The most hidden jewel of the northern spanish industrial underground sound. Analog drum machines, analog synthesizers covered in Ernesto's slightly distorted/delayed vocals. Directly influenced by Esplendor Geometrico, Vagina Dentata Organ and Whitehouse.


Repetitive rhythms, enveloping melodies skeletons broken by sudden shock of wild cries. Roberto Lobo and Ernesto Avelino are Fasenuova. An original combination of free-noise in spanglish, simple and pure rock'n'roll, which marks the uniqueness of the Asturian industrial band better known outside our borders. Its beginnings date back to early experiences like Makinal Etika, mid 80's, or Hegemony and Goodbye in 90. The only record that came out under the name of Goodbye will see its republication in the United States soon. They are among the most outstanding works of the kind of euphoric noise, unhealthy and grown without brakes. His relationship with the American group Angel Dust has culminated in the publication of a classic, vinyl shared "Split", Ozonokids, the label led by the prolific Arnau Sala (Les Aus) in preparing many projects. The 2007 tour of Spain and Portugal with Angel Dust and dissolute action in the Primavera Sound last year have done nothing but increase the legend. Releasing a new record soon with spanish label "Discos Humeantes" and back soon to the Primavera Sound Festival.


Fasenuova. Roberto Lobo, Ernesto Avelino.

+Split with AngelDust (Ozonokids, 2007).

+Doble cassette (Hegemonía/Fasenuova, Silvox Recordings - Philadelphia USA, 2009).

+Doropaedia "Revolución" (CCCB, Barcelona´s Contemporary Art Center, 2009).

+ Broadcasting Art, (RNE3, 2009).

+Homenaje Defensa (Truco Espárrago, 2010).

+(Revista Ozonokids Magazine #001, 2008).