Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Fase has a ability to bring you into his world. His word play varies and always rise for the occasion. He has the commercial sound down pack and very appealing to the ladies. Dont get it twisted the fellas respect the music of Fase his style is definately authentic so you can place him anywhere.


Chamar Goodwin, known as Fase is an award-winning rapper, actor, and entrepreneur. His stardom began in New York City before serving in the United States Navy and after experiencing four deployments to the middle east including baghdad Iraq Fase decided to go harder for his dreams. As Fase transitioned on to civilian life, he revisited his dream of becoming an fulltime artist and ultimately went on to own five businesses. 
Fase has sold over 1500 copies and counting of his single titled "Billionaire" via itunes and has a second album titled "The Naked Truth" which is scheduled to release Jan 2018. Fase is also collaborating with celebrated screenwriter Shalisha Bynoe on his first feature-length film titled "Redemption" !



Written By: Chamar Goodwin aka Fase

I told her baby patient
I told her baby patient
I see what you going thru
I know what you goin thru

I told er I couldn't be wit her had to admit I was feeling her Lil mama let me beat it up freak in the bed & she sweets fuck but she stalking my IG following bitches dat like me. I heard her man wanna fight me
I'm just as cold as a icy
In my bag like a grocery
She hang on my neck like a rosery
That pussy get wet like the ocean be
I take a dive and I'm winning ignoring the facts that we sinning // I get the pussy then call up a uber she want me to stay she like how I do her I got me a cougar it aint nothing to her put diamonds in my mular she smoke me like a hookah //

I'm getting chips like its Vegas
If I pull up she goin love me // They look at my whip like it's ugly // im mugging these nigga like poker/ i gave her diamonds on choker //// I give my niggas promotions we on a yhat in the ocean // She play the field and I'm coaching //
U in Faseworld and I like it
i look at ya curve I'm excited
That pussy so fat
I wan bite it
party for 2 you're invited
I tell her shit and she try it
She do it all when it private
Dat Pussy stay gushy I pipe it
She keep playing games imma wife it


Written By: Chamar Goodwin aka Fase

I just got me a Benz I just got me a tesler keep the keys on the dresser.
I just gother me a masi I just gother me a rover dust the dirt off my shoulders.

Aye lil mama come here I got a couple of bands // You need to give me a chance // I'll put a drink in ya hand // You look like u need a friend // I move like I got a plan // Take it off bust it wide I'm throwing bands look in my eyes// Money is nothing to me I fuck a bitch then I flee I'm on the sea like a captain // U feeling me why u acting// she talking dat shit it's attracting / she working the pole like gymnastics // can't fuck wit a hoe if she average //

My life is the shit
I get what I get
Carma s a bitch it is what it is
100 grand in my kid account
We ain't the same ain't same why you playing //
Diamonds imported from Belgium
Margielas imported from Paris
My bitches imported from dubai
I'm flexing on haters for breakfast
Mistaking the sun for my neckless
These niggas they keep reckless
I keep them glocs wit the hecklers
See thru the smiles they so jealous
Poppin tags on my birthday she wanna fuck in the worse way // i hold it down like a shirt stay // used to be last now I'm first place//

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