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Fascious is someone who embodies extreme parsimony of gesture & word, tenacity for work, faithfulness to an oath, distaste for enemies of the Revolution and Motherland, respect for tradition as well as the will to test it, while at the same time desiring accomplishment for the morrow.


As owner of Regime Records, Fascious has founded and since become President of the recently instituted Poetry Slam Association, organized the newly formed annual Epicenter Festival, produced and self released The Movement Mixtape (2005) as well as the collaborative concept album entitled Corpus Callosum (2006) which "speaks highly of the time…on what is an ill defined production of tommy gun crossfire lyricism and amazingly layered songs." –The Prescription

With the experience of five National Poetry Slam Competitions under his belt and having been ranked 2nd in the United States for the 2005 SUNY Oneonta Poetry Slam Team, Fascious has gained substantial recognition for receiving numerous awards and medals recognizing his writing and performance abilities. ["Best Flow," (2005) "Rookie of the Year,"(2005) "Best Team Piece," (2005, 2006) "All Around Bad Ass," (2006) and "Grossest Poem," (2007) for the ACUI Poetry Slam Nationals].

As Two Time Northeast Regional Poetry Slam Champion (2007, 2008), Two Time SUNY Oneonta Grand Slam Champion (2006, 2007), and Nuyorican Poets Café Slam Semi-Finalist (2007); Fascious has taken steps toward the next level of his career; opening up for some of today’s most innovative artists including Saul Williams, HBO Def Poetry’s Anis Mojgani, M1 of Dead Prez, Head Automatica, and Immortal Technique. In addition to performing alongside talents such as The B-Side Players and Platinum Selling Recording Artist/Grammy Nominated Pianist Jeremy Wall, Fascious has been invited to hold private Hip Hop and Poetry performances for the inmates on Ryker’s Island.

More recently, Fascious was cast for John McCaslin's 2007 production of Accidental Death of an Anarchist written by legendary Italian playwright and Nobel Peace Prize winning theatre director, Dario Fo. Fascious has since wrote, directed, as well as performed his own one man show released as a Hip Hop Theatre play inspired by his solo debut album entitled Penumbra which was the recipient of the 2008 Research and Creative Activity Grant Award. "Fascious broke the barriers of traditional theater, combining multiple mediums to express his innermost thoughts and beliefs in a way that challenges our acceptance of reality," noted by the State Times.


The Movement Mixtape (2005)
-Self released mixtape

Corpus Callosum (2006)
-Self released collaborative concept album

Penumbra (2008)
-Solo Debut Album

Set List

Booking for Penumbra (Hip Hop Theater Play):

-Contains 11 songs from the album as well as multiple poems and theatrical transitions such as scripted monologues and dialogues. Encompasses elements of Hip Hop culture, Poetry and Theatre with music that sincerely seeks to depict the ultimately inescapable realisms of life through communicating personal experiences to influence change. (1 hr, 15 min)

Booking for Hip Hop Set (Song Listing):

Visceral Layer
Within Indigo
Dungeon Beneath The Dojo
Nature & The Arts
Crocodile Tears
Glimpse of Charcoal
Imagination's Chamber
Anoxia's Inertia

Cover Songs:

Dead Prez
Black Star
Big Pun