: tracks available for streaming and download at www.purevolume.com/farsighted

Set List

Warning Signs
They Broke Your Rules, Let's Break Their Legs
My Escape Clause
Another Kind of Comprehension
Now Or Nothing
Consequences of Intention
The Only Mark We Can Leave

Total Set Time: Approx. 40 minutes