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Far View


Far Views music is a very unique brand of rock. Influenced by Blink 182, Greenday, Hardcore music, Metal, Pop punk...ect. The Three Piece has truly brought a new meaning to California Rock. "Keeping a good grove, with clean vocals"SKP Magazine


Far View was started in November of 2008, with Devin Rodarte and Brandon Beato.
The two members had been long time friends since Devin's freshman year, and Brandons Senior year at Tesoro High School(Las Flores, CA). In those early years, the two played in a local metal core band called "Sin in Arms". After the band break up, Devin and Brandon split into different bands. Devin for Alt/rock band "Shadows of Doubt", and Brandon and a few other members of "Sin in Arms" formed a metal core band, "Beyond the Ashes". After a year, Devin and Shadows of Doubt parted ways, and Brandon as well with Beyond the Ashes.

During the summer of 08, Devin and Brandon re connected through Devin's personal family and life issues. "If there was one person i could trust to be there for me i knew Brandon would be the friend to go to"-Devin. The two talked about starting a band that wouldn't be directed to fit into a certin genera, or be classified into a catagorie. The two began song writing the following month and were shocked with the outcome. Using both of their diverse musical back ground, the two seemed to invent their own style. With Brandons Metal, and technical drumming, and Devins punk/metal/rock/acoustic back ground, they found a medium between all the styles.

It came time to bring in another member to the band. Mike Miller was first pick. Mike had a great guitar background which turned into him creating his own bass style. Mike connected well with the band and within a few weeks of practice, had established his spot in the band, and the music.

Far View is now becoming Orange Countys power house three peice, with the help of the recorded tracks "Cinematic", and "24 Seasons"

Expect great things from the in 2009


Demo 09

24 Seasons

Set List

Our set list varies, depending on time given for a set, we always throw in at least 2 covers